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C6 Corvette Options Update

by Keith Cornett on March 13, 2006 has confirmed that Daytona Sunset Orange (71U) is being discontinued as of Saturday, April 1st. The replacement for this color is called Atomic Orange, but it will not be available until the 2007 model year. In other C6 news, says the QX3 Wheel (Chromed Aluminum) is available for production and availibility will run at approximately 25% of Coupe and Convertible production beginning March 20th, 2006.
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Corvette Museum Planning Addition

by Keith Cornett on March 12, 2006

The National Corvette Museum is looking to add 27,000 square feet to the facility which will include a library and cafe. The expansion is expected to cost $5 million dollars. The museum has already raised $2 million. $2.3 million would come from a national transportation grant, and the rest would be borrowed. The main purpose of the addition will be the library to house the archives said Wendell Strode, the NCM’s Executive Director:

“That was originally built into the mission of the museum – it was part of the reason it was started and founded,” he said. “We have lots of drawings of materials, of dealer information … just a whole lot of different things, but it’s scattered in three or four or five different areas, and it’s not in an order where you could go, where Corvette enthusiasts could access it.”
The additional space will also be used for more restrooms, a Corvette Cafe, a conference room and 10,000 square feet of space for Corvettes and other interactive displays. The museum should know by July 1st whether the grant money will be awarded. Visit the National Corvette Museum
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Searching Corvette – What Are You Looking For?

by Keith Cornett on March 10, 2006

Ever wonder what people are looking for on the internet when it comes to Corvettes? I used the keyword selector tool at to show the breakdown of the Corvette keyword. The selector tool shows the number of searches done at Overture-releated search sites (Yahoo being the largest) and the search term used. Here are the top 25 Corvette-releated searches from January 2006:

CountSearch Term
38573chevrolet corvette
23325corvette part
18462corvette for sale
17763corvette forum
98502006 corvette
7920used corvette
7481corvette z06
6588used corvette for sale
4814classic corvette
4749chevy corvette
45722006 corvette z06
4443corvette accessory
4250champagne corvette
4209corvette picture
4164corvette c6
3814corvette sting ray
3365corvette central
3320corvette wheels
3247corvette restoration
3244corvette club
3176corvette trader
3127corvette museum
30892005 corvette
29431968 corvette
To see the entire list, click here and enter “Corvette” into the search box. Of couse, you can enter other terms to see what they return. It can be quite addicting…
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C5 Corvette Featured in MPH Rearview

by Keith Cornett on March 9, 2006

Jay Lamm at does a nice review of the C5 Corvette and what to look for when purchasing a pre-owned version of the American sports car icon. Jay (any relation to Michael Lamm at Corvette Enthusiast magazine?) does the C5 good as he delves into not only the performance and mechanics of the 1997-2004 Corvette, but into the psychology of “the lifestyle” that being a Corvette owner entails – or as he puts it “seriously anal whack-jobs.” Okay, well I resemble that remark, and you will too when you purchase your first Corvette! Read the Rearview C5 Corvette Article

C6 Corvette Roof Recall

by Keith Cornett on March 8, 2006

Chevrolet has implemeted a service bulletin for 2005-06 Corvettes with painted roofs. On certain 2005-2006 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles, the painted roof panel may separate from its frame in some areas if it is exposed to stresses along with high temperature and humidity. The occupants of the vehicle may notice one or more of these symptoms: a snapping noise when driving over bumps, wind noise, poor roof panel fit, roof panel movement/bounce when a door or hatch is closed, or a water leak in the headliner. The problem is corrected by applying adhesive foam to ensure proper adhesion, or in a small number of vehicles, replace the roof panel. Owners should check with their dealer to see if their Corvette falls within the VIN indicated below: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette 55100002 – 55135053
2006 Chevrolet Corvette 65100001 – 65100046

