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Bloomington Gold Auction Results

by Keith Cornett on July 10, 2006

America’s preeminent Corvette Auction, the Gold Auction at Bloomington Gold was held June 16-17 in St. Charles, Illinois and over 300 Corvettes crossed the auction block with 56% of the Corvettes selling. To say that I am disappointed that many of the Star cars did not sell is an understatement, but that is a subject that I will be addressing later. With an A-List of Corvettes available including two 1967 L-89 Corvettes (16 produced) and a 1967 L-88 (20 Produced) and the #005 1953 Corvette commonly referred to as the DuPont Corvette, who would have thought the top selling Corvette for the weekend would be a pink 1964 GM Style car that was originally built for the wife of Chevrolet’s Bunkie Knudsen. That Corvette sold for $367,500. Also topping the $300K mark was the #9 1955 Corvette Roadster which sold for $346,500. What I think the bigger news about Bloomington Gold is the list of Corvettes that didn’t sell. The Marlboro Maroon 1967 L-89 Convertible reached a high bid of $400,000 and the 1967 Green L-88 Coupe topped out at $340,000. A 1968 L-89 only reached $65,000 in bidding and was a no sale. The Corvette with the highest bid that failed to sell was the 1962 White Corvette racer built by Zora to be raced at Sebring by a Dallas Chevy dealer. Bidding for that Corvette reached $900,000. There did appear to be many good deals available. Over 65 Corvettes sold under the $20,000 threshold including some early C3′s. Results appear after the jump.Here is the list of Corvettes that were sold at the Bloomington Gold Auction. We will post the list of non-selling Corvettes tomorrow.

