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Corvette Racing: Fehan vs Gavin in Tour de Road America

by Keith Cornett on August 6, 2008

The Corvette Challenge at Road America

There will be plenty of action this weekend as Corvette Racing returns to battle the Bell Motorsports Aston Martin DBR9 in Saturday’s Generac 500 at Road America. But the real contest is happening the day before as the USA takes on England in the Tour de Road America, a winner take all bicycle race featuring Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan (GoDoug) of Birmingham, Michigan vs #4 C6.R Corvette Driver Oliver Gavin of Yardly, England.

The Corvette Challenge match race featuring Fehan against Gavin will take place on Friday, August 8 in a 4.045-mile sprint around the 14 turn Road America race track. Billed as Experience and Treachery vs Youth and Enthusiasm, USA vs England and my favorite, Management vs Labor, the winner will have bragging rights within the Corvette Racing team as well as knowing their hard work is helping the Lance Armstrong Foundation fight cancer.

DOUG: “Fitness plays an important role throughout the Corvette Racing team. As program manager, I try to lead by example – and it’s clear that some team members need a little work. Finishing the London Marathon was certainly a glamorous achievement for Oliver, but a bike race at Road America will separate the men from the boys. Remember, the British had the prettiest uniforms, but we won the war!”

OLIVER: “I’m younger, fitter, stronger – and smarter. Despite his advanced age, I’m sure that Doug will push himself hard because he wants to win as badly as I do. Knowing him as I do, I’m confident that it won’t be a clean fight, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve as well. I’ve done marathons and triathlons, but the bicycle race with Doug will certainly be the greatest challenge yet. I’m not sure if it’s a good career move to beat the boss, but I’m going for it!”

The two contestants in the Corvette Challenge Bicycle Race are also raising funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Currently, Fehan is significantly ahead of Gavin in fundraising, and the word on the street is that GoDoug is upping the ante by offering the top bidder a hot lap around Road America in a Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS as well as a shirt autographed by the entire Corvette Racing team. You can donate to either Fehan or Gavin by visiting

“Show me the money!” declared Fehan. “The ALMS has a Green Challenge for the environment, but we’ve got our own Green Challenge for Corvette Racing fans, and it’s all about American greenback dollars for the fight against cancer. If they want to back a winner, they’ll pledge for me, but even if they choose to support Gavin, at least their donation will go to a good cause.”

Corvette Racing’s next event is the Generac 500 at Road America, scheduled to start at 4 pm CENTRAL on Saturday, August 9th. SPEED will televise the race tape-delayed on Sunday, August 10th at 2 p.m. EDT.

The Corvette Challenge
Bad Boy Vettes

[VIDEO] Corvette Racing: #3 C6.R Battles For Win at Mid-Ohio

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VetteGirl.TV Video Series

If you haven’t yet seen Becky Anderson AKA Vette Girl tearing up some of the best tracks in America in a borrowed Corvette Z06, head over to the internet show’s newly launched website, The show is off to a fast start with five episodes already produced and posted, and they can all be viewed on the new site.

Becky’s enthusiasm for going fast is infectious. For those of us that have never taken a Corvette to a track event, its interesting to see what happens next as we’re new to this experience as well. And for you guys who do take their Corvettes to the track, watch out for the Blue DC C5 Z06 sporting the number 13, because the girl driving it only has one thing on her mind and it doesn’t involve following your ugly ass.

Vette Girl – An American Adventure is produced by Patrick Gramm of and the quality and content to date have been excellent. A new episode is usually posted every 10 to 14 days and the interesting storyline has turned the series into a must watch for any serious Corvette fan. Make sure you register and you’ll be notified when a new episode is posted. We hear the next track on Vette Girl’s conquest list is Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. Go Vette Girl Go!


[VIDEO] VetteGirl.TV Video Series Makes Debut

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Europeans To Pay Over $214,000 for a 2009 Corvette ZR1

by Keith Cornett on August 5, 2008

The 6.2L Supercharged Corvette ZR1 at the Nurburgring

If you are in the market for Corvette ZR1, be thankful you live in the States where the new King of the Hill will retail for $105,000. Yes, we know dealers are adding upwards of $50,000 to the price of each new ZR1, but even at $150,000 its still a bargain compared to the recently announced European sticker price that effectly doubles the price of the ZR1.

