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[VIDEO] C3 Corvette Makes 1,100 Hp with a Toyota 2JZ Engine

“That’s the weirdest sounding Corvette I’ve ever heard,” one man is heard saying at the beginning of this recently posted YouTube video.

For good reason.

They call this last-of-the-rear-chrome-bumper Corvette the “Hater Maker” because some folks don’t approve of putting a Japanese powerplant under the hood of a good ol’ American Corvette.

This 1973 Corvette is Magical says Pawn Stars Magician Murray Sawchuck

You may have seen Murray Sawchuck at a show in Las Vegas or on “Pawn Stars” where he shares his knowledge of magic history with the “Old Man” and his gang there.

But you may not be aware that this world-famous stage illusionist and magician also loves old cars, including his 1973 Corvette Stingray that he recently bought from an old farmer in Greeneville, Tenn.

Detroit Man Tracks Down and Buys His Late Father's 1973 Corvette

We’ve all heard and read stories about Corvette owners who, for one reason or another, sold their beloved Vette, but were unable to get the car out of their minds. Years later, when their life circumstances may have changed, they manage to track down and bring their fiberglass friend back into the family.

Scott Bachmann, in the Metropolitan Detroit area, took this story one generation further by finding and repurchasing his late father’s Corvette, and bringing it back home to his family. He was interviewed by WWJ’s Roberta Jasina to find out more about this touching story.

Corvettes on eBay: Kelsey Grammer's 1973 Corvette

This 1973 red Corvette doesn’t really seem like the kind of car that Kelsey Grammer would drive.

But then again, Grammer was just portraying that snob Fraiser Crane on Cheers all those years.

According to an ad on eBay trying to sell this Corvette, the owner bought it from Grammer in 2003 and has stored it in a temperature controlled garage at his Woodland Hills, California home, ever since.

[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1973 Corvette for Chip Miller Foundation Nets $31,000

The Corvettes at Carlise show is one of the premier annual Corvette shows for owners and enthusiasts alike. The founder of the Carlisle shows, Chip Miller, was one of the giants in our hobby and everyone was pretty shocked when he lost his life nearly 7 years ago to a rare disease known as Amyloidosis. Today, the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation helps raise awareness and funds to find a cure for the disease. The great folks at Barrett-Jackson stepped up on Wednesday evening and this 1973 Red Corvette was auctioned with the proceeds to go to finding a cure for Amyloidosis.

ACCIDENT: 1973 Corvette Crashes into Illinois Hotel
Photo by: Heather Coit/The News-Gazette

This yellow 1973 Corvette crashed into the Quality Inn and Suites on Marketview Drive in Champaign, Illinois late Tuesday morning. Police say the 17-year old driver hit a curb, overcorrected his steering and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic before whacking the side of the hotel. Although the hotel was structurally sound following the accident, the same can’t be said for the C3 Corvette. The driver was issued a ticket for improper lane usage.