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Corvette: The Official Sports Car of Kentucky

by Keith Cornett on October 10, 2007

Kentucky State Representative C.B. Embry (R) filed a bill for the upcoming Kentucky General Assembly that would officially designate Corvette as the states official sports car. The bill would server to honor General Motors “For locating the [Bowling Green Assembly] facility with us. They have over 900 jobs there that pay very well” said the Representative. The bill doesn’t have any co-sponsors yet, but Embry expects broad support for the bill when the legislature convenes in January. The bill shies from naming the Corvette as “Official Car” due to several other assembly plants located in the state that make the Ford Explorer, Ford F-Series Super Duty Trucks and the Toyota Camry. Embry concludes that “there would be a controversy to name it as the official state vehicle.”
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C6.R Corvettes To Get A Bad Boy Makeover for Monterey

by Keith Cornett on October 9, 2007

Our friends over at Bad Boy Vettes must have been born with silver tongues. Over the course of the 2007 season, they’ve talked the Corvette Racing team into doing all sorts of cool things: Duct-taping a camera to the hood at Le Mans led to Foot Cam, Pit Cam and Fan Cam. Then at some point along the way, BBV stickers appeared both inside and out the C6.Rs, usually placed in proximity to an onboard camera or two. We’re still scratching our heads as to why, but the access that BBV enjoys brings the fans closer to the Corvette Racing team, and for that we are thankful. We got word last night that for the final race of the 2007 season in Monterey, and possibly the final race of the Corvette C6.R program in the American LeMans series, Corvette Racing will be rebranding the Corvette C6.Rs with the team’s official unofficial mascot, Jake.

Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover
According to legend, Jake was sketched out one night on a bar napkin at LeMans a few years ago by the guys behind Bad Boy Vettes and was adopted wholeheartedly by the Corvette Racing team. Since that fateful moment in France, we’ve seen Jake appear on the C6.Rs B-pillars, front and rear bumpers, on the concrete slab in front of the team’s garage at LeMans, and inked as tattoos on more than one member of Corvette Racing’s crew. Details are slim at the moment, but we understand that a design has been sketched and the paint has been ordered for a Bad Boy Vettes C6.R makeover for Monterey. Check out the designs then stay tuned as details emerge.
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1963 Split Window Corvette Featured in PGR4 Commercials

by Keith Cornett on October 8, 2007

The story of these videos is that a section of streets in downtown Los Angeles was closed for a commercial shoot for the Project Gotham Racing video game. The commercial features a Tesla Roadster, a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, a Ferrari F430, a Yamaha motorcycle and our favorite, a 1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette. The cars were driven by professionals, but were “supposedly” driving in a manner that was to reflect the skills of everyday drivers. In other words, there were several near misses in the intersection and at one point the Ferrari (unintentionally, I believe) hit the retaining wall. (note: If the player asks you to click here to view more videos in the playlist, just reload the page)

Watch these videos and then tell me driving like this wouldn’t be a blast. That Sting Ray’s exhaust reverberating off the downtown walls of is awesome!
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Corvettes to Compete in ALMS GT2 Class in 2008