Dutch importer Kroymans, the company that handles the sales of Corvettes in Europe, has set the price for the new 2009 Corvette ZR1 at 136,000 Euros. At current exchange rates, that translates into $214,146.64 US Dollars. As in the US, buyers will be treated to a driver’s training course that’s included in the price. “There is a huge demand for this car,” Kroymans spokesman Dick Braakhekke said. “It offers great performance at a relatively low price.”

Only 70 Corvette ZR1s are expected to be exported to Europe this year and only 150 Corvette ZR1s are targeted for during the full 2009 model year. Out of an expected model year run of 2,000 units, that’s a very small percentage. Last year 1,244 Corvettes were sold in Europe.

Auto Week

Corvette ZR1: GM Releases Official Pricing
[VIDEO] 1st 2009 Corvette ZR1 Sold for $1 Million
[VIDEO] Official Video of Corvette ZR1′s 7:26.4 Nürburgring Lap

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Corvette Racing's Ron Fellows wins the Nationwide NAPA 200

A quick note of congratulations goes out to Corvette Racing’s Ron Fellows who won the Nationwide Series NAPA 200 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal over the weekend. Fellows took an early pit stop and then gradually worked his way to the front. The race called 25 laps shy of 74 due to rain. Ron was driving the #5 Chevrolet from Dale Earnhardt Jr’s JR Motorsports. This was his fourth career Nationwide Series victory and the first time he’s won a NASCAR race at Montreal.

Talking about the rain and track conditions, Ron said “That was difficult, we’ve had a little bit of that over in France with the Corvette at Le Mans. But this was good fun. Now I’ve got to make Dale Jr. let me run next week [when the Nationwide Series goes to Watkins Glen].”

Ron will be back in drivers seat come next weekend. Earnhardt is scheduled to race in the No. 5 Chevy in the Nationwide Series while Fellows will drive the No. 01 Chevrolet for Dale Earnhardt Inc. in the Sprint Cup race.

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Corvette Racing: Fellows Named Most Popular ALMS Driver

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July 2008 Corvette Sales

by Keith Cornett on August 4, 2008

Sales of New Corvettes continue to decline with July 2008 being one of the worst months on record in recent years. GM’s July sales report show only 1,870 new Corvettes were delivered, a decline of -10.2% from June 2008 and -21.3% over July 2007. For the 2008 Calendar Year, 16,824 Corvettes have been delivered, a decline of -16.4% over the same six-month period in 2007.

July has traditionally been a month where we witness some pullback in deliveries due to the model year changeover and the annual two week plant shutdown at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. With record inventories on hand though at the beginning of the month, its unlikely that either the model year changeover or the plant shutdown played any role in the reduction of sales in July.

The decision by GM to offer 0% financing on 2008 Corvettes couldn’t have come at a better time for dealers or consumers. The offer includes all three models with 48 months 0% APR for Coupes and Z06s and 60 months 0% APR for Convertibles.

2008 Corvette Delivery Statistics
Month Calendar Year-to-Date
Month 2008 2007 % Change Months 2008 2007 % Change
January 2,015 2,234 -9.8% Jan-Jan 2,015 2,234 -9.8%
February 2,071 2,784 -25.6% Jan-Feb 4,086 5,018 -18.6%
March 2,692 3,158 -14.8% Jan-Mar 6,788 8,176 -17.1%
April 3,190 3,227 -1.1% Jan-Apr 9,968 11,403 -12.6%
May 2,904 3,300 -12.0% Jan-May 12,872 14,703 -12.5%
June 2,082 3,055 -31.8% Jan-Jun 14,954 17,758 -15.8%
July 1,870 2,377 -21.3% Jan-Jul 16,824 20,135 -16.4%

