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Corvette Centennial Design Concept on Set of Transformers

Since the mysterious Corvette Centennial Design Concept was spotted on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, there has been much speculation about the identity that the car would portray when in Robot mode. At a recent Hasbro Licensing summit in Malaysia it was revealed that the Corvette was in fact Sideswipe.

Producer Michael Bay has had to jump through some hoops to appease the Transformers fan base (we know all about rabid fan bases) because GM has an exclusive agreement to provide the vehicles for the movies. In the original cartoon, Sideswipe was one of original crew members of the ARK, although he was a red Lamborghini when in auto-mode.

Transformers 2 Corvette Concept Transformers 2 Corvette Concept
Transformers 2 Corvette Concept Transformers 2 Corvette Concept

I’m the first to admit that I’m not really up on Transformers trivia. I’d rather have a hunk a junk that can make the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs any day than a car that transforms into a robot. But I digress. I’m just still trying to understand that if you’re a robot hiding on earth, why pick a Corvette Concept car as your secret identity?


Transformers Mystery Car Revealed as Corvette Centennial Design Concept
Transformer’s Corvette Concept Revealed
[VIDEO] Sixties Corvette To Make Warp Speed in Next Star Trek Movie?

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C6 Corvette Performance Mods

Last month we brought you Five Do-it-Yourself Appearance Mods for your C6 Corvette. Now that you got your ride looking good, its time to turn our attention to adding some performance and additional horsepower to your C6 Corvette. Once again, we turned to our friends at Ecklers Corvette Parts who gave us a list of the most popular C6 Corvette mods.

One of the easiest ways to add additional horsepower and torque, as well as give your Corvette a great sound is to add an aftermarket exhaust system. Here are three popular systems:

C6 Corvette Performance Mods CORSA Sport with Pro-Series 3-1/2″ Quad Tips
The CORSA Sport provides a deep, full-bodied exhaust note at idle, yet provides a clean, crisp powerful exhaust note under acceleration. The system features straightflow thru design mufflers which provide 64% more exhaust flow than stock mufflers, giving you more power and torque. The CORSA Sport system is a bolt on system fitting all 2005 Corvettes as well as 2006-08 manual transmission Corvettes except the Z06. The system will delivered 5-8 rear wheel horsepower.
C6 Corvette Performance Mods B&B Bullet Performance with Round Tips
Billy Boat performance exhaust introduces the newest and most aggressive C6 performance exhaust system-the BULLET! The bullet has quickly become the industry standard for a deep aggressive muscle car sound. The Bullet is a bolt-on installation and owners will have a 11-13 horsepower improvement over the stock exhaust system. The boldest tip style and configuration insure the C6 scream “muscle car”.
C6 Corvette Performance Mods Borla Stinger II Sport S-Type with Quad Round Tips
The Borla Stinger II system is race inspired and delivers that classic American Muscle Car sound. Featuring the exclusive X-Pipe that evens out exhaust pulses for improved flow, the Borla Sport system outflows all other aftermarket systems by 27%. Each system is an easy bolt-on product and includes all necessary mounting hardware. Fits all C6 Corvettes except the Z06.

It’s a fact that if you want more horsepower out of your engine, you got to get more air into it. These two Air Induction systems force the air directly into your C6 Corvette’s intake, lowering temperatures and increasing horsepower.

C6 Corvette Performance Mods BPP Vortex Rammer Cold Air System
BPP’s Rammer replaces the restrictive stock air box assembly. The cool air is forced through BPP’s sealed air box, through BPP’s revolutionary air cleaner and then into your intake, lowering manifold air temperature by almost 70°. The system will yield up to a 36 horsepower improvement at the flywheel and up to 36 fl.-lbs. of torque. Easy to install and fits all C6 Corvettes except the Z06.
C6 Corvette Performance Mods Vararam Snake Charmer
Vararam Snake Charmer cold air intake is formed using two construction processes, the upper is roto molded and the lower scoop is vacuum formed to ensure maximum performance at all times. With other cold air kits, you can normally expect 10-15 horsepower but the Vararam can provide 39-42 horsepower at the flywheel through a mile. For 2005-2007 Corvettes.

