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Despite the fact the this year’s Mecum Winter Classic was held a week after the NCRS Winter Regional Show in Kissimmee Florida, Mecum’s Winter Classic was a rounding success with over $5.5 million dollars in Corvette sales and a 68% sales rate. Of the 154 Corvettes that crossed the auction block, 105 found new homes. 1966 427/425 Corvette CoupeA 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Race car with a storied past posted the highest sales figure at $362,250. The car was raced by Bob Johnson of the famous Johnson & Johnson racing team. This Corvette won many races in 1967 alone and was notorious for tearing up the SCCA Central Division’s A Production Class in 1966-68. It features a 427/425 hp engine with side exhaust, a teak steering wheel and telescopic steering column. Second on this year’s top sales chart is a 1967 427/435 Corvette Convertible. This well-documented Marina Blue convertible has complete owners history, tank sticker, Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight with judging sheets. The Corvette sold for $204,750. Rounding out the top 3 was another 1967 427/435 Corvette Convertible. This Corvette was White with a Black Stinger and black interior. The options include 4-Speed, Off-Road Exhaust, AM/FM Radio and the Auxiliary Hard top. The Corvette is a Bloomington Gold Survivor with just 39,000 original miles. The Corvette sold for $180,600. Some interesting notes about the Corvettes that rolled through the Mecum Winter Classic. Of the top 10 Corvettes in sales prices, eight were from the C2 1963-1967 Midyear generation while the other two are C1′s. Three Corvettes sold under $10,000. They include a 1976, 1980 and a 1982. And finally, 31 of the 105 Corvettes that sold were Red, accounting for 30% of all sold Corvettes. List of Sold Corvettes at the Mecum Winter Classic in Kissimmee, Florida:

Lot # Year Description Sales Price
S1751954Corvette Red$89,250
S1601956Corvette Red$61,950
F1971957Corvette Green$105,000
S1331958Corvette Red$65,100
S262.11960Corvette Red$86,100
T39.11961Corvette Red$41,475
T301961Corvette White$45,150
F2231961Corvette White$92,400
S2871962Corvette Red$47,250
S1951962Corvette Red$62,475
F147.11962Corvette Black$84,000
T321963Corvette Red$39,900
F1921963Corvette Red$76,125
F2191964Corvette Blue$35,700
F1041964Corvette Red$42,000
F1261964Corvette Red$43,757
S2321964Corvette White$72,450
S1781965Corvette Red$42,000
S161965Corvette White$45,150
S1381965Corvette Blue$53,025
S1761965Corvette White$70,350
S2241965Corvette Red$72,500
F2221965Corvette Maroon$76,125
S941965Corvette Red$150,150
T391966Corvette Maroon$29,400
S2731966Corvette Red$43,050
S191966Corvette Blue$43,575
F1341966Corvette Red$46,725
S2861966Corvette Red$47,250
F1031966Corvette Silver$54,075
S841966Corvette Yellow$56,700
T381966Corvette Yellow$62,475
F2051966Corvette Wht/Blue$69,300
S171966Corvette Black$69,300
S150.11966Corvette Yellow$70,875
T331966Corvette Red$73,500
S1351966Corvette Yellow$73,500
F2321966Corvette Red$126,000
S831966Corvette Black$362,250
F1551967Corvette Black$44,625
T361967Corvette Yellow$52,500
F1621967Corvette Maroon$60,375
S1141967Corvette Yellow$63,000
S2841967Corvette Red$65,625
S2851967Corvette Blue$65,625
S1061967Corvette Yellow$68,250
S2831967Corvette Maroon$73,500
S1031967Corvette White$74,550
S861967Corvette Red$157,500
S1271967Corvette Blue$162,750
S1811967Corvette White$180,600
S1491967Corvette Blue$204,750
F511968Corvette N/A$29,925
S1711968Corvette White$61,950
S205.11969Corvette Yellow$18,900
F2761969Corvette Green$21,525
S1411969Corvette Yellow$40,425
F1521969Corvette Red$58,800
S1131969Corvette Dark Green$59,325
S1071969Corvette Orange$64,575
S1281969Corvette Red$106,050
S101970Corvette Maroon$27,300
F1101970Corvette Grey$43,575
S1551970Corvette Silver$57,750
F2421971Corvette Green$18,375
F801971Corvette LT-1 Blue$23,888
F1741971Corvette Red$30,450
S1961971Corvette Red$33,600
S1621971Corvette Red$34,650
S91972Corvette Orange$24,150
S1471972Corvette Yellow$27,825
T341972Corvette Orange$40,950
F188.11973Corvette Blue$19,425
T51.11973Corvette Orange$21,525
F2171973Corvette Gold$34,650
F2971974Corvette Red$14,175
F1941974Corvette Red$20,213
F2531974Corvette White$25,752
F631975Corvette Blue$33,075
T361976Corvette Red$7,600
T351976Corvette Yellow$14,700
F211978Corvette Silver$10,500
F401978Corvette Silver$15,488
F1511978Corvette Black/Slvr$18,638
F192.11978Corvette Silver$21,000
F2031978Corvette Charcoal$26,250
F20.11979Corvette Yellow$22,838
T39.11980Corvette Silver$9,700
T221982Corvette Crossfile$9,800
F231982Corvette Red$14,175
F311982Corvette Gold$14,438
F461982Corvette Pewter$17,325
S29.11982Corvette Red$18,900
S141982Corvette Silver$19,688
F291986Corvette Black$13,125
S2621988Corvette Grand Sport Red$38,325
F821990Corvette Dark Red$14,175
F921991Corvette Red$14,963
F2331996Corvette LT-1 Purple$17,588
F1021996Corvette Silver$18,900
F2681996Corvette Green$22,575
S2151996Corvette CE Silver$35,963
F2501999Corvette Black$21,263
F452001Corvette Yellow$25,200
T252003Corvette Dark Red$32,188
    Total Sales: $5,589,115