by Keith Cornett on October 8, 2007

LG Motorsports C6 CorvetteAccording to a press release by the American LeMans Series, three new independent teams representing Detroit’s Big 3 auto manufacturers are gearing up to race in the ALMS GT2 class next season. We are very exciting to hear that Lou Gigliotti of LG Motorsports has teamed with car builder Bill Riley of Riley Technologies to bring two Corvette C6′s to the GT2 dance in 2008. The Corvettes will utilize the standard Corvette C6 engine (LS3 we are assuming) opposed to the GT1′s Z06′s LS7 as battles Porsche, BMW and Ferrari. In a story about the move to GT2, AutoBlog says the LG Motorsports team has the blessing of GM Racing. We are not sure if that means there will be any direct support by GM at this time. However that could change as one of the other new entrants will be a factory supported Viper team that may also run multiple cars. The third team will be a Ford GT car from Kevin Doran of Doran Racing. “It’s a very exciting time, and as a racing series, we couldn’t be in a stronger leadership position,” said Series President & CEO Scott Atherton. Homologation to ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) specifications will occur immediately following the season in order that all cars will be available to participate in the American Le Mans Series Winter Test, January 28-30 at Sebring International Raceway. The first race of the 2008 ALMS series is the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring on March 15th.
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=Oliver Gavin, Olivier Beretta and Max Papis drove their #4 Corvette C6.R to the GT1 Class victory in Saturday’s Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. The Class victory by the #4 Corvette C6.R effectively sealed the GT1 championship for the two Ollies, their third in a row, and was the 6th consecutive win for Corvette Racing at Petit Le Mans. The 1,000 mile/ten hour race was slowed by nine cautions as accidents ruled the day. Just 15 laps into the race Jan Magnussen was clipped by the #26 LMP2 which sent the #3 Corvette C6.R hard into a tire barrier, damaging the front end and ending the campaign for Magnussen, O’Connell and Fellows. Runner up in the GT1 class was the #27 Maserati MC12 finishing 50 laps behind the Corvette C6.R after also being involved in an accident.

“As far as wrecks go, this one ranks pretty high,” Magnussen observed. “The fact that I can stand here now shows how strong the Corvette C6.R is. All of the safety devices built into the car absolutely did their job.” Course workers brought the car back to the paddock on a flatbed, and the Dan Binks-led crew surveyed the damage, which was too extensive to repair. “There is no question that all of the safety systems, including the HANS device, performed admirably,” said Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan. “The crush zone in the nose box and the way the frame rail is designed to absorb an impact did exactly what they were supposed to do. When you build a car to that specification, the driver can avoid injury in a big hit like the one we had today.” “It was a huge disappointment for the No. 3 Corvette team because they had a great car for the race,” Fehan said. “The upside is that the No. 4 Corvette ran flawlessly, the crew did eight perfect pit stops, and despite a great challenge from Maserati, Corvette once again prevailed.”
With the Win at Petit Le Mans, Beretta became the first ALMS driver to win five championships – three with Corvette Racing and two with Oreca. Beretta has 36 career ALMS victories while Gavin has his 27th career ALMS victory. And despite the lack of meaningful competition from outside the Corvette Racing team, kudos go to Gavin and Beretta for beating the best in GT1 – Jan Magnussen, Johnny O’Connell and Ron Fellows – to win the Drivers Championship, and that was no easy feat.
“It’s a very special moment to win the championship,” Beretta continued. “The crew and engineers have done a perfect job since the beginning of the year. Everybody is working in the same direction. I have a fantastic teammate – Oliver is super quick, very straightforward, very clever, and a good guy. We work very well together; we don’t even need to speak, we just understand each other from an expression or a gesture. We trust each other completely, and that is a very good thing.” “It’s great to win the championship by winning here today,” said Gavin, who tallied his 27th career ALMS victory. “This makes up somewhat for the huge disappointment of Le Mans. I’m delighted for everyone in the team, and especially for my engineer, Steve Cole, who’s done a marvelous job all season. Ray Gongla, my crew chief, has been a rock, a real leader, with his cool head and his ability to keep talking us through the races. All of the team managers – Gary Pratt, Doug Fehan and Steve Wesoloski – have been at the helm, steering the ship along. Olivier has done a fantastic job, and it’s marvelous to have Max back in the car.”
The final race of the 2007 ALMS season is the Monterey Sports Car Championships at Laguna Seca on Saturday, October 20th. SPEED channel will televise the race live beginning at 5:30 pm EST.
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Friday’s Featured Corvettes for Sale

by Keith Cornett on October 5, 2007

Today we are featuring six Corvettes that are listed for sale at, our Corvette classified ads website. The six Corvettes represent one from each year, and they are just a sampling of the 500+ Corvettes available.