2007 Corvette Delivery Statistics
Month Calendar Year-to-Date
Month 2007 2006 % Change Months 2007 2006 % Change
January 2,234 2,579 -16.8% Jan-Jan 2,234 2,579 -16.8%
February 2,784 3,058 -9.0% Jan-Feb 5,018 5,637 -11.0%
March 3,158 3,655 -16.7% Jan-Mar 8,176 9,292 -12.0%
April 3,227 3,516 -0.6% Jan-Apr 11,403 12,808 -11.0%
May 3,300 3,317 -4.3% Jan-May 14,703 16,125 -8.8%
June 3,055 2,938 0.1% Jan-Jun 17,758 19,063 -6.8%
July 2,377 2,794 -11.4% Jan-Jul 20,135 21,857 -7.9%
August 2,877 2,990 -3.8% Jan-Aug 23,012 24,842 -7.4%
September 2,837 3,056 -3.5% Jan-Sept 25,849 27,903 -7.4%
October 2,484 2,761 -13.5% Jan-Oct 28,333 30,664 -7.6%
November 2,438 2,773 -12.1% Jan-Nov 30,771 33,437 -8.0%
December 2,914 3,081 -5.4% Jan-Dec 33,685 36,518 -7.8%

Corvette Stock Report:

A check of Jeff Hardy’s website shows a total of 7,162 Corvettes on the ground of yesterday. That’s good news considering at the beginning of July, that number had ballooned up to 8,760 Corvettes. We may already be seeing the effect of the 0% financing offer as we ran the numbers just three days ago and since then 330 2008 Corvettes were sold over the weekend. Here’s the current breakdown in 2008 Corvette inventory:

  • 3,781 Corvette Coupes
  • 1,742 Corvette Convertibles
  • 1,639 Corvette Z06

According to the site, there are 325 2007 Corvettes still available at dealers across the nation.


GM Offering 0% Financing on 2008 Corvettes
June 2008 Corvette Sales

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GM Offering 0% Financing on 2008 Corvettes

by Keith Cornett on August 1, 2008

The 2008 Corvette Z06

We knew it was coming and GM didn’t let us down. As soon as the 2009 Corvettes started hitting dealer showrooms, GM has announced a 0% financing offer on all new 2008 Corvette models including the Z06. This is a great opportunity for buyers to save thousands of dollars on interest payments as well as help dealers clear excess inventory to make way for the 2009 models.

The 0% financing offer goes into effect this weekend with terms up to 48 months for coupes and Z06 and 60 months for convertibles. A quick check of Jeff Hardy’s website shows the remaining 2008 Corvettes broken down as of yesterday to be:

  • 3,947 Coupes
  • 1,841 Convertibles
  • 1,704 Z06s.

If you’ve been waiting for a traditional model year end rebate, you’re in luck. Those that jump the quickest will have the greatest selection of 2008 Corvettes to choose from and the special offer expires on 8/19/08. Visit our friends at Kerbeck Corvette and Dave and gang will get you into the Corvette of your dreams.


June 2008 Corvette Sales

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Corvette Racing: The 24 Hours of Spa

by Keith Cornett on July 31, 2008

The GMAC Phoenix Carport #6 Corvette C6.R

With the factory-backed Corvette Racing team having the weekend off, we’ll be watching the two Corvette privateer racing teams compete in the FIA-GT Championship at the 24 Hours of Spa in Belgium. The 4.3 mile track is one of the most historic and challenging in the world and with three Corvettes battling the likes of Maserati, Saleen, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin, its definitely a race worth watching. Unlike LeMans or the ALMS, there are no prototype classes so the GT1 cars will also be competing for the overall win.

Germany’s Phoenix Carsport will be defending the GT1 Championship in the GMAC #5 and #6 Corvette C6.R’s. The Belgium-based Selleslagh Racing Team (SRT) will also be racing a Corvette C6.R.

Last year’s race was a battle of the Corvette C6.R vs the Maserati MC12 with Carsport Holland’s #5 Corvette C6.R taking the win after the class leader Vitaphone Maserati MC12 missed a turn and landed in the gravel. The 2007 race was also quite exciting as Corvette Racing’s Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin joined up with the Luc Alphand Adventures Corvette racing team. Unfortunately, I don’t see an entry this year for the distinctive White C6.R.