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Corvette Values: 1989 Corvette Coupe

by Keith Cornett on March 6, 2007

DS of Florida submitted this 1989 Corvette Coupe to Corvette Values:

1989 Corvette Coupe 1989 Corvette Coupe. VIN 1G1YY2187K5118XXX. 1,790 original one-owner miles. Red with red leather interior, L98 5.7 liter 245 hp engine. 6-Speed manual transmission and performance handling package. Leather sport seats, Blue tint removable top, power driver and passenger seats, and Delco Bose stereo system. Excellent condition inside and out. Docs include original bill of sale, temporary tag and installment contract.
This red Corvette coupe has only 1,790 miles and is in excellent condition. Few, if any, 1989 Corvettes are in existence today with this low, low mileage. The VIN # indicates it was built early in the second quarter of the 1989 production year. The curb appeal is excellent with the Red paint. The Corvette is powered by the standard 5.7 liter L98 350 ci/240 hp engine coupled with a rare 6-speed manual transmission. Only 16% of 1989 Corvettes had the manual transmission. It has nearly all of popular options including Leather Sport Seats, Blue-Tint Removable Top, and Power Driver and Passenger Seats. It also has the rare Z51 Performance Handling Package, an option found in only 8% of 1989 Corvettes. Important ingredients in establishing the value of a Corvette are mileage, condition, originality and original delivery documents. This Corvette meets all of these criteria including the original purchase document. We place a value of $25,000 on the described 1989 Sport Coupe. In addition, the average price of a 1989 Corvette Coupe today is showing a one year appreciation factor of 5%. Corvette Appraisals:
With Corvette values rising yearly, make sure your insurance coverage keeps up with your Corvettes value by having it appraised online at Our online appraisals are only $69.95 and are usually completed within three business days. Click here to start your Corvette appraisal now.
Source: Appraisal Service
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February 2007 Corvette Sales

by Keith Cornett on March 5, 2007

GM Sold 2,784 Corvettes in the month of February, 550 more than were sold the month prior. However, sales were -9% off the February 2006 mark of 3,058. For the 2007 calendar year to date, Corvette sales remain -11% off of the 2006 pace. 5,018 Corvettes have been delivered in 2007 compared with 5,637 Corvettes for 2006. Monthly Corvette Sales Report:

Month Calendar Year-to-Date
Month 2007 2006 % Change Months 2007 2006 % Change
January 2,234 2,579 -16.8% Jan-Jan 2,234 2,579 -16.8%
February 2,784 3,058 -9.0% Jan-Feb 5,018 5,637 -11.0%

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Corvette Summer Promo Car Sells on eBay

by Keith Cornett on February 28, 2007

Corvette Summer Promo Car

Nearly 30 years after Mark Hamill and Annie Potts drove a hideous custom Corvette to B-Movie success, one of the movie’s promotional cars was offered up and sold on eBay this morning for $30,000. The buyer appears to be from the Volo Auto Museum based on his current listings.

This isn’t the original Corvette Summer car, as that had a right-wheel drive conversion and the cool bowtie tail lights. That car is part of the collection owned by MA Motorworks owner Mike Yeager.

You can also see a clip of the Corvette Summer car on

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Corvette Racing Announces 2007 Driver Lineup

by Keith Cornett on February 26, 2007

Familiar faces in different places is how Corvette Racing refers to their driver lineup for the 2007 ALMS season. Johnny O’Connell will be teaming up with Jan Magnussen as the two full-time drivers for the Number 3 Corvette C6.R. They will be joined by Corvette Racing veteran Ron Fellows for the three endurance races (Sebring, LeMans and Petit LeMans). Fellows will be taking on additional responsibilities with GM Racing and will attend all ALMS events as an Ambassador as well as providing technical input to the team’s drivers and engineers. Defending GT1 Champions Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta will be driving the Number 4 Corvette C6.R and will be joined by Max Papis for the three endurance races. The six Corvette Racing drivers have a combined 109 ALMS victories and 11 championships.

“The changes in our driver lineup will give us two strong and balanced entries that will both be racing for victories,” said Steve Wesoloski, GM Road Racing Group manager. “We are very excited that Ron Fellows will be taking on new roles and responsibilities with GM Racing. We’ll continue to benefit from Ron’s vast racing experience as he drives the No. 3 Corvette C6.R in endurance races while he begins a new phase in his career as an ambassador for Corvette and a valued advisor to GM Racing.”
With Ron Fellows promotion, Jan Mangussen moves from the endurance-racing driver of the No. 4 C6.R to a full time driver of the Number 3 C6.R. Jan is well-known for not only as his stint as a Corvette Racing driver, but for also piloting the new Z06 Corvette in 2005 on the Nürburgring in Germany and posting an almost unheard of time of 7:42.99. Few cars have been timed faster on the famous German track. Corvette Racing’s defense of their Drivers, Team and Manufacturers Championships will begin on March 17th at the Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring.
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2007 Corvette Pace Car Allocation Info

by Keith Cornett on February 23, 2007

2007 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car has posted some preliminary information about how Chevrolet will allocated the Pace Car Replica Corvette to its dealers. We do know that GM will begin producing the Pace Car replica’s for consumer purchase in May and June. A street date for availability has yet to be released but we do know that it won’t happen prior to the annual Memorial Day 500 race. If you are interested in obtaining a 2007 Indy 500 Pace Car replica, then here are some guidelines outlining how the Corvettes will be allocated:

“The intention is to provide a minimum of one Pace Car replica to each dealer who sold 24 or more Corvettes (including Z06) from 4/1/06 – 3/31/07. (Two Corvettes per month) It is anticipated that approximately 345 dealers will receive at least one Pace Car replica allocation. The balance of the available allocations will be distributed based on each Dealer’s percentage of total Corvette sales for the subject period so that the largest Corvette dealers will then receive multiple allocations. Pace Car allocation will be included within May 2007 estimated shipments and will be communicated as a constraint during the DOSP cycles for TPWs 6/4/07 ~ 6/18/07. Constraints will not be protected and any constraints not utilized by the originally assigned dealer will be made available to other dealers having May Corvette allocation. Using code CCR will help secure allocation. Final determination of individual dealer allocation cannot yet be communicated since a few dealers on the fringe may change between now and the end of March. However, it should be safe to use the 24 Corvette sales cutoff when providing generalized guidance as to whether or not a dealership will have allocation ”
So there you have it. Find yourself a dealer who has a larger allocation of Corvettes, and make sure you bring your checkbook.
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No Jail Time for Corvette SS Spy Photographer

by Keith Cornett on February 23, 2007

Josh Oliver from has looked into the allegations that the Spy photographer of the Red Corvette SS mule was being held in police custody and claims that that simply isn’t the case.

“We did a little research of our own and can confirm, with the utmost certainty that the gentleman in question was NOT arrested or placed in police custody. TheGMSource has been able to confirm that a civil complaint was filed today by General Motors in Romulus, Michigan. We can also confirm that no criminal charges have been filed by the Romulus Police Department and that… …an investigation is still ongoing. What is expected to happen next is a detective will be assigned to the case if it is deemed necessary. While we can not state specifics, we are told that the civil complaint is in regards to “a prototype being pictured by an employee.” So, to set the record straight. The gentleman in question was NOT arrested, nor placed in Police custody, and criminal charges are pending depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigation.”
We’ll keep you up to date as the story evolves.
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Corvette SS Spy Photographer Fired, Jailed!

by Keith Cornett on February 22, 2007

Both Jalopnik and AutoBlog are reporting that the guy who took the pictures of the red Corvette SS mule has been fired and is now in custody. The photog worked at EMO TRANS, the company responsible for shipping the Corvette SS mule to Germany for testing on the Nurburgring. A couple of nights ago, he took the first pictures of GM’s closely guarded LS9 powerplant, the supercharged V8 residing in the red SS test mule. Jalopnik reports that the he was taken to jail in Romulus, MI. I revisited the thread on where the hubbub began and that thread appears to have been removed.
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Irresponsible Speculation: Blue Devil/SS Corvette Spy Photos

by Keith Cornett on February 22, 2007

Not to bash Winding Road over the freakin head again, but with new photos of the supposed Blue Devil/SS Corvette making the rounds again, the first question people are asking is “Is that real or is Winding Road messing with us again?” Here we have a group of photos taken from an unknown source so I think many of us may be gun-shy. We’re still gonna post them, but that thought in the back of our head saying “fraud” is going to stick with us until proven wrong. But I digress. This group of photos was first posted on the forums by Chikara83. Reading some of Chikara83′s previous posts, there is talk about how the “shop” gets in vehicles directly from GM and “oh I think that may be the Blue Devil/SS Corvette”. Chikara83 apparently works at an air-freight warehouse where items are shipped to and from Germany. Could the new Corvette be on the way to the ‘ring? Chikara83 even talks about driving Blue Devil/SS: “God almighty this thing is fast!!! it had carbon ceramic brakes and you can hear the supercharger whistlin. That Vette has zero traction in 1st and 2nd. it felt like over 600 [hp], drove c6s and z06s b4 and their more controllable.” What is also kind of funny about these photos is that they appear in a viper vs vette forum pissing contest. Chikara83 first chimes in on Page 2. So let’s recap. GM leaves supersecret Corvette in a warehouse without supervision. The help has full access to the unprotected supersecret Corvette including taking the unprotected supersecret Corvette out for a spin and to “do burnouts”. Does this sound like GM to you? Here are some selected photos. They were dark so I made some adjustments to lighten as much as possible without losing too much detail:

Spy Photo: Corvette SS/Blue Devil The LS9 Supercharged Corvette SS/Blue Devil The LS9 Supercharged Corvette SS/Blue Devil
Ceramic Brakes for the Corvette SS/Blue Devil The Corvette SS/Blue Devil Got Carbon? The Corvette SS/Blue Devil
Here is the analysis from The hood and front quarters are wearing camouflage to cover changes in those panels. The low-pressure area behind the front wheels makes the perfect location for extractors, which are likely fed by the high pressure area at the base of the windshield. Together they provide a good path through the engine bay for extra cooling air. That’s a nice, tidy explanation for why the camo is where it is, too, so we’re going with it. There’s also a vent in the leading edge of the rear quarter panel, which we presume is for rear brake cooling. For more photos (albeit dark photos), view the Gallery
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Blue Devil Corvette to be Named SS

by Keith Cornett on February 21, 2007

As I write this, I am as of yet unconvinced that this information is official. But because everyone else is writing about the Blue Devil officially being named the Corvette SS, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and give my two cents. The latest blog posts from Winding Road, Autoblog and Corvette Blog about the supercharged Corvette being called the SS are all based on information from member Explorer_97. A week ago, Explorer_97 created several threads and posts for what appears to be substantial information relating to the development and production of Corvettes. The reason why I am hesitant about this is because we know nothing about Explorer_97 and where he gets his information. However, founder Patrick Gramm says that Explorer_97′s credentials are good and that the information appears to be accurate. Knowing Patrick and his passion for hunting down sources for Corvette production news and information, as well as opening the wallet to pay for an occasional Corvette spy photo, that’s good enough for me. For now at least. So what does Explorer_97 tell us about the Corvette Program. Here is a recap:

The Supercharged Corvette will be called the SS. It has been assigned the GM Program Code of GMX245 SSC. Production begins the summer of 2008*. It will be powered by the LS9 and should be rated around 650 hp. Annual production volume is expected to be 1,500 cars. The SS will make its debut at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. * This timeline doesn’t sync with what GM VP Bob Lutz said at the Chicago Auto Show two weeks ago. He said the Blue Devil/SS will be out the summer of 2009. Explorer_97 claims it is summer of 2008. Of course Lutz says the car will be 600hp while others including Explorer_97 say 650 hp. Since the Viper just hit 600 hp, my money is on the 650 hp number for the SS. CORVETTE COUPE & CONVERTIBLE:
The Corvette has received the green light for the next generation (C7). The coupe and convertible will make their appearance in the summer of 2010. No word if the coupe will come out first followed by the convertible or if both will be introduced simultaneously. Both the Coupe and Convertibles have received GM Program Codes. They are GMX721 (C7 Coupe) and GMX711 (C7 Convertible). CORVETTE Z06:
The Z06 will continue production into the C7 generation. According to Explorer_97, it may be introduced 1 to 1.5 years after the Coupe and Convertible. GM Program Code for the C7 Z06 is GMX731. MYTHS DEBUNKED:
No mid-engine Corvette, no Kappa-platform Corvette, no V6 Corvette.
I personally prefer the Sting Ray moniker myself, but I am okay with SS. Some are arguing that the SS brand has been too diluted in the past and doesn’t hold the mystique it once did. Well, my friends, if you’ve got a 650 horsepower Corvette and you call it the SS, then you’ve just raised the bar for all future SS-badged vehicles. For any other car to contain the SS emblem, it had better be a top performer for its class. As someone pointed out in the Autoblog comments, these rollouts will give the “Corvette brand” three different models in the mold of the classic Camaro line up: Base – Z06 – SS. Obviously I think the strategy is a winning combination for Corvette and GM and am also wondering if GM may also be planning the same return to the three model lineup for Camaro as well.
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