Lot # Year Model Color Sale Price
S527 1953 CORVETTE POLO WHITE SOLD-undisclosed
S563.1 1954 CORVETTE BLUE $95,550
S566 1954 CORVETTE WHITE $89,250
S539 1955 CORVETTE RED $346,500
S543.1 1955 CORVETTE WHITE $98,175
S67 1956 CORVETTE BLACK $115,500
S71 1956 CORVETTE WHITE $50,400
S38 1957 CORVETTE WHITE $86,100
S81 1957 CORVETTE RED/BGE $64,050
S106 1957 CORVETTE RED $64,050
S563 1958 Retrovette R-5 PURPLE $153,300
S568 1958 CORVETTE YELLOW $124,950
S533 1958 CORVETTE YELLOW $116,025
S564 1958 CORVETTE BLUE $112,350
S12 1958 CORVETTE RED $50,400
S543 1959 CORVETTE SILVER $131,250
F516 1959 KIT CORVETTE RED $127,050
S537 1959 CORVETTE TURQ/WHITE $100,275
S53 1960 CORVETTE RED $70,350
S554 1960 CORVETTE MAROON $69,825
S536 1961 CORVETTE BLACK $105,000
F518 1961 CORVETTE BLK/SLVER $91,350
S50 1961 CORVETTE RED $84,000
S541 1961 CORVETTE RED $62,475
F46 1961 CORVETTE SILVER $47,250
S551 1962 CORVETTE MAROON $128,100
S557 1962 CORVETTE FAWN $110,250
S501 1962 CORVETTE RED $94,500
S565 1962 CORVETTE WHITE $90,300
F526 1962 CORVETTE RED $76,125
F31 1962 CORVETTE MAROON $62,213
F47 1962 CORVETTE RED $44,100
S519 1963 CORVETTE RED $136,500
S515 1963 CORVETTE BLUE $118,650
F538 1963 CORVETTE BLACK $92,400
S558 1963 CORVETTE SILVER $84,000
S573 1963 CORVETTE RED $68,250
S75 1963 CORVETTE RED $44,625
S91 1963 CORVETTE BLUE $43,575
S510 1964 CORVETTE PINK $367,500
S507 1964 CORVETTE BLUE $278,250
S522 1964 CORVETTE BIG TANK TAN $89,250
F105 1964 CORVETTE WHITE $47,250
F69 1964 CORVETTE WHITE $40,425
S90 1964 CORVETTE RED $38,850
F54 1964 CORVETTE WHITE $36,750
S27 1964 CORVETTE WHITE $34,650
F49 1964 CORVETTE RED $30,713
S506 1965 CORVETTE BLACK $249,375
S524 1965 CORVETTE BLUE $173,250
S59 1965 CORVETTE GREEN $67,200
S58 1965 CORVETTE SILVER $64,050
S55 1965 CORVETTE BLUE $63,000
F39 1965 CORVETTE WHITE $53,550
F511 1965 CORVETTE YELLOW $52,500
F135 1965 CORVETTE BLACK $50,663
F90 1965 CORVETTE BLUE $47,250
F4 1965 CORVETTE GREEN $36,750
F123 1965 CORVETTE WHITE $36,750
S552 1966 CORVETTE SILVER $170,100
S68 1966 CORVETTE BLUE $102,900
S23 1966 CORVETTE BLUE $100,275
S64 1966 CORVETTE RED $97,125
S11 1966 CORVETTE MAROON $77,700
S47 1966 CORVETTE BLUE $65,625
F111 1966 CORVETTE BLUE $63,000
F129 1966 CORVETTE YELLOW $59,850
F42 1966 CORVETTE RED $52,500
S57 1966 CORVETTE SILVER $50,925
F64 1966 CORVETTE WHITE $50,400
S528 1967 CORVETTE RED $262,500
S521 1967 CORVETTE COPO SILVER $199,500
S508 1967 CORVETTE GREEN $173,250
S500 1967 CORVETTE YELLOW $168,000
S514 1967 CORVETTE RED $162,750
S34 1967 CORVETTE RED $150,150
S76 1967 CORVETTE RED $148,050
S505 1967 CORVETTE BLUE $81,375
S570 1967 CORVETTE MAROON $68,775
S24 1968 CORVETTE BLUE $64,575
S1 1968 CORVETTE MAROON $57,225
S550 1968 CORVETTE SILVER $28,875
F59 1968 CORVETTE SILVER $28,088
F151 1968 CORVETTE RED $27,300
S49 1968 CORVETTE WHITE $24,675
F52 1968 CORVETTE GREEN $22,050
S36 1968 CORVETTE RED $17,850
S112 1968 CORVETTE MAROON $11,918
F138 1968 CORVETTE MAROON $9,600
S21 1969 CORVETTE BLACK $89,250
F58 1969 CORVETTE YELLOW $54,600
S108 1969 CORVETTE YELLOW $47,250
S502 1969 CORVETTE BLACK $42,000
S33 1969 CORVETTE YELLOW $37,800
S113 1969 CORVETTE BLUE $32,288
S4 1969 CORVETTE RED $32,000
F45 1969 CORVETTE SILVER $29,663
F25 1969 CORVETTE RED $18,113
F3 1969 CORVETTE SILVER $16,800
F99 1969 CORVETTE BLUE $13,440
F126 1970 CORVETTE BLACK $23,625
F105.1 1970 CORVETTE BLUE $22,575
F89 1970 CORVETTE RED $17,850
S39 1971 CORVETTE RED $42,525
S15 1971 CORVETTE GREEN $36,750
S79 1971 CORVETTE BLUE $27,300
F75 1971 CORVETTE ORANGE $26,250
F87 1971 CORVETTE YELLOW $19,950
F61 1971 CORVETTE BLACK $19,425
F502 1971 CORVETTE RED $18,638
F56 1971 CORVETTE ORANGE $17,325
F156 1971 CORVETTE GOLD $17,325
F35 1971 CORVETTE BLACK $12,863
S13 1972 CORVETTE ORANGE $32,025
S26 1972 CORVETTE ORANGE $30,450
S109 1972 CORVETTE WHITE $29,138
F19 1972 CORVETTE WHITE $27,300
S97 1972 CORVETTE RED $24,150
S6 1972 CORVETTE RED $18,113
F63 1972 CORVETTE PEWTER $16,800
S107 1972 CORVETTE RED $13,545
F108 1972 CORVETTE RED $11,865
F104 1972 CORVETTE RED $11,025
F145 1972 CORVETTE BLUE $9,300
F12 1973 CORVETTE ORANGE $17,325
F149 1973 CORVETTE RED $14,490
F103 1973 CORVETTE YELLOW $13,913
F101 1973 CORVETTE WHITE $10,500
F62 1973 CORVETTE SILVER $8,900
F5 1974 CORVETTE RED $16,538
F150 1974 CORVETTE RED $14,280
S529 1975 CORVETTE WHITE $58,800
F44 1975 CORVETTE WHITE $3,800
F57 1976 CORVETTE ORANGE $15,750
F93 1976 CORVETTE ORANGE $8,300
F92 1976 CORVETTE BLUE $6,500
F16 1977 CORVETTE BLUE $6,500
S538 1978 CORVETTE N/A $30,450
S5 1978 CORVETTE BLACK $25,725
F7 1978 CORVETTE SILVER $20,213
F27 1978 CORVETTE BLK/SLVR $16,800
F6 1978 CORVETTE SILVER $15,855
F10 1978 CORVETTE SILVER $12,600
F128 1978 CORVETTE L-82 SILVER $12,108
F24 1978 CORVETTE SILVER $11,340
S512 1979 CORVETTE BLACK $22,050
F36 1979 CORVETTE YELLOW $10,000
F15 1979 CORVETTE RED $7,500
F33 1979 CORVETTE GREEN $7,500
F510 1980 CORVETTE RED $12,863
S114 1980 CORVETTE BLACK $8,700
F124 1980 CORVETTE TAN $6,500
F110 1981 CORVETTE SILVER $10,500
F98 1982 CORVETTE N/A $19,950
S3 1982 CORVETTE GREEN $17,063
F84 1982 CORVETTE GOLD $11,813
F8 1982 CORVETTE BLUE/SLVR $10,000
F102 1984 CORVETTE BLUE $9,250
F155 1984 CORVETTE SLVR/BLUE $5,900
F74 1986 CORVETTE RED $19,425
F60 1986 CORVETTE BLACK $16,275
F122 1986 CORVETTE RED $10,500
F21 1986 CORVETTE TAN $8,900
F82.1 1986 CORVETTE BLACK $8,250
F521 1987 CORVETTE SILVER $19,688
S513 1989 CORVETTE BLUE $58,800
F11 1989 CORVETTE BROWN $11,025
F26 1989 CORVETTE RED $11,025
S51 1991 CORVETTE ZR-1 RED $39,375
F77 1991 CORVETTE RED $18,375
F34 1991 CORVETTE WHITE $7,750
F9 1992 CORVETTE WHITE $22,050
S35 1992 CORVETTE ZR-1 WHITE $21,263
F29 1992 CORVETTE RED $6,000
F504 1993 CORVETTE RED $26,250
F139 1993 CORVETTE RUBY RED $25,200
F106 1993 CORVETTE RED $20,213
S14 1995 CORVETTE RUBY RED $32,025
F43 1995 CORVETTE N/A $14,805
F109 1995 CORVETTE BLACK $13,650
S534 1996 CORVETTE BLUE $65,100
F136 1996 CORVETTE SILVER $16,800
F97 1996 CORVETTE BLACK $14,175
F147 1996 CORVETTE SILVER $9,750
F83 1997 CORVETTE RED $25,200
F117 1997 CORVETTE WHITE $19,950
F82 1997 CORVETTE RED $18,113
F524 1998 CORVETTE PEWTER $36,750
F506 2001 CORVETTE Z06 YELLOW $31,500
F523 2002 CORVETTE BLACK $33,990
F53 2004 CORVETTE GREY $32,960
F130 2006 CORVETTE SILVER $44,290
Source: Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers
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Corvette Values: 1977 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on July 8, 2006