Finally, no self respecting power-hungry Corvette owner would be without a flash-tuning programmer:

C6 Corvette Performance Mods Diablo Sport Predator Tunable Performance Programmer
The Predator is an awesome tool for three reasons: The stock Diablo Sport download gives you a 18-21 horsepower on LS2, You can make custom enhancements including adjustments in timing, fuel enrichment, rev limiter, electric fans, shift firmness and shift RPM plus you can eliminate GM’s torque management on automatics and finally, the Diablo will you cam get full OBDII diagnostics for your Corvette. For use on 2006-2007 Corvettes including the Z06.

These six performance mods are just the beginning for getting more horsepower out of your Corvette . If you are not already getting their C6 catalog, visit Ecklers Corvette Parts and request your free catalog today.

Ecklers Corvette Parts

Five Do-it-Yourself C6 Corvette Appearance Mods

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Corvette Racing's Johnny O'Connell following the St. Petersburg Grand Prix

It’s time to vote for this year’s American Le Mans Series “From The Fans” awards. The Corvette Racing team’s fearless leader Doug Fehan has been nominated so drop what you’re doing and vote for GoDoug now! Doug has been with team since 1999 and has helped lead Corvette Racing to eight consecutive GT1 championships in the American Le Mans Series and five class wins at Le Mans. Nobody deserves this award more than Doug.

As fans, we can also vote for the Most Popular Driver Award and I will make no bones about throwing my support behind Corvette Racing driver Johnny O’Connell. O’Connell has been doing some of his best driving this year and has led the #3 Corvette C6.R team to the top of the GT1 Drivers Championship. Johnny is a Two-time ALMS GT1 champion, 35 career ALMS wins, seven Sebring 12-hour class victories, holds ALMS records for most starts (93) and most podium finishes (70).

Fan voting is open until Sunday, October 5th, the end of Petit Le Mans weekend. Voting by the fans will determine this year’s winner. The award will be presented at the season-ending banquet in Monterey, California on the day after the Monterey Sports Car Championships at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Show your support to Corvette Racing! Vote for Doug Fehan and Johnny O’Connell!


Corvette Racing: Fellows Named Most Popular ALMS Driver

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2009 Corvette ZR1 on the Dyno

Continuing our virtual checklist of things to do with the new 638-horsepower Corvette ZR1, a trip to dyno to see just how much power the new King of the Hill is sending to the rear wheels can now be checked off. Corvette Forum member “Alvin” had not one, but two Corvette ZR1’s to play with on a dynojet earlier this week. Word on the street and yet unconfirmed is that these two ZR1’s were part of the group purchase of 5 made by Hendricks Motorsports team.

The first Corvette ZR1 to hit the dyno was this Cyber Gray car which had all of 30 miles on her. The bone stock SAE adjusted number came in at 530 rwhp and 508 ft-Lbs of torque. After making some tuning adjustments, we see the SAE adjusted numbers rose to 567 rwhp and 532 ft-lbs of torque. The dyno sheet is below:

The second Corvette ZR1 was Black and unfortunately seemed to be having some clutch slipping issues which can skew the dyno numbers we’re told. Alvin mentioned in his post that the guy who brought the car into PCMforLess where the dyno was performed said the car was acting fishy and smelled of “clutch”. That’s too bad for a Corvette with all of 200 miles on her. We don’t see a sheet for the initial run, but read that it was 540 rwhp. With the tune, Alvin was able to boost rwhp an additional 17 but the clutch slip makes this a moot point.

2009 Corvette ZR1 on the Dyno 2009 Corvette ZR1 Dyno Sheet

Averaging the two Corvettes, you get 535 rwhp, which is on par with the 15% average loss rule of thumb. Alvin said that the stock tune was pretty rich as well as the fact that once the engines loosen up after a few thousand miles they will usually provide a higher base number.

UPDATE: Check out this VIDEO of another Corvette ZR1 that pulled 549.9 RWHP on the dyno.
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Velocity Yellow C6 Corvette Z06

IPS Motorsports of Columbus Ohio claims to have built the two fastest Corvette Z06’s the world has ever seen. And from watching the video, I agree that both are pretty sick. The two Corvettes Z06s, an Atomic Orange and a Velocity Yellow, hit the drag strip at Norwolk raceway in Ohio earlier this month and both finished with quarter mile times in the 9s with one having the fastest time of 9.32 @ 156 mph!

