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Corvettes on eBay: 1989 Callaway Twin Turbo B2K Aerobody Convertible

Rare, low-mileage Corvettes always catch the eyes of fiberglass fans everywhere, especially twin turbo B2Ks from the stable of Callaway Cars Inc. Right now, as we speak, eBay has for sale a Callaway B2K convertible with an astonishing 3,720 miles on the odometer. We’re now more than halfway through the 10-day auction with a starting bid of $40,000 and there have been zero additional bids. This may be your chance to throw your hat into the Callaway ring with a bid or two.

[VIDEO] Stolen 1989 Corvette Stored for 23 Years Sold on eBay

Back in the fall of 1988, I bought a shiny new red 1989 Corvette coupe from a dealership in Calhoun, Ga.

It was my pride and joy for a couple of years before other priorities led to selling it with about 15,000 miles on the odometer.

Not surprisingly, it was literally a trip back in time when this story appeared recently in the LA Times about a 1989 red Corvette convertible that has just been found after being stolen from a new car lot in 1989 – and hidden ever since.

Zora's 1989 Corvette sells at the 2012 Russo and Steele auction

At Saturday’s Russo and Steele auction in Scottsdale, a very special 1989 Bright Red Corvette was driven up on the block. With 26,412 Corvettes built during the 1989 model year, what could be so special about this particular Corvette that would give it a coveted Saturday evening auction slot? This ’89 Corvette Convertible was owned and driven by the Godfather of Corvette: Zora Arkus-Duntov.

LD of Midway, GA submitted the following to Corvette Values:

1989 White Coupe. VIN: 1G1YY2188K5106318. 113K Miles, Non original motor with 7K miles L98 350 ci engine, automatic transmission. Tan interior, cloth seats. Power Steering, Brakes and Windows. Condition is average/street driven.

This 89 Coupe is one of 16,663 Coupes built and was assembled early on based on the VIN. Considered to be in good street driven condition, it has 113K original miles. Powered by the non-original 350-240 motor, it has an auto transmission as did over 22,000 Corvettes made that year. White was the second most popular color ordered (5,426) and the saddle cloth interior was a rare choice with only 400 ordered with this option in 1989. The Corvette is equipped with the standard power options including power steering, brakes and windows. Our value for this Corvette is $11,000. Our Corvette Price Database shows a one year depreciation in price to be 1% which may indicate the 1989 Corvette Coupe will soon start to appreciate in value over the next few years.

Send your submissions to info@CorvetteBlogger.com with “Corvette Values” in the subject line. We can’t answer them all, but if we find your Corvette interesting to both us and our visitors, we may use it. Feel free to submit a photo as well.