1962 Corvette Convertible For Sale 1966 Corvette Coupe For Sale 1978 Corvette T-Top For Sale
1962 Convertible
1966 Coupe
1978 T-Top
1990 Corvette Coupe For Sale 2002 Corvette Convertible For Sale 2008 Corvette Coupe For Sale
1990 ZR-1 Coupe
2002 Convertible
2008 Coupe
Selling Your Corvette? Now is the time and is the place to reach more qualified Corvette Buyers. Corvette Classified Ads are only $25 and run for 3 months. You can post unlimited photos and you have access to make any changes at any time.
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Corvette Recall: 2008 Keyless Access System Inoperative

by Keith Cornett on October 4, 2007

2008 Corvette Key yesterday told us about the 2008 Corvette Recall that is being initiated in regards to the 2008 Corvette’s keyless access system. Here are the details of Service Bulletin regarding the keyless access system for the 2008 Corvette: Subject: Bulletin GMP07-181 – 07260 Keyless Access System Inoperative
Models: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette
Message #: VSU20071584 DESCRIPTION: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROGRAM #07260 DATED: OCTOBER 1, 2007 NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS IN EFFECT UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2008. On certain 2008 model year Chevrolet Corvette vehicles, the keyless access system may become inoperative at times. The doors may not automatically lock or unlock, and the vehicle may not start. The DIC will also display a “NO FOBS DETECTED” message. If this condition occurs, the driver can lock or unlock the doors by pushing the buttons on the keyless access transmitter. The vehicle can be started by placing the transmitter in the glove box transmitter pocket with the buttons facing towards the passenger’s side. Then, with the vehicle in PARK (P) for an automatic transmission, press the brake pedal and the START button. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, press the clutch and the START button. CORRECTION
Dealers are to install a new module for the keyless access system. Refer to Customer Satisfaction Program Bulletin #07260 for the service procedure and other detailed information. EFFECTIVE DATE:
Owner mailing is scheduled to begin OCTOBER 8, 2007. GENERAL INFORMATION:
PART IS RESTRICTED. PLEASE CONTACT PRODUCT QUALITY CENTER AT 1-866-654-7654 TO ORDER. The Parts list follows: Part Number Description Quantity/Vehicle
25882862 RECEIVER, R/CON DR LK & THEFT DTRNT 1 VIN RANGE IS: From 85105302 thru 85106987
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C7 Corvette to get All Wheel Drive System?

by Keith Cornett on October 3, 2007

Since the GM-UAW agreement became available last week, tons of information usually kept close to the chest has been laid out for all to see and it seems as though a new nugget of information relating to the C7 Corvette is revealed every day. Earlier this week we read about plans to move the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky to the Bowling Green Assembly Plant sometime after 2011. Yesterday we learned that the C7 Corvette could be offered with a dual-clutch transmission and today’s news? All Wheel Drive!

GM and Sweden’s Haldex already have a performance AWD system dubbed XWD that debuted on the Saab 9-3. The AWD system features an electronic differential and can send up to 85% of torque to an individual wheel to prevent slippage, whether it’s from a fast corner or when trying to put power to the ground.

Various accounts state that engineers have been seen testing a GM prototype with a very wide rear track, which is thought to be a test mule for the next generation Corvette.

We are still five years away from the production of the C7 Corvette and I am already dizzy trying to keep up with the details. If all these rumors are correct, in 2012 you’ll be looking at a kappa-based mid-engine Corvette with all wheel drive and some fancy Shmancy dual-clutch transmission.

Yep, that sounds like a Corvette to me…


Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know what a dual clutch transmission is:

A twin-clutch gearbox or dual clutch transmission (DCT) is a semi-automatic transmission with separate clutches for odd and even gears. The outer clutch drives the odd numbered gears and reverse, while the inner clutch drives the even numbered gears. Shifts can be accomplished without interrupting power, by applying the engine’s torque to one clutch just as the engine’s torque is being disconnected from the other clutch. Since the synchronizers that select an odd gear can be moved while driving the car in an even gear, and vice versa, DCT’s have been configured which shift faster than Formula One cars and other single-clutch AMT’s (automated-manual transmissions, a.k.a. single-clutch semi-automatics); the shift can also be made smoother and more suitable for street-driving than a single-clutch AMT is capable of.