Corvette 2nd on Owner Satisfaction List

by Keith Cornett on March 7, 2006

While all the news accounts I’ve read about the new Consumer Reports car-owner Satisfaction Survey is mostly concentrated on the “Japanese Autos Dominate” angle, domestic automakers Chevrolet and Ford should be pleased that the Corvette and Mustang finished 2nd and 3rd on the Best Cars list. Topping the list was the Toyota Prius at 95% and Corvette was a close second at 93%. The poll is based on the percentage of owners who said they would buy another one. What I also find interesting is a belief that many people that buy the hybrid Prius do so for the same reason as those that buy a Corvette. Sure, saving the planet is great if you’re a Prius owner and for Corvette owners, how can you beat 400 hp and still get 28 mpg on the highway? Yes, Corvette and Prius owners are buying their cars for their own, different reasons, but what is similar is that the reasons tend to be centered on the lifestyle of the owner, rather than the individual components that make the vehicle unique. It’s often said that the car you drive is a reflection of yourself. Corvette owners have known this for many years, and while we endure jokes about our pending mid life crisis or needing Viagra, Corvette the car continues to dominate these kinds of lists. Remember the Chevrolet billboard that years ago featured a split window with the tag line: “They Don’t Write Songs About Volvos”? Same is true of the Prius…

Cruizing Central Florida in March

by Keith Cornett on March 6, 2006

The weather in Florida this time of year is simply outstanding. High’s in the mid 70′s and no rain in sight. Another great day for a Corvette Cruise. I met up with Chris, my partner at, and his 78 Corvette Pace Car Sunday morning at the beach and from there it was 200 miles of driving on one and two lane roads through west central Florida. We left Tampa around 8:30 and worked our way through Hillsborough and Pasco county. At 11:30 we had lunch at deli of the Yalaha Country Bakery in Yalaha, which is just south of Leesburg. Then it was back to Tampa, where again we worked out way back south on mostly county roads and a couple of the main state roads. We saw only one other Corvette, a C3. There were a ton of bikers on the road, and Chris nearly ran over a turkey buzzard. Click here to view the video of the March Corvette Cruise.

Owner of Lost Corvette Found

by Keith Cornett on March 4, 2006

Last month, Lee Smith left home for a three-day trip. When he returned, his garage was wide open and his prized 1960 Red/White Corvette was missing. His car was found last week just off a deserted stretch of Interstate 95 in South Florida. The classic Corvette, which was incorrectly identified as a 1958 or 59, made headlines as Brevard County’s Sheriffs office was trying to find the owner. Smith says he bought the Corvette on eBay four years ago for $32,500. The sheriff’s office still has custody of the Corvette and will be returing in to either Smith or his insurance company in the next few days.

Corvette Pricing Trends of 2005

by Keith Cornett on March 3, 2006

In our first two installments of our 2005 Corvette Pricing Trends series, we looked at the Top 11 Appreciating Corvettes and the Top 10 Depreciating Corvettes. In the last installment of our pricing series, we look at how each generation performed market-wise in 2005 and what the pricing expectations are for 2006: 1953-1962:
This series is unquestionably the appreciation leader for the 2006 Price Guide with five models leading the way. We would be amiss if we did not identify two of the rare 1953 models that crossed the auction block at an average price of $106,250 at an appreciation factor of 9%. The entry level Corvette for this first generation is the 1961 model at an average price of $38,200 with appreciation identified at 6%. We look for this Series to continue to climb at an appreciation level of 8-12% during 2006. Stay tuned for our action results. 1963-1967:
The appreciation range for these models was between 3-12%. As noted earlier, two of the models, the 1964 Roadster and 1963 Coupe were included in the highlight list. The entry level mid-years continue to be the 1964 models that are approaching $30,000 in average price. Not long ago, a good buy was considered to be a mid-year at under $20,000. During 2006, the good buy number will be those that are bought for under $30,000. The price leader for the group continues to be the 1967 Roadster at an average price of $49,500. The Roadsters continue to be priced at an average price of $2,000 more than the Coupe within a given year. The exception is the 1963 Coupe with its unique split-window styling that reflects a wide margin of $7,000 when compared to the Roadster. Also of interest was the high price for these models, seven of the ten broke the $100,000 threshold. Our projection for this series in 2006 is appreciation in the 5-10% range. 1968-1982:
This Series reflects a wide range of average pricing from $8,300 (the 1978 T-Top) to $23,500 (the 1969 Roadster). The appreciation factor range from 14%, the 1969 T-Top mentioned earlier to the 1973 Roadster at no-change at an average price of $18,000. None reflected negative results. Most of the higher appreciation factors were registered for the “chrome bumpers” Corvettes. In addition, an array of high performance motors was offered with this Series. Few of the third generation Corvettes are sold at prices under the $10,000 mark. For 2006, prices under $10,000 will become the good buy threshold. Noteworthy is that seven of the models sold for high prices over $50,000. We look for a range of 4-9% appreciation during 2006 for the 1968- 1982 Series. 1984-1996:
We continue to see positive trends for the fourth generation Corvettes. Two years ago, 26 of the 38 Corvettes in this Series reflected negative results. Last year this number dropped to 20. During the 2005 calendar year, we noted this number was reduced further to 13. As time progresses, based on current trends, all of these models should begin to reflect positive numbers. As with the previous generation, only four of the 38 models are priced below $10,000 in average price. This is another “Good Buy” level being established. The ZR-1 performance Corvettes are showing good results with four of the six models showing positive results in the range of a 1- 7% appreciation factor with top honors going to the 1990 ZR-1 at an average price of $26,000. Again, much as what has happened with the 1978 Pace Cars, we continue to see 1990 ZR-1s crossing the auction block with minimal mileage. 1997-2004:
As noted previously, a number of the C5 models were included in the high depreciation list, however, only one showed double digits. On the plus side of the ledger, nine models are showing depreciation levels at 5% or less with one showing no-change. Note this positive trend, last year results showed 17 of the models reflecting double-digit depreciation and only two were under the 5% mark. Thus, the C5 trends are heading in the right direction. The one Corvette that shows no-change in average price is the 1997 Coupe at an average price of $18,500. From a production perspective, 9,752 of these “first year” were built. We see the average prices of the C5 models depreciating at an average level of 5% for 2006. And, a few of the C5 models should be available for under $20,000, an outstanding buy for the Corvette enthusiast. 2005-2006:
The 2005 models were covered earlier. The 2006 model inventory at your local dealer should be good enabling a buyer to negotiate the “right price”. And as we all have seen, the 2006 Z06 is the big news this year. The base price of this world class performance machine is $65,800. We are seeing these sold at Dealer Auctions for an average price of $73,700. For the C6 models, depreciation during 2006 is expected to be at the 10% level. Credits
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments contributed this content. Bob is publisher of the Corvette Market Letter and the 2006 Corvette Price Guide, both available for purchase in the Online Store. Images from