European-based Corvette Motorsport will be offering live coverage of the 24 Hours of Spa through their website. Live on-board cameras and pit feeds will be streamed. Combined with timing and scoring information and live chat for fans, it should be relatively easy for us US-based Corvette Racing fans to keep up with all the action that happens in a 24 hour endurance race. Click here for a video teaser.

In the first Pre-Qualifying reports, we see that Corvettes are running 1-2 (Phoenix Racing/SRT) with Vitaphone’s Maserati MC12 third.

Live coverage of the practices and qualifying kicks off today and the race is scheduled to start at 4:00 PM local time. I believe that translates to 10 AM Eastern Time.

Corvette Motorsport
Photo Credit: Planet LeMans

Spa 24: Corvettes Finish 1st and 3rd (2007)

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When Corvettes Go Bad: 1964 Corvette 4×4 AMC

by Keith Cornett on July 30, 2008

1964 Corvette 4x4 AMC

Fate sure dealt a hand to this 1964 Corvette convertible. The car was the unfortunate target of a custom conversion back the 80′s which saw the Sting Ray’s body mated to a Jeep 4×4 chassis. To add insult to injury, the Corvette is now powered by an AMC V8 instead of its trusty Chevy 350. But who are we to judge a car on its minor imperfections. It hasn’t stopped the ebayers as the Corvette has 15 bids with the high bid at $4500. Shows that you can slap a Corvette on just about anything and it will sell.

1964 Corvette 4x4 AMC 1964 Corvette 4x4 AMC 1964 Corvette 4x4 AMC

The Corvette is being sold as a parts car as it has no title. But the seller claims the VIN and trim gags are intact in case you wanted to try. I was somewhat surprised to see a mid-year convertible top. The interior is fairly stock but in pretty rough shape. I don’t ever see this Corvette being returned to former glory.

The eBay auction closes Thursday, July 31st. The $4,500 high bid appears to have surpassed the reserve price.


Corvette Summer Dream Turns Into Nightmare

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2009 Corvette's Blade Silver Metallic vs 2008 Corvette's Machine Silver

Kerbeck’s Dave Salvatore posted on the Kerbeck Corvette blog a side by side comparison of a 2009 Blade Silver Metallic Corvette Z06 (right) next to a 2008 Machine Silver Corvette (left). The side by side gives us the best look yet at the new color and how it compares to last year’s popular Machine Silver.

Comparison of Machine Silver vs Blade Silver Comparison of Machine Silver vs Blade Silver Comparison of Machine Silver vs Blade Silver

Silver is one of those colors that can appear to possess different shades and variations based on the lighting. Without the two cars being next to each other, its very hard to differentiate between the two colors. Put ‘em side by side however and you can see the difference immediately: The 2009 Corvette’s Blade Silver Metallic is definitely a lighter shade of silver than Machine Silver.

The new Blade Silver Metallic Corvette color, RPO code 17U replaces the popular Machine Silver which was offered on Corvettes from 2004-2008. Machine Silver usually ranked in the top of Corvette colors produced during its five year run and the new Blade Silver Metallic should continue that trend as well.

Kerbeck’s Corvette Blog Related:
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Dave Ressler at the Corvette Assembly Plant

Dave Ressler, Chevrolet Dealer and the world’s first 2009 ZR1 owner talks about his new Corvette and his now-famous $1 million dollar donation to the United Way of Southeast Michigan. GMNext takes us inside the Corvette assembly plant where we see the LeMans Blue #0001 Corvette ZR1 roll off the assembly line, performance tested and then moved to a special display with one of Dave’s other Corvettes, 1953′s #003.

Ressler calls his ZR1 a “Corvette Z06 on Steroids” and that “it’s just that much of a better car”. Dave has been selling Chevys for thirty years and isn’t just towing the company line. It’s great to see that puts his own money into a car he believes in.


[VIDEO] First 2009 Corvette ZR1 Delivered to Million Dollar Bidder
[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 08: 1st 2009 Corvette ZR1 Sold for $1 Million
#003 1953 Corvette Sells for 1 Million Dollars

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