Late Night Speculation: C7 Corvette Moving to Kappa Platform?

Corvette Returns to Water with Malibu Boats

by Keith Cornett on October 3, 2007

Malibu Boats Corvette EditionThose of you who are knowledgeable in Corvette trivia know that the name for Corvette came from Chevrolet’s Chief photographer Myron “Scottie” Scott, who turned a dictionary to the letter C and found the name of “a speedy pursuit ship in the British Navy”. With a fresh licensing deal from General Motors, Malibu Boats will be helping Corvette return to her roots by building the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V, a water sports boat based on the design of the 2008 Corvette C6. This isn’t the first time Malibu Boats has produced a Corvette for General Motors. In the 1990′s Malibu produced boats with styling cues from both the C4 and C5 Corvette. Now, the 3rd generation Corvette Sport-V will be available in both Coupe and Z06 editions. The Z06 package includes the 512 horsepower 7.0 liter LS7 and features Z06 emblems and trailer wheels. Previous versions of the Malibu Corvette featured a Corvette styled hood, an instrument panel styled like a Corvette dash and a bucket-seat interior trimmed in the Corvette pattern. Actual Corvette emblems are strategically placed inside and out, while openings for the bilge vents have been integrated into the transom and styled like Corvette taillights. Even the dual exhausts carry Corvette-style extended chrome tips, while the matching trailer flashes four frenched taillights and genuine Corvette alloy wheels with Z-rated Goodyear tires. The new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be unveiled at the Malibu Boats Dealer meeting in November and should be in showrooms this winter. Based on previous sales of the C4 and C5 Malibu boats, these limited production boats won’t be available for long.
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Maserati to Challenge the Corvette C6.Rs at Petit Le Mans

by Keith Cornett on October 3, 2007

Doran Racing has entered their Maserati MC12 in the GT1 class for this weekend’s running of the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. This is their second race this year, after coming in third at Road America in early August. Drivers for the MC12 are Fredy Lienhard, Didier Theys and Andrea Bertolini. This will be just the third race this season where the Corvette Racing team has had competition in the GT1 class. An Aston Martin DBR9 fielded by a privateer battled Corvette at Sebring back in March, but it just wasn’t strong enough to give the two C6.R’s a run for the top spot on the podium. Unfortunately it is looking more and more likely that this will be the final year for the GT1 Corvettes. The team has been a victim of their own success in the American Le Mans series and unless they get an announcement from Prodrive’s Aston Martin or another serious contender whose committed to racing a complete season, this could be the end of the line. Pratt and Miller, builders of the Corvette C6.Rs for the Corvette Racing team are busy building a P1 prototype. Talk about moving down to GT2 appears to have waned as well as my favorite idea of taking it to the European FIA-GT circuit where there is no shortage of challengers in the GT1 class. Before future plans are made through, Corvette Racing still has two ALMS races to finish. After this weekend’s 10 hour/1,000 mile Petit Le Mans, the season wraps up at Monterey on October 20th. In other Corvette Racing news, the field has been narrowed and voting is underway for the “From the Fans” award, considered to be one of the most coveted honors of the ALMS. Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan and Team Manager Gary Pratt are among the five finalists. Word from Bad Boy Vettes is that Acura is stuffing the ballot box, so click here to vote for either Doug or Gary for the From the Fans Award. And speaking of Ron Fellows (nice segue, huh?), the Most Popular Driver award is again up for grabs and what a send-off it would be for Ron Fellows should he win it for the fourth year straight. Click here to vote for the ALMS Most Popular Driver award. Ron will be making his final start this weekend as a co-driver in the #3 Corvette C6.R sporting a pink helmet that will be auctioned off this Thursday October 4th to support breast cancer awareness. If you are interested in bidding on the custom helmet visit the bid page for the 2007 Le Petit Elegance silent bid page. The 10th running of Petit Le Mans, will start at 11:15 a.m. ET on Saturday, October 6. The 1,000-mile/10-hour race will be televised live on SPEED Channel from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 6:30 to 10 p.m. ET.
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