Depreciating Corvettes: The Top 10 of 2005

by Keith Cornett on March 2, 2006

Continuing with our discussion of Corvette Pricing Trends from 2005, we now look at Corvettes whose values are still depreciating. The C5s (1997-2004) continue to show single digit depreciation results with one moving to a no-change designation, however, none have moved into the positive column at this time. The 2005 model C6s are showing low double digit depreciation, the norm for a new model. In the depreciation chart, the majority of Corvettes were C5 models, same as last year, with two new additions this year, the C6 models and one of the C4 models – the 1996 Collector Edition Roadster.

Year Model % Change Average Price
2005 Coupe 14% $44,200
2005 Roadster 12% $55,000
2000 Hard Top 10% $22,500
1998 Coupe 9% $19,900
1999 Hard Top 9% $21,500
2001 Roadster 9% $30,000
2002 Z06 9% $32,000
1996 Coll. Edt Road 8% $22,000
1998 Roadster 8% $24,000
2004 Z06 8% $40,500
The 2005 C6 Corvette Coupes and Roadsters were at the top of the list in 2005 with a 14% and 12% depreciation factor, respectively. This is not surprising since this is the norm for first year standard production Corvettes. Adding to the low double-digit depreciation factor is the fact that a number of these Corvettes sold at over list price initially due to pent up demand and this activity inflated the original base prices. Two of the Hard-Top models made the list, 2000 and 1999 models. These show a higher depreciation level than the Coupe and Roadster in their respective years primarily due limited options available on these models and no way for owners to “catch rays” with the fixed roof concept. Two of the early model C5s also made this list, the 1998 Coupe and Roadster reflecting single-digit depreciation. Please note that single depreciation for a newer model cannot really be considered as “bad”. Many of today’s buyers are looking at the 1999-2000 models that offer more options and are passing on the 1998 models. The good news is in the buyer’s arena. A C5 for $20,000 is a real buy considering all of the handling, performance and technology that the C5 provides. Two of the Z06s made the list. Their depreciation results can be attributed to the introduction of the C6 with comparable horsepower (Z06- 405HP vs. C6 @ 400HP). Also, they are no longer ‘King of the Hill’ especially with the new 505HP Z06. Two other models, a 2001 Roadster and the 1996 Collector Edition Roadster, appear on the list without any specific market or performance reasons. Credit
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments contributed this content. Bob is publisher of the Corvette Market Letter and the 2006 Corvette Price Guide, both available for purchase in the Online Store.