Shawn S. submitted the following Corvette pricing question via Yahoo! Answers and we decided to take a look at it. Shawn’s Question: What is a 1977 corvette worth? Our Answer: Our Corvette price guide has an average 1977 Corvette Coupe valued at $10,000. Our High price is $13,000. Prices are fairly low compared to other years because the 1977 Corvette had the third highest production total ever with 49,213 produced. Most 1977 Corvettes came with the base engine, the L48 350/180. Just over 6,000 Corvettes came equipped with the optional L82 350/220 engine and just over 2000 came equipped with the optional 4-speed. So of the 1977 Corvettes, the most valuable was the L82 coupled with the 4-Speed manual transmission. The good news is that our appreciation figures for the 1977 model are 5% for one year and a whopping 19% over five years. Source:’s Corvette Price Guide
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Dale Jr’s 2005 Corvette For Sale on eBay

by Keith Cornett on July 7, 2006

Apparently Dale Earnhardt Jr is in the process of upgrading his car collection and to make room for the new toys (a new Z06?), he is auctioning his 2005 Corvette coupe on eBay. The Coupe has been repainted a custom black cherry-pearl with custom air-brushed flames. Custom 20/22 inch Asanti wheels adorn the 6-Speed Corvette as well. The winner will have the option of having Dale Jr’s signature on the dash, as well as the opportunity to travel to Dale’s home in North Carolina to pick up the Corvette from the NASCAR star in person. Bidding started at $59,999.99 and the current high bid is $60,099.99 with just two bidders so far. The auction runs through Saturday, July 15th.

Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette Dale Jr's 2005 Corvette
Source: | eBay
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June’s Corvette Sales

by Keith Cornett on July 6, 2006

GM reported that Corvette sales were up 21.6 percent year to year with 2,938 deliveries vs 2,417 deliveries in June 2005. Calendar year sales are also up 14.6% with 19,063 Corvettes sold in 2006 vs 16,634 in 2005. While GM is getting hammered by the press and pundits for having a 25% decline in total sales, mostly due to the success of last year’s employee pricing program, Corvette remains a bright spot for the General as the 2006 model year closes out.
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Rumor: Corvette Blue Devil to have 700+ HP!

by Keith Cornett on July 5, 2006

We love rumors. Especially when they are about something that we wish would be true. In the case, the rumor is about the horsepower of the Blue Devil Corvette – itself just a rumor until a month or so ago when GM said it was gonna happen. Now the rumors are about details and this one comes from a tipster over at so we are just doing our civic duty to report it (and then drool over the prospects of what might be). The rumor comes from a guy that knows a guy who is a Master Mechanic for Chevrolet and recently visited a seminar for servicing the supercharged LS9 that will power the Blue Devil Corvette. According to him, the new engine will output 700+ horsepower.

My VERY RELIABLE source tells me the new Corvette is going to come with 700+ N/A HP!!!! I didn’t believe him until he said he went to the class that shows them how to repair the engine. My source has been a Master Chevy mechanic his entire career. He also mentioned there will be 2 new supercharged CTS-V and the convertible (forget the name) Caddy’s. The design of the supercharger actually puts the intercooler inside the intake manifold, cooled by a front end radiator.
With recent news that the new Viper will come in around 600-650 hp, this is good news indeed. Er, I mean, we can only hope that this rumor will stick! Source:
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Clarkson Shoots and Destroys a C4 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on July 4, 2006

Jeremy Clarkson, host of the ever popular UK television show Top Gear, hates all things American – especially American Cars. Listening to him is a chore and I almost wish someone would kick his bloody ass, as that would be a very American thing to do. Recently he got his hands on a C4 Corvette somewhere out in a desert and thought it would be cool to destroy it. Using a helicopter equipped with mini-guns capable of firing 8,000 rounds a minute, Clarkson hunts his robotic driven prey and shows just what horrible shot he is. I’d bet this was his first time shooting a real gun. Finally after the helicopter’s pilot gets right up on the Corvette’s rear (and the guy steering the Corvette drives a straight line) is he able to hit it, blowing the gas tank and stopping it dead. Like any ass with a gun, he begins monologuing about how “Hank (the remote-controlled robot driver) is never gonna keep his Corvette” and “that Corvette is never going to be sold by the time we’ve finished with it”. With the Corvette stopped in its tracks, he shoots away and accomplishes his goal of destroying the car. It’s only fitting that this video is posted on July 4th. While I am sorry to see a Corvette killed by a pompous British TV host, at the least the car died in a hail of gunfire on the open range all for the benefit of a television audience – and that my friends is a very American way to go.

