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LA Auto Show: A Flying Corvette

by Keith Cornett on November 30, 2006

From the Straightline Blog: Sometimes it pays to look up at the LA Auto Show. Aside from its several Corvettes displayed on the ground, GM hung one from the rafters to promote its new 100,000 mile warranty. “Well that’s one way to keep somebody from stealing the shift knob,” said one auto show veteran.

Marketing types love to talk about synergy. I thought this promo tied in nicely with GM’s recent commercial promoting the 100,000 mile warranty by having their cars, trucks and SUV rise from the crowded streets. Source: Straightline Blog
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LA Auto Show: The Callaway C16

by Keith Cornett on November 29, 2006

Callaway Cars continues to raise the bar of the Corvette platform to new heights with the all new Callaway C16. For their 16th model, Callaway takes a C6 Corvette and adds their handcrafted bodywork to every part of the car. But the real action is under the hood. A supercharger is added to the 6.0 liter LS2 which increases the base horsepower to 616 with 582 ft-lbs of torque at 4,750 rpm. The C16 does 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and a quarter mile in 10.9 seconds. Top speed is 206 mph but get this, the C16 has a fuel efficiency rating of 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway! GM should also take a look at the C16′s interior as Callaway knows how the cockpit of a world-renowned supercar should look like. German leather and alcantara is used throughout. The door panels, steering wheel and passenger dash feature the signature Callaway badging. As the cars are built to order, customers can choose their exterior/interior colors to their taste. A well-equipped C16 Coupe goes for $119,865. Still a bargain compared to other super sportscars.

Callaway C16 Callaway C16 Callaway C16
Source: Callaway Cars via Autoblog.
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I just sent out emails to two new subscribers of our email newsletter letting them know that they were chosen to win a Corvette Price Guide. Because response was so good on the first day I decided to pick two winners. Want your chance to win a Corvette Price Guide? Just sign up for our email newsletter (over there on the top right –>) and I might just make your day. Click here for additional details and thanks again for everyone who joined yesterday.
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Video: Jimmie Johnson and a Z06 Take Manhattan

by Keith Cornett on November 28, 2006

Jimmie Johnson is in the Big Apple this week to pick up his $7 million dollar check for winning NASCAR’s Nextel Cup. This morning he drove up to the outdoor set of Fox & Friends in a Le Mans Blue Z06 Corvette. However, the NYPD wasn’t amused with either Jimmie’s parking skills or the fact that he burned a little rubber when leaving. The strategy for handling the cops? Blame it on Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon.

Source: Fox & Friends

Win A Corvette Price Guide

by Keith Cornett on November 28, 2006

Just sign up for our email newsletter over there on the right (–>) and each day this week I will be selecting a new subscriber to win a copy of our Corvette Price Guide. Our newsletter is emailed once a week and contains a roundup of the news and information posted on Did I mention its free? The Corvette Price Guide features pricing and appreciation/depreciation figures for every Corvette model from 1953 through 2006. Pricing information for options including motors, wheels and AC is also calculated. There are two publications I take to every Corvette show and auction. The Corvette Price Guide is one of them. Subscribe Now!
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Save the Wave

by Keith Cornett on November 27, 2006

I finally got new tires for my 1966 Corvette and was anxious to go for a cruise. It had been over a month since my rear tire blew some tread and exposed the steel belts. I was on my way to cross one of the bridges over Tampa Bay and low and behold, a dude in a C6 Corvette passed by. I waved at the driver, but got stiffed on the return wave. Now with Corvettes, not getting a return wave is like being introduced to someone at a party and holding your hand out to shake, only to be left hanging.

So let me drop this piece of Corvette history on you, in the hopes of helping new Corvette owners answer the question “Why do these guys keep waving at me?”. This article first appeared in the August/September 1969 issue of Corvette News.


Ever since Corvette No. 00001 first met Corvette No. 00002 on the road, their drivers saluted each other with waves. Today, unfortunately, this grand and glorious tradition is wavering.

There’s one item of standard equipment that comes as a pleasant surprise to every new Corvette owner. It’s an instant wave of recognition he or she receives when he meets one of their ilks on the road. The first time it happens, they will be taken by surprise. He immediately thinks:

  1. 1. He has been mistaken for Sterling Moss.
  2. His lights are on.
  3. He has just been given the bird.

Soon, however, the new Vette owner anticipates, indeed even relishes, encountering other Vettes as he drives. During this period, he experiments with his waves, running the gamut from the gaping “yoo hoo” to the ultra cool “two finger flip.” He perfects his timing, making sure he affects neither a too-early wave, nor the jaded “oh brother” too-late variety. Determined not to be one upped, he even develops a defense mechanism for non wavers, usually settling on the “Wave”? My hand was just on the way to scratch my head” approach. (This is especially useful when you’re not driving your Vette, but you forget, and like a dummy, you wave anyway.)

Indeed, one of the most perplexing problems facing a would-be waver is what to do when driving next to a fellow Vette owner. Passing him going in opposite directions is one thing. Greetings are exchanged, and that’s that. But what happens when you pull up next to a guy at a light, wave, nod, smile and then pull up to him at the next light, a block later? Wave again? Nod bashfully? Grin self-consciously? Ignore him? Or take the chicken’s way out and turn down the next side street? If you’re expecting an answer, you won’t find it here. Sad to say, some questions don’t have any.

Girl-type Corvette drivers also have a unique problem: to wave or not to wave. This miss or misses who borrows her man’s Corvette for the first time is immediately faced with this quandary. Should she wave first and look overly friendly, or ignore the wave and look like a snob? Most ladies who drive their own Vettes prefer to suffer the latter rather than take a chance of being misread. For this reason, all girls are excused for occasionally failing to return a well-meaning wave. So are new owners who are still learning the ropes.