Other than the fast times, which are very impressive by themselves, what’s amazing about these Corvettes is how stock they look. Other than the tires and the fact that both have been lowered, the challenger that pulls up next to either of these two Z06’s at a light would be in for a major surprise.


Katech Unveils the Corvette Z06 ClubSport Package

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The 1970 Corvette ZR1

Obviously we’re big on Corvette ZR1’s here at CorvetteBlogger because the car has pushed the boundaries of performance compared to the regular Corvette. But we also love classic small block Corvettes as well. So with the help of Proteam Corvette’s Terry Michaelis, we thought we’d combine our interests and travel back in time to take a look at the very first Corvette ZR1, the 1970-72 Street Legal Racer.

Although it would be another 20 years before the Corvette ZR1 would earn the title of King of the Hill, its predecessor set the bar high in terms of performance. In 1970 Chevrolet introduced this limited production radio delete car to the racing world. Dubbed the ZR1 based on the name of its RPO package, this successor to the L88 Corvette came equipped with the potent LT1 350 ci 370 hp small block and all the specialty options that were found on the L88s that were retired the previous year.

In addition to the LT1, the ZR1 package included an M22 rockcrusher 4-speed heavy duty transmission, J56 Heavy duty power brakes, transistorized ignition, special aluminum radiator and a suspension that included special springs, shocks and front and rear stabilizer bars.

Production of the ZR1 was limited to 1970-1972, the same three year time span of the LT1 engine. During that three year run, only 53 cars were ordered with RPO ZR1: 25 in 1970, 8 in 1971 and 20 in 1972. The ZR1’s of the 1970’s are the rarest small block Corvette ever produced.

Identification features of the 1970-72 Corvette ZR1 include:

  • LT-1 engine, suffix CTV-1970, CGY-1971, or CKY-1972,
  • J-56 heavy duty brake package with dual pin front brake calipers (power),
  • F-41 heavy duty suspension package, 7 leaf rear spring, heavy duty shock absorbers, heavy duty 5/8 front sway bar and heavy duty rear spindle struts,
  • M-22 (rockcrusher) transmission,
  • large aluminum radiator with expansion tank (no other LT-1 equipped car has an expansion tank),
  • steel fan shroud, other than 1972’s (most),
  • radio delete (no fenders drilled for antenna). The ZR-1 package could not be ordered with any creature comforts, ie: air conditioning, power windows, power steering, radio, alarm system, rear window defroster, or special trim items like P02 wheel covers.

As an investment, the C3 Corvette ZR-1 is poised for growth, especially those from the first year (1970) where horsepower was at its highest mark. For the cost of a 1967 L71 Big Block, you can own a performance Corvette with a production limited to just 25!

This Corvette ZR1 has been marked down from $149,000 to $130,000 as part of Proteam Corvette’s 911 Emergency Sale. But if you’re interested, you better move fast because the sale ends on September 30th.

The 1970 Corvette ZR1 The 1970 Corvette ZR1 The 1970 Corvette ZR1
Interested? Contact Protream Corvettes and tell them CorvetteBlogger sent you!

tMichaelis Corvette Perspective
Proteam Corvette

When Money is No Object: Terry’s Corvette A-List
Corvette Documentation: The Three Truths from Proteam’s Terry Michaelis

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Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1

The three hosts of the UK’s wildly popular Top Gear show arrived in San Francisco and then headed out to Reno where they picked up their rides for an all-American edition of the show. Frequent critic of all things American Jeremy Clarkson was spotted getting into a 2009 Velocity Red Corvette ZR1 while co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May had to settle with a Cadillac CTS-V and a Dodge Challenger SRT8 respectively.

Following their drive through Reno, billed as the Biggest Little City in the World (figure that one out), the three ended up at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Despite the fact that we’ll hear Clarkson make stupid quips about leaf springs, push rod V8s and plastic-fantastic interiors, we might just be treated to seeing the Corvette ZR1 pushed to its 200+ mph maximum velocity.

Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1 Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1 Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1
Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1 Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1 Top Gear Testing the Corvette ZR1

I am sure the show will offer plenty of Corvette ZR1 eye candy and we’ll be treated to some sort of stunt that only Top Gear can deliver, but Clarkson’s boorish comments and his bash-America attitude will make watching the segment a chore at best.

Source: |

[VIDEO] Top Gear Reviews Z06 Corvette
[VIDEO] Clarkson Shoots and Destroys a C4 Corvette

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Hendricks Motorsports Corvette ZR1s

Corvette Conti brings us the news that NASCAR’s Hendricks Motorsports team was at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green this week to take delivery of five 2009 Corvette ZR1s. Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon were in attendance as well as Rich Hendricks. One of the Corvettes is also going to Dale Jr, but he wasn’t available to make the trip. At $120K a pop, that’s a serious perk!

Hendricks Motorsports Corvette ZR1s Hendricks Motorsports Corvette ZR1s Hendricks Motorsports Corvette ZR1s

See more photos at

Top Photo Credit: Corvette Forum Member 2TONE82

[VIDEO] Jimmie Johnson and a Z06 Take Manhattan
Dale Jr: Member of Corvette Lunatic Fringe


1967 Corvette Sold at Corvettes at Carlisle 2008

We got the auction results from last month’s Corvettes at Carlisle auction and despite the fact the auction was held on Friday and featured a sales success rate of just 36%, I am going to take a “glass is half full” approach. For the collector with less than deep pockets, the first time Corvette buyer or an enthusiast looking for a decent quality driver, the auction at Corvettes at Carlisle may just be the place to buy your next Corvette.

First the specifics: The auction at Corvettes at Carlisle is not what it once was in year’s past. Since the auction was moved in-house last year, it’s been reduced to a one-day event, and this year it was held on Friday of all days. 80 Corvettes crossed the block and 29 sold, earning a sales success rate of 36%. The 29 Corvettes totaled $731,050 in sales. Although these numbers are comparable to 2007’s auction, total sales were down almost $244,000 from last year’s $974,950.

In an attempt to shake up the auction landscape, Carlisle made some changes this year benefiting both sellers and buyers by offering free consignment as well as waiving bidder registration fees. The fact that Corvettes aren’t selling at Carlisle like the rates of other primarily Corvette auctions is just as much related to seller expectations as to the current market: Sellers are holding on to cars and may be waiting for better times and many buyers are primarily searching for a deal and passing on anything else. The simple fact is that it takes two to move a Corvette at an auction, a motivated seller and a buyer with cash in hand.

But as I look down the list of cars that did sell at this year’s event, I am seeing what appears to be some pretty good deals. So it just may be that auction at Corvettes at Carlisle could very well turn into the enthusiast auction where decent cars are sold for a fair price. Call it the anti-Barrett-Jackson auction. So let’s take a look at some of the cars that did sell.

The top seller was a 1967 Corvette Convertible with a 427/390 hp engine and a close ratio 4-speed transmission. Red with a black top and black stinger hood, this Corvette gets an A in curb appeal. Documented with owner history and the original Protect-O-Plate, this big block sold for $86,500. Well bought and sold.

Looking for a unique piece of history? How about a Supercharged 1954 Roadster. This Corvette features one of less than two dozen McCulloch supercharged engines produced in 1953/54. McCulloch cars are identified by the “SUPERCHARGED” script on the front about the Corvette emblem. This Corvette had some wear, but for the collector looking for something a bit different, $65,000 was enough to take this cool little roadster home.

Finally, the late Chip Miller’s personal 1994 Corvette ZR-1 was offered up by his son Lance at no reserve. This exceptional Polo Green Metallic Corvette ZR-1 is number 200 of only 448 produced in 1994 and features just 11,700 miles. Chip loved the ZR-1 for its unique LT-5 engine which all but guaranteed collectibility in future years. The Corvette was sold for $30,000. Again, this was a great price for a Corvette owned by one of the giants in the hobby.

