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Baldwin-Motion Corvette at Eyes on Design Show

Article contributed by Steve Burns

A couple weeks back we stumbled across a rare Baldwin-Motion Corvette for sale on eBay. On Father’s Day we took Dad to the 24th annual Eyes on Design Car Show which is held on the scenic grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house in Grosse Pointe Shore, MI. Being an invitation-only all-car show, we didn’t expect to see but just a couple of nice Corvettes in attendance. Imagine our surprise when we noticed this yellow 1970 Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette tucked in with a group of Yenko, Nickey, and Baldwin-Motion cars. Check out some pics of this rare bird after the jump.

Corvettes on eBay: Mail Order Baldwin/Motion Corvette

Article contributed by Steve Burns

Remember way back before the internet? Like back when ordering parts from a catalog involved filling out that confusing little centerfold sheet filled with oddly shaped boxes, cryptic color codes, and nondescript abbreviations? In today’s world if we need something by mail, we just fire up the ole PC, click a few buttons, enter a few numbers and voila! Our items show up at our door stop a few days later.

This uber rare Baldwin/Motion Phase III Corvette is currently up for grabs on eBay. Unlike other Baldwin/Motion cars which were assembled prior to purchase, this 1968 Corvette was modified about 4 years after it was driven off the lot by the original owner. All the requisite Motion Performance parts were ordered through the mail and a local body shop performed the transformation. The car is currently listed on eBay waiting for you to purchase it. Find out more about this stunning ride and the price tag attached to it after the jump.