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2009 Corvette Model Year Sales Data - Preliminary Results

During the GM Engineering Seminar at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, preliminary production data for 2009 was released. Most interesting is the total 2009 model year production through April 21, 2009 which stands at 15,237. This is the lowest amount of Corvettes produced in a single model year since the 9,752 Corvettes built during the first year of the C5 Corvette in 1997 and 20,000 less than the 35,000 Corvette built in 2008. Also included in the report is the penetration for exterior colors as well as some of the more popular options.

Corvettes Produced Amount Percent    
Coupes 7,717 51%    
Convertibles 3,120 21%    
Z06 Hardtop 3,160 21%    
ZR1 Hardtop 1,240 6%    
  _______ _______    
Total 15,237 100%    
Exterior Colors Coupe Convertible Z06 ZR1
Black 20% 16% 26% 26%
Crystal Red 17% 19%    
Cyber Gray 16% 12% 23% 36%
Victory Red 13% 14% 10% 10%
Blade Silver 11% 8% 10% 5%
Jetstream Blue 8% 6% 9% 16%
Arctic White 6% 8%    
Velocity Yellow 5% 17% 7% 5%
Atomic Orange 5% 3% 5% 2%
Options Coupe Convertible Z06 ZR1
1LT 38% 8%    
2LT 15% 22%    
3LT 42% 62%    
4LT 5% 9%    
1LZ     13%  
2LZ     52%  
3LZ     35%  
1ZR       3%
3ZR       97%
CC3 – Transparent Roof 17%      
C2L – Dual Roof Pkg 13%      
MX0 – 6-Speed Auto Paddle 67% 82%    
F55 – Selective Ride Control 10% 34%    
Z51 – Performance Package 37% 28%    
U3U – Stereo/XM/Nav 27% 47% 77%  
NPP – Dual Mode Exhaust 47% 57%    
QG6 – Sparkle Silver 30% 15%    
QG7 – Polished 17% 13%%    
QX1 – Competition Gray 7% 3%    
Q9V – Chrome 46% 57%    
Q10 – Z06     10%  
Q8A – Chrome     56%  
Q76     15%  
Q6A – ZR1 Sterling Silver       20%
Q6B – ZR1 Chrome       80%

As many of you know, 2009 will be the last year for Victory Red and Atomic Orange. Victory Red is being replaced by Torch Red, however Atomic Orange will not be replaced when production ceases on the 2009 Corvette. With the highest penetration of just 5% on the Corvette Coupe and just 2% of Corvette ZR1s wearing Atomic Orange, its easy to see why that color is being phased out.

During the Day 2 walk around at the Museum, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said the Corvette ZR1 is on pace for about 1,400 units this year. Despite the assembly plant shutting several times this year, Tadge said GM continued to have suppliers manufacture and bank those critical parts needed for ZR1 production, so that when the assembly resumes after the plant has been idled, those critical parts are available.

National Corvette Museum

Final 2008 Corvette Production Numbers
Final 2007 Corvette Production Numbers

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The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

Bob Bondurant’s School of High Performance Driving recently hosted the crew of SPEED TV’s “SuperCars Exposed” and that episode is airing this evening at 9pm EST. The show will feature host Tanner Foust test driving the Evolution MotorSports EVT850 performance system for the Porsche 997 Turbo. Later in the episode, Faust will go head to head against Bondurant’s Chief Instructor Mike McGovern who’ll be driving one of the school’s 2008 Corvette Z06s.

The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is one of the largest driving schools in the country, featuring a 15-turn, 1.6 mile road course. The school is an official partner of GM and also hosts the 2 day Corvette ZR1 school that’s included in the purchase of the top-of-the-line Corvette.

“What a thrill to have the ‘SuperCars Exposed’ team and the amazing technology of Evolution MotorSports’ products running laps around our race track,” said Bob Bondurant, CEO of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. “We always enjoy hosting TV crews and conducting media events at Bondurant because our high-performance track is ideal for capturing exciting driving scenes on camera.”

“SuperCars Exposed” airs tonight at 9pm EST with a replay Tuesday morning at 9am. If you like what you see, make sure you visit Bondurant website for a list of upcoming courses and specials. Some courses are now 15-40% off and make sure you check out the Father’s Day RPM event.

Photo Credit: Matsiltala @ Flickr

Bondurant Driving School Adding 2009 Corvette ZR1 to Fleet
[VIDEO] Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

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[VIDEO] Juechter: Corvette Grand Sport is the New Z51

by Keith Cornett on April 26, 2009

Team Corvette Grand Sport Walk-Around

On Day 2 of the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, members of the Corvette Team assembled outside on the NCM Logo Circle with two newly built 2010 Grand Sports. Unlike Day 1′s seminar, this walk-around focused more on the improvements with performance. As Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter discussed the new model, he consistently compared the components on the GS to the Z51, using descriptions like “better” and “faster”. But you Z51 aficionados don’t despair, Tadge tells of the new Z52 package that will have you searching for the emblems at your favorite parts dealer.

