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A Real Commemorative Edition

by Rick Tavel on January 6, 2013

David E. Davis - A Real Commemorative Edition

The other day I was researching an article about the upcoming Scottsdale auctions when I happened across a consignment at Bonhams® for a 1962 Corvette, an unadorned little picture that most collectors, even Corvette collectors, might pass right on by without giving it another thought.

I mean, even if you were looking for a first generation Corvette (there are over sixty other C1′s from which to choose during auction week in Scottsdale) you probably wouldn’t have paused on this one. And a good automotive journalist would never look here for a story. A good automotive journalist would spend their time writing about more flashy and exciting big block L88′s or the gorgeous Regal Turquoise 1958 C1 belonging to GM CEO Dan Akerson. And why not, they are great cars and sure to draw the attention of any “Corvetter”.


1960 JRG Special Corvette Racer Sells for $88,878 at Bonhams Paris

This classic 1960 Corvette racer was sold February 2nd at the Bonhams Paris sale. It is a sister car to the cars that ran Le Mans in 1960. The gold-with-red-stripes racer owned by Corvette author and enthusiast Tom Falconer changed hands for €67,850 with all fees. That’s $88,878 to you and me.