There is no excuse, however, for a guy who refuses to return the wave, not out of ignorance, but of arrogance or apathy. While this type of behavior is the exception to the rule, it seems a few owners of newer models refuse to recognize anything older than theirs, while some others simply won’t wave, period. Boo on them. These ding-a-lings don’t seem to realize that they are helping to squash a tradition that had its beginnings back when most of us were still driving tootsie toys.

Corvette News via the


A Corvette Thanksgiving

by Keith Cornett on November 23, 2006

Thinking about Thanksgiving, I was reflecting about my family and the precious gifts live brings to us in ways that we might not stop to consider. Of course as my thoughts tend to do, they took a turn towards Corvette and the gift that this fabulous car has brought to my life. So I thought I would spend a couple of minutes to list the things in the Corvette World that I am thankful for. My Dad
It’s been 24 years since my dad passed away. He purchased new the 1966 Corvette Convertible that would eventually make its way to my garage, as well as the top image of this blog. The story of how he got the Corvette is classic. The short story I’ll tell here is that he won a ’66 Ford Mustang in a sales contest, picked it up from the Ford dealer and drove it down to the Chevy dealer to use as a trade-in for the Corvette. Purchased the year before he married my mother, the Corvette got the nickname of Last Fling. He loved that car and his passion became my passion. However, I would give it all up in a second just to have him back.
Nearly 11 years ago I quit my advertising sales job with a TV station in Tampa to “do something on the internet”. At the time I didn’t know what, but I knew it would work itself out. In Oct 1995, I built my first website – the Route 66 Corvette Page – dedicated to my 1966 Corvette. That eventually led me to become the webmaster and then eventual owner of, my Corvette classified ads company. The best part of the business is I get to talk about Corvettes everyday. Corvette People
Owning a Corvette is like being a member of a very large fraternity. Corvette people are some of nicest and interesting people you could ever hope to be associated with. There is nothing like a getting together a group of people in hitting the road on a cruise. Also, when mentioning Corvette People, I am also saying thanks to those that design, engineer and assemble this great automobile. And let’s not forget the people in the past like Harley Earl and Zora Arkus-Duntov and Larry Shinoda, Dave Hill and Dave McClellan. All deserve a toast for their service to Corvette history. The Sunday Drive
A Corvette cruise is good for the soul. It can cleanse the mind like nothing else. Straightaways, twisties and two lane blacktop is my church. The 327 cubic inch is my choir and the 4-speed transmission is, well, a 4-speed. Sometimes I’ll put up to 200 miles on her and not realize how much time has passed. Seeing another Corvette on the road and giving and receiving The Wave. Damn, I feel like going for drive right now. The Restoration
My friend and VetteFinders partner Chris said after a full day of prepping the ’66 Corvette for the painter, “You have to kill it first so that it can be reborn“. He wasn’t kidding. Stripping the car down to exposed fiberglass and then watching the car being reborn was a total religious experience. Buying parts and then installing them, only if they were good enough, became my mission. And then finally the satisfaction of reaching your goal, knowing how much time, sweat and tears you have invested is one of the sweetest rewards you could ever have. I could go on and on but will end this here. Wrapping up this post, I am thankful for the opportunity to blog about Corvettes (nearly) everyday. Thankful for my family who puts up with my obsession. And most of all, thankful for God for whom without none of this is possible.
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GM Needs to Bring High-Tech Key Fob to Corvette

by Keith Cornett on November 20, 2006

New GM Key FobGM’s new key fob is slated for release next April and will initially be available on the Cadillac Escalade. We’re saying okay, but we would like to hear something definitive about the key fob being made available on the Corvette. This fob is made for Corvette owners. It can check tire pressure, do fuel mileage predictions, and tells the owner if he or she remembered to lock the doors. It does all this and more and displays the results on a liquid crystal display located on the fob itself. GM claims the new key fob will operate at 4-6 times the normal range. The cost for the option will be $150, with replacements for lost or broken fobs under $100. GM, we know you’re working on the Blue Devil/SS Corvette right now, and we don’t want to do anything that gets in the way of that, but please bring this ultra cool key fob to Corvette ASAP! Source: USA Today via
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Spotted on CraigsList: Barbie’s 1990 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on November 18, 2006

1990 Corvette For SaleWhen you think of Pink Corvettes, you probably have visions of Barbie and Ken motoring around the family room floor. Browsing CraigsList today, we found a Corvette in the San Diego area that Ken wouldn’t be caught dead in – a custom pink1990 Corvette. Description of the Ad:

Yes… A Pink Corvette! We just had the engine rebuilt. It was bored 30 over and it runs AWESOME. Unfortunately, we cannot keep it. We also replaced the leather seats and the CD player. We fixed a bunch of stuff because we were planning on keeping it. I think it is a heck of a deal and a good car. And…. IT’S PINK!!
A Pink Corvette that’s been bored 30 over? We’ll call that a double threat with looks and performance, as long as Barbie is in the drivers seat. Source:
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Fifth Gear’s Road Test: Corvette vs Viper SRT-10

by Keith Cornett on November 17, 2006

Those that read this blog regularly probably know that I don’t do too many comparisons – putting the Corvette next to X and seeing how it performs. That just stems from my bias. The Corvette stands on its own merits and doesn’t need comparisons to make it look better. So why this post about Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell and Jason Plato putting a C6 Coupe against the Dodge Viper SRT-10? It’s not the compare and contrast that makes this video, its the fact that these guys get two great cars on a track and just have a blast with them. Burnouts and power slides galore! So sit down, shut up and hang on, because this is a fun ride!

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