The Grand Sport Z16 option is replacing the Z51 when it comes to performance. The Grand Sport gets the Z06′s tires and brakes as well as a uniquely tuned suspension. The Grand Sport does at least a 1g so it corners better than the Z51 and its initially reported 0-60 mph times have been sub-4s but engineering is saying it will be 4.0.

“I should point out that now this is essentially what a Z51 was. You used to check the box and get the z51 performance content now we’re replacing that with the Z16 which is this wide package that were calling the Grand Sport.”

Tadge Juechter – Corvette Chief Engineer

Tadge also introduced a new package for “those serious about tracking their cars” called the Z52. This RPO only comes on manual transmissions coupes. The 6-Speed transmission has the same aggressive gear ratios as the Z51. Selected hardware from the Z06 and ZR1 is incorporated. The battery was moved to the right rear corner in the back to make way for a drysump oil pump, a first for an LS3 Corvette.

Harlan Charles ends the conversation on the walk-around by reiterating the performance numbers of 1g lateral, 4.0 (or better) 0-60 mph time in a 26 mpg car. In his closing remarks he invited a couple southern senators to come check out the Corvettes at the NCM as proof of GM building cars people want.

[VIDEO] The 2010 Corvette’s Launch Control System Explained
[VIDEO] Introduction and Reveal of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
What’s New for the 2010 Corvette
Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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The 2010 Corvette's Launch Control Explained

During the 2010 Corvette seminar at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter goes into more detail about the new Launch Control option that will be standard on all manual transmission Corvettes. The system modulates engine torque 100 times per second to give the driver the optimal amount of traction on a full throttle start. The best news? Corvette’s Launch Control System will not void your warranty!

To engage the launch control system, the driver puts the traction control into competitive mode and then pushes the gas pedal to the floor. The system will hold a predetermined RPM based on which engine you have (LS3/LS7/LS9). When the driver quickly releases the clutch, the launch control modulates engine torque 100 times per second to get the best traction.

GM’s testing of the system found that just about any driver can achieve very consistent times on par with that of a skilled driver’s best efforts.

The best news is that use of the launch control system will not void your warranty – an obvious reference to Nissan’s GT-R that until recently had a policy of voiding warranties if the car broke while using their version of launch control. Tadge mentioned this fact several times to the delight of the audience.

What’s New for the 2010 Corvette
[VIDEO] Introduction and Reveal of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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Introduction and Reveal of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport at the NCM

Team Corvette was on hand at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash to fully brief the Corvette faithful on the new 2010 Corvette. Here is the team introducing the new model in the Corvette lineup, the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport.

Corvette Product Marketing Manager Harlan Charles opened the discussion by running through the content of the new Grand Sport and then turned over the mic to Kirk Bennion, Corvette’s Exterior Design Manager who tells us that inspiration for the new vertical side vents comes from an original pencil drawing of the ZR1. Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter wraps up the seminar discussion by presenting the technical and performance details of the new model. The video culminates with the live reveal in the Museum’s main rotunda to the very enthusiastic crowd.

The new Grand Sport models (Coupes and Convertibles) will fit between the standard coupes and convertibles and the Z06 in the Corvette lineup. The Grand Sport features the standard LS3 engine but uses the wider Z06 size wheels, tires, brakes and chassis.

From a performance standpoint, the Grand Sport has better weight distribution and the wider Z06 tires significantly increase the models 0-60 times. While the base Corvette’s 0-60 mph time is 4.3 seconds, the Corvette team thinks the new Grand Sport’s time should be at 4.0 seconds but Tadge opened the door to the possibility that it could break the 4 second barrier.

The models effectively replace the Z51 Performance Package by introducing the new Z52 package for the coupe which features the dry sump oil, differential cooler and the same higher gear ratios found on the Z51 package.

A Heritage Package will be offered for owners who want a unique package like the 1996 version that includes the hash mark decals and special embroidery on the seats. The hash marks are available in 4 distinct colors: Black, Gray, Silver and Pearl White.

Pricing wasn’t announced for the Grand Sports at the unveiling, but both Tadge and Harlan say Corvette owners will be pleased when pricing is announced in early May.

[VIDEO] Teaser Video of 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Reveal
What’s New for the 2010 Corvette
Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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[VIDEO] Teaser Video of 2010 Grand Sport Reveal

We’ll be uploading more video once we return from our trip to the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash. In the meanime, here is a quick video we took with our digital camera following the reveal of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport.