Hat Tip: Gleeful Gecko
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The sanctioning body for GT1 class has had it in for Corvette Racing this year, and finally at Lime Rock on Saturday it pays off for Aston Martin. With a string of 12 consecutive wins, Corvette Racing is the dominant team. Over the last few years champions and challengers alike (Viper and Ferrari) have fallen to Corvette Racing. This year, in a bid to make the GT1 class more competitive, the sanctioning body of the ALMS is attempting to level the playing field by making changes to Corvette Racing’s car setup, most notably weight. In March at Sebring, the first race this year, the weight for the #3 and #4 Corvettes were required to be an additional 122 pounds heavier. Following the stunning win at LeMans, the longest track on the ALMS Tour, Corvette Racing’s Corvettes were required to be an additional 199 pounds heavier, have smaller intake restrictors and a smaller fuel tank capacity than its rivals when racing at Lime Rock on Saturday, the shortest and one of the most congested, technical tracks on the circuit. And despite these sanctions, the #3 Corvette finished in second place with only 0.33 separating them from the GT1 Class Winning 009 Aston Martin DBR. I don’t wish to take anything away from Aston Martin’s win at Lime Rock, but image the #3 Corvette being nearly 200 pounds lighter and maybe one less pit stop due to a smaller fuel tank and you get the picture. This should have been a win. Carbon Fiber body panels and a hydroformed steel chassis drops the weight of the Corvette C6.R to an astonishing 2,425 pounds (500 pounds less than the 2006 Corvette Z06). Millions of dollars have been spent by General Motors and Corvette Racing in developing the kind of advanced racing machine that wins 12 straight races. And then when it dominates, it is punished in the “spirit of competition”. Competition breeds success. Competition makes not only the champions better, but the challengers as well. Imagine the NFL telling a team that their wide receivers were too fast and then required them to wear five pound ankle weights during the game. Changes the game. Maybe not a lot, but 0.33 seconds is enough.
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Holiday traffic was heavy today at Lime Rock Park in the fourth round of the American Le Mans Series, with hard contact and close calls the order of the day in the New England Grand Prix. Corvette Racing’s bid for a record 13th consecutive victory in the GT1 class came up just short in a photo finish between the No. 3 Compuware Corvette C6.R and the No. 009 Aston Martin DBR9. Aston Martin driver Pedro Lamy edged Corvette star Johnny O’Connell by .033-second at the stripe. It was the first race since March 2005 that Corvette Racing had to settle for the second spot on the podium. “He had me by two feet, but with another lap or two we might have got him,” said O’Connell. “The guys on the No. 3 Corvette crew have been working so hard and I really wanted to get them a win. This is a very busy race track, but it was a fun battle and we raced each other clean.” “It was crazy out there – as crazy as I’ve ever seen it,” said O’Connell’s teammate Ron Fellows, who drove the first one-hour, 41-minute stint. “That’s typical of Lime Rock. I was a tick quicker than the Aston in a couple of areas, but not quick enough to take a shot at him.” The two-hour, 45-minute race on the roller coaster 1.54-mile circuit was punctuated by frequent contact and three full-course caution periods. The first incident was the result of Dyson Racing’s LMP1 prototype making an optimistic passing attempt in Turn 3 on Olivier Beretta in the No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R. The prototype pushed the Corvette off the track, and both cars ended up in the guardrail, mired in mud.”The car was flying and I was pushing hard to catch the leaders,” Beretta reported. “I was trying to do my job and an accident happened. I turned into the corner and straight away I felt a car there. He touched me and I went off on the grass. My main concern was the steering. The crew did a terrific job as usual to get the car back on the track.” It took eight minutes for the track workers to extricate the wounded Corvette from the muck, and 17 minutes later the C6.R was back on the track with a new front end and Oliver Gavin behind the wheel. “The crew had to change the nose, change the engine undertray, and replace a broken tie rod end,” reported team manager Gary Pratt. “We cleaned off the mud, changed the tires, and the car was back going again.” That accident ended the bid of Beretta and Gavin to extend their record-setting winning streak to nine consecutive victories. “We’ve had some luck for the last eight races, and it ran out today,” said Gavin. “It was just not our day. I was impressed with how the boys got the car back out there. We completed the required 70 percent of the laps, earned some points, and now it’s on to the next race.” The race for the GT1 title was another pitched battle between the Aston Martin and Corvette camps, with the three frontrunners locked in combat on the same lap for the entire race. Fellows took the lead on the start, passing pole sitter Darren Turner’s Aston Martin. At the 10-minute mark, Beretta and Aston Martin driver Stephane Sarrazin made contact in Turn 1 and both spun. After one hour and 19 minutes of flat-out racing, Fellows and Sarrazin swept past Turner on the inside of Turn 1. Following the final round of pit stops and driver changes, O’Connell took second place from Tomas Enge with eight minutes remaining, and then narrowed Lamy’s margin from 3.7 seconds to a fender length at the finish. The Corvettes were carrying 199 more pounds than the Aston Martins, running smaller intake restrictors, and using smaller fuel tanks as a result of “balance of performance” adjustments mandated by the sanctioning body. “At some point in time we knew that the 200 pounds and the restrictor would be too much to overcome, and today turned out to be that day,” said Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan. “It was certainly one hell of a battle, and it’s a good thing for Aston Martin that the race wasn’t about four feet longer. I think the fans got their money’s worth today.” Corvette Racing’s next event is the inaugural Utah Grand Prix at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City on July 13-15. The fifth round of the 10-race ALMS will be televised tape-delayed by CBS Sports on Sunday, July 15, starting at 2 p.m. EDT.
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Corvettes Qualify Second and Third at Lime Rock

