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[ACCIDENTS] Early C3 Corvette Flips on US-1 in Florida

We’re not exactly sure what chain of events that went into motion to cause this black C3 Corvette to end up on its top. We do know that the accident sent two men to the hospital after this serious crash in Brevard County Florida. The accident caused the southbound lanes of US-1 to be shut down in Malabar, Florida so emergency crews could clean up the mess.

[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Gets Beat Down By Police Responding to Domestic Violence Call
Photo credit: James Carbone

At first glance you might think the Corvette’s driver was doing something stupid and the end result was this damaged car. Our Corvette accidents category is filled with similar tales. That wasn’t the case here as this C4 Corvette was just tending to his own business when he became tangled up in three car incident on Long Island.

[VIDEO] Wrecked C5 Corvette Gets Even More Trashed By Tow Truck

I’m not gonna lie. This video is a hard one to watch. The owner of C5 Corvette gets turned around and bangs into a wall somewhere on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway. He may have thought his bad luck would end there, but he’s about to find out first hand the damage that can be done to a Corvette by a tow truck operator who’s primary mission is to clear the road, not the care and safety of the C5 Corvette in his possession.

This video is mostly off-topic when it comes to Corvettes (although a Corvette is seen at the beginning). Watching these guys race and you have to wonder if they weren’t all just a little crazy. Other than wearing helmets, safety equipment was pretty much non-existent. No roll bars, no seat belts, no fire-suppression systems. Check it out but be warned, some of these crashes couldn’t have ended well.

The Jalopy Journal via Inside Line


This poor driver in a Silver C6 Corvette was attempting to drive on I-30 near Buckner Blvd in Dallas but the roads were proving almost too much for the 436-hp rear wheel drive sports car and this traffic-copter caught it all. His frustration rises to the point where he actually gets out of the car and shrugs his shoulders in the near defeat. But the Corvette owner isn’t defeated and soon he is back behind the wheel and slipping and sliding his way to what we hope is a nice warm garage.

MyFoxDFW.com via Jalopnik

[ACCIDENTS] C4 Corvette Hits Patch of Ice, Lands in Pool


ACCIDENT: 1973 Corvette Crashes into Illinois Hotel
Photo by: Heather Coit/The News-Gazette

This yellow 1973 Corvette crashed into the Quality Inn and Suites on Marketview Drive in Champaign, Illinois late Tuesday morning. Police say the 17-year old driver hit a curb, overcorrected his steering and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic before whacking the side of the hotel. Although the hotel was structurally sound following the accident, the same can’t be said for the C3 Corvette. The driver was issued a ticket for improper lane usage.

Corvette vs Walmart Crash Injures Two

We got a two-fer to go with yesterday’s story of a C6 Corvette crashing into an Emmy-award winning puppeteer’s home. This accident features a black 2007 Corvette driven by 75-year-old Carl Sloan of Morgan Hill, CA. Sloan and 58 year old Teenie Denise were cruising the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart when the car suddenly accelerated and crashed into the front of the store. The cause of the accident may have been due to a medical condition. Both went to the hospital and will be okay. The Corvette? Not so much…