What’s New for the 2010 Corvette
Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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What’s New for the 2010 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on April 24, 2009

What's New for the 2010 Corvette

The day spent at the Corvette Museum for the C5/C6 Bash was simply unbelievable. Thousands of Corvette enthusiasts mingling with GM personel and new Corvettes. We got so much information about the new Corvettes that its difficult to know where to begin. So to keep it simple we’ll begin with a list of bullets of what we learned today.

Here is what’s new for 2010 Corvettes:

  • NEW Grand Sport Model – Coupe or Convertible
  • Grand Sport Heritage Package with Iconic Hash mark Stripes and Seat Embroidery
  • Grand Sport coupe manual with Z52 Dry Sump Performance Package standard includes rear mounted battery and differential cooler
  • Torch Red is back – Z06 and ZR1 available in all 8 colors for the 1st time
  • Launch Control standard with all manual transmissions
  • 6-speed paddle shift automatic – Push and hold feature allows easy return to auto mode using’+’ paddle
  • Side Airbags standard on all Corvettes
  • New interior console trim plates – Orbit and Gunmetal patterns
  • Crossed flag logo embroidery seat option
  • Convertible includes Z06 style tall spoiler
  • Z06 and ZR1 now available with cashmere interior
  • Z06 3LZ package now includes power sport seats and power passenger seat
  • ZR1 includes PTM – Performance Traction Management Technology
  • 1 year XM subscription included with 3LT – 2LZ – 3ZR option packages
  • Cashmere custom leather wrapped interior – interim availability
  • Available Competition Gray wheels for ZR1

Some items on this list deserve additional attention:

First is that Launch Control is standard on all manual Corvettes. Tadge showed us several videos on how it works and its impressive. Tadge was also very clear that use of the Corvette’s Launch Control system won’t void your warranty either! We’ve got video of the seminar and will have that up in the next couple of days.

Secondly, the Performance Traction Management Technology for the ZR1 is an advanced system that integrates your Traction Control, Active Handling, and Selective Ride Control systems to enhance racetrack driving consistency and overall performance. With PTM you can now push full throttle while exiting a corner on a racetrack as the system automatically manages your overall acceleration dynamics. They tested the system and it even improved lap times of professional drivers.

Finally, the ability to order any car in any color cannot be overlooked. Want an Artic White or Crystal Red Z06 or ZR1? Now you can!

We’ve got a lot more info on everything from the 2009 Option penetration to Corvette Racing GT2 info. And with another full day at the Museum planned for tomorrow, we’ll be plenty busy over the next week.

Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

by Keith Cornett on April 24, 2009

Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

The new 2010 Corvette Grand Sport was unveiled to a standing room only crowd of Corvette owners and enthusiasts at the National Corvette Museum a little after 12pm today. While that was happening inside the Museum, six more Grand Sports in various colors and body styles were being parked outside the new conference center.

2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

All Photos © 2009

[VIDEO] 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible Walk Around
[VIDEO] Corvette Production Schedule with Plant Mgr Paul Graham
[VIDEO] 2010 Corvette ZR1′s Performance Traction Management System
[VIDEO] Juechter: Corvette Grand Sport is the New Z51
[VIDEO] The 2010 Corvette’s Launch Control System Explained
What’s New for the 2010 Corvette
[VIDEO] Introduction and Reveal of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Exclusive Photo Gallery: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport
Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

by Keith Cornett on April 24, 2009

Preview: The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

The Grand Sport returns! We’re at the Corvette Museum this weekend for the official unveiling and will have more details and exclusive photos as the new models are unveiled to the enthusiasts. In the meantime, read the offical press release from Chevy after the jump.

Click here for a larger photo of the 2010 Grand Sport Corvette



BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Grand Sport. It’s one of the most storied monikers in Corvette’s illustrious racing heritage and it is returning the lineup. Chevrolet announced the new, 2010 Corvette Grand Sport at the 12th annunal C5/C6 Corvette Birthday Bash, held at the National Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, Ky.

The new Grand Sport model combines the Corvette’s LS3-based powertrain with unique, wide-body styling and a racetrack-bred suspension for a distinctive, starting grid-ready performer. It is offered in both coupe and convertible body styles, with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. The LS3 6.2L engine is rated at 430 horsepower (321 kW)* and 424 lb.-ft. of torque (575 Nm)* with the standard exhaust system. An optional two-mode exhaust system elevates the power ratings to 436 horses (325 kW) and 428 lb.-ft. (580 Nm).

The Grand Sport replaces the Corvette’s previous Z51 package and brings a greater degree of handling performance, with wider wheels and tires; revised shock, stabilizer bar and spring specifications and specific gearing. The equipment enables cornering capability of 1.0 g, as well as a 0.2-second improvement in 0-60 acceleration vs. standard LS3-powered models.

