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Bob Lutz Recounts Early Work on the Mid Engine Zora ZR1 Corvette Program

To paraphrase an old ad slogan, when Bob Lutz talks (or writes), people listen.

In a blog for Road & Track released yesterday, the veteran auto executive gives some insider background on the mid-engine Corvette that looks like it might finally become a reality after all these decades of teasing.

Lutz says the company has been thinking about a mid-engine Corvette for more than a decade, and he believes the stars may be lined up now for such a car.

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Destino is a Reborn Fisker Karma with Corvette Power

Thanks to some Corvette transfusions and the support of former General Motors’ vice chairman Bob Lutz, the beleaguered Fisker Karma will apparently live on.

Fisker sold about 1,800 Karmas before having to shut down in November 2012 when the company ran out of money and couldn’t make loan payments to the Department of Energy.

VL Automotive, backed by Lutz, plans to use two different Corvette engines to convert 25 unsold Karmas from hybrid power.

Bob Lutz: C7 Corvette is a Much Bolder and More Dramatic Design

An article about the C6 Corvette and the coming C7 redesign hit Bloomberg’s news wire over the weekend and there were some interesting quotes from GM insiders both named and unnamed. Former VP of Product Development Bob Lutz, who helped usher the Corvette ZR1 from pipe dream to Nurburgring terror is back in company’s fold as a consultant and we get to hear his thoughts on the coming next-generation Corvette.