by Keith Cornett on July 1, 2006

Crew chief Dan Binks’ final instructions to driver Ron Fellows before the start of qualifying were succinct: “Have fun out there.” When Fellows returned to the Corvette Racing pits after taking the second spot on the GT1 grid for Saturday’s New England Grand Prix, his report was equally brief. “Guys, that was fun!” he radioed to the crew of the No. 63 Compuware Corvette C6.R. “The car was great.” Fellows’ lap of the 1.54-mile Lime Rock Park road course in 50.491 seconds fell just .219 seconds short of Darren Turner’s pole-winning time in the No. 007 Aston Martin DBR9. Olivier Beretta ran the third quickest qualifying lap at 50.873 seconds in the No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R. Pedro Lamy was fourth fastest at 50.905 in the No. 009 Aston Martin DBR9, joining the qualifying session late after an off-course excursion into a bog left by the torrential rain that has inundated New England. “I had a good, fun lap,” Fellows reported. “The car has been working very well since we rolled it onto the track for the first lap of practice. I don’t know if I could have gone quicker, but I sure would have liked another lap and taken a crack at it. “It’s amazing how fast this Corvette is here,” he added. “I still hold the track record in Trans Am from back in 1995, and it’s a 50.2 . . . and that’s without a chicane. Here we are going almost that fast with the chicane!”As a result of performance adjustments imposed by the sanctioning body last week, the Corvettes are now 199 pounds heavier than their Aston Martin rivals and have a 10-liter smaller fuel capacity. “I was quite pleased that Corvettes’ qualifying times pretty well matched the times from last year because the cars are in a significantly different configuration,” said Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan. “That’s a testament to the hard work that the Corvette Racing team has done. If anything surprised me, it was that the Astons weren’t a bit quicker with the advantage that they now have. “Lime Rock is a great circuit on which to race – it’s bumpy, it’s fast, and there are some very challenging corners,” Fehan noted. “You can’t make a pit stop in the time it takes to complete a lap, so anything can happen on race day.” Fresh from a GT1 class victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Olivier Beretta was still making the adjustment from the longest track on the schedule to the shortest. Beretta and his teammate Oliver Gavin will be racing for their ninth straight ALMS victory on Saturday. “This feels like a go-kart track after driving on a super track like Le Mans,” said Beretta. “Ron did a very good lap time, so congratulations to him. The important thing was not to damage the car, and that is the target for the race. Now we have to see what happens in the race, and I’m feeling confident.” The New England Grand Prix, the fourth round of the 10-race 2006 American Le Mans Series, will start at 3 p.m. EDT on Saturday, July 1. The race will be televised tape-delayed by CBS Sports on Sunday, July 2, at 4 p.m. EDT.
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NCM Delivers 1,000th Corvette This Year

by Keith Cornett on June 30, 2006

One of the most exciting options for new Corvette owners is R8C – Taking delivery of their new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum. As part of the Delivery, customers are given a tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant located across the street from the NCM. Then the customers tour the Museum and will see their new Corvette on display. The NCM Delivery Team provides a quality orientation followed by a delivery presentation. Each Corvette that is delivered through the Museum received a unique gold decal which is placed on the inside drivers door jam. The R8C option has become so popular that recently it has become a constrained option. On June 28th, Brad and Dianna Best from Edmond, Oklahoma picked up a beautiful Monterey Red Corvette Convertibleas part of the R8C Museum Delivery program. The Best’s also received another surprise – their Corvette was the 1,000th delivery of the 2006 model year!

“We are so surprised that we are the 1,000th delivery for the model year,” stated the excited delivery participants. “We came to take delivery of our Corvette and this just adds to the experience.”
You can find out more about the Museum Corvette Delivery Program by visiting the NCM’s website or check with your dealer for more details.
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