Grand Sport coupe models equipped with the manual transmission are uniquely outfitted for racetrack competition, too, with a dry-sump oiling system, differential cooler and a rear-mounted battery.

The complete list of content and special features for the Grand Sport includes

  • Wider front and rear fenders – including specific front fenders with integrated Grand Sport badges
  • Z06-style front splitter and tall rear spoiler
  • Functional brake ducts and extra cooling
  • Unique 18-inch front and 19-inch wheels; painted finish standard and chrome finish optional
  • Large 275/35ZR18 tires in front and 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear
  • Z06-size brakes, including 14-inch (355 mm) front rotors with six-piston calipers and 13.4-inch (340 mm) rear rotors with four-piston calipers
  • Specific manual transmission gear ratios
  • Specific rear axle ratio on automatic-equipped models

With its special equipment, the Grand Sport offers a unique blend of performance and amenities. Its suspension package approaches that of the Z06, but includes a removable roof on coupes (Z06 has a fixed roof) and, of course, the availability of a convertible body style. Also, the paddle-shift six-speed automatic transmission is offered, while a manual transmission is the only choice with the Z06.

All of Corvette’s exterior colors are offered on the Grand Sport and an available Heritage package adds iconic front fender hash marks offered in four colors, as well as two-tone seats with Grand Sport embroidery. The Grand Sport can be ordered with 1LT, 2LT, 3LT and 4LT trim packages, too.

Grand Sport history

Envisioned by legendary Corvette engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov as a factory-built, lightweight and race-ready production model that would trump domestic and foreign road-racing competitors, the original Corvette Grand Sport was a promising idea stymied by GM’s agreement to stay out of manufacturer-backed motorsports.

The planned 125 production models required for racing-class homologation were never built, but five prototypes based on the styling of the 1963 Corvette were hand-assembled under Duntov’s watchful eye. And while they looked like production models, the prototypes were purpose-built racecars that shared little with their assembly-line cousins. Duntov also oversaw the Grand Sport engine program that featured a special, 377-cubic-inch small-block V-8 and used side-draft carburetors.

Although never officially sanctioned by General Motors, the five Grand Sport prototypes saw extensive racing experience throughout the 1960s in the hands of “private” racers who had strong contacts within Duntov’s engineering circle. All five original cars are accounted for today and are among the most valuable in the collector market.

Chevrolet offered a limited-edition Grand Sport production model in 1996, commemorating the original racing cars and marking the end of the C4 era in Corvette production. All of the 1,000 examples were painted Admiral Blue and featured a white center stripe and red “hash mark” graphics on the left front fender, a graphic scheme that mimicked the look of some of the original racecars.

*SAE certified.


More Details Emerging on the 2010 Grand Sport Corvette
Rumor: 2010 Corvette to Include a Grand Sport Widebody

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Corvette Values: 1979 Corvette T-Top Coupe

by Keith Cornett on April 23, 2009

1979 Corvette Coupe

ML from Indiana submitted this 1979 Corvette T-Top Coupe to Corvette Values:

1979 Corvette, VIN #1Z8789S443XXX, original L48 350 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission, 58,905 miles. Power steering, brakes, door locks and windows, telescopic steeering and AC. Classic White paint is in good condition as well as the red interior. Original owners manual, but no other documentation exists.

Find out how we valued this Corvette after the jump.

1979 Corvette Coupe 1979 Corvette Coupe 1979 Corvette Coupe

1979 Corvette T-Top, VIN #1Z8789S443XXX. The Vin indicates it was built late in the 1979 Corvette model production year assuring that any modifications or engineering changes would have been included in this Corvette.

Mileage of 58,905 is reported as original and correct; this is very low for a 1979 vintage Corvette.

This T-Top Corvette is Classic White in color, the paint being termed in good condition. The body panels are totally original reflecting no modifications. The White paint is complimented by a Red leather interior, also in good condition.

The 1979 Corvette T-Top is powered by the original L48 motor (350 ci/195 hp) that was the base motor in 1979 as indicated by the fifth digit in the VIN #, 8=L48 motor. This motor is coupled with an automatic transmission, a combination selected by the majority of the 1979 Corvette buyers.

This Corvette is well equipped with many of the comfort and convenience options including power steering, brakes, windows, door locks, tilt-telescopic steering column and air-conditioning.

The original radio has been replaced by an after-market unit, however the radio housing has not been modified.

From a documentation perspective, the original owner’s manual is intact.

We place a value of $12,000 on this Corvette. From a substantiation perspective, first quarter 2009 auction results indicate the appraisal value is correct. Also of interest