Here are the full results from the 2008 Corvettes at Carlisle Auction:

1954 Corvette Convertible SOLD $65,000
1956 Corvette Convertible High Bid $71,000
1956 Corvette Convertible High Bid $39,500
1957 Corvette Convertible High Bid $72,000
1958 Corvette Convertible High Bid $75,000
1958 Corvette Convertible SOLD $47,500
1958 Corvette Convertible High Bid $85,000
1960 Corvette Convertible High Bid $59,000
1961 Corvette Convertible High Bid $49,000
1962 Corvette Convertible High Bid $75,000
1962 Corvette Convertible High Bid $87,000
1963 Corvette Split Window High Bid $75,000
1963 Corvette Split Window SOLD $46,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $90,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $110,000
1964 Corvette Coupe SOLD $32,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $35,000
1965 Corvette Convertible High Bid $69,000
1965 Corvette Convertible High Bid $45,000
1965 Corvette Coupe High Bid $94,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $74,000
1966 Corvette Coupe High Bid $72,500
1966 Corvette Coupe SOLD $30,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $42,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $30,000
1967 Corvette High Bid $45,000
1967 Corvette High Bid $41,000
1967 Corvette Coupe High Bid $95,000
1967 Corvette Coupe High Bid $45,000
1967 Corvette Convertible High Bid $47,000
1967 Corvette Coupe SOLD $47,500
1967 Corvette Convertible High Bid $52,000
1967 Corvette Convertible SOLD $86,500
1968 Corvette Coupe SOLD $16,000
1969 Corvette Convertible High Bid $27,000
1969 Corvette Coupe High Bid $94,000
1970 Corvette Coupe High Bid $74,000
1970 Corvette Convertible SOLD $28,500
1970 Corvette Coupe High Bid $27,500
1970 Corvette Stingray SOLD $15,250
1971 Corvette Stingray High Bid $7,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $40,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $27,000
1972 Corvette Coupe SOLD $17,500
1972 Corvette LT-1 Coupe High Bid $32,000
1972 Corvette Stingray SOLD $13,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $46,000
1973 Corvette Coupe High Bid $18,000
1974 Corvette Coupe High Bid $14,500
1975 Corvette Convertible SOLD $16,000
1976 Corvette High Bid $6,700
1978 Corvette High Bid $5,500
1978 Corvette SOLD $11,500
1978 Corvette Coupe SOLD $19,000
1978 Corvette High Bid $13,000
1979 Corvette Coupe High Bid $11,500
1980 Corvette Coupe (T-Top) SOLD $8,100
1980 Corvette Coupe High Bid $8,000
1981 Corvette Coupe SOLD $3,900
1981 Corvette Coupe SOLD $11,000
1982 Corvette Coupe SOLD $13,750
1982 Corvette Coupe SOLD $10,500
1985 Corvette Coupe High Bid $6,500
1986 Corvette Coupe SOLD $4,500
1986 Corvette SOLD $6,300
1987 Corvette Callaway Coupe High Bid $20,000
1989 Corvette Callaway Coupe High Bid $25,000
1990 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe High Bid $28,000
1992 Corvette Coupe SOLD $8,750
1994 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe SOLD $30,000
1999 Corvette Convertible High Bid $87,000
1999 Corvette Convertible SOLD $16,000
2003 Corvette Convertible SOLD $36,000
2003 Corvette Convertible SOLD $28,500
2005 Corvette Covertible High Bid $38,000
2005 Corvette Coupe High Bid $30,000
2006 Corvette Convertible SOLD $37,500
2007 Corvette Coupe High Bid $32,500
2007 Corvette Z06 SOLD $55,000
2007 Corvette Convertible High Bid $49,000

Carlisle Auctions

Auction Results: Corvettes at Carlisle 2007
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C4 Corvettes Damaged by Hurricane Ike

Here’s a photo of two C4 Corvettes that were severely damaged by Hurricane Ike. In addition to the physical damage, I am sure both cars were thoroughly waterlogged as well.

Unfortunately, having looked through some of the photo galleries of Ike’s fury and knowing what a huge state for Corvettes that Texas is, I am sure we’ll be seeing a lot more. Just hope everyone was okay. Cars can be replaced, people can’t.


Katrina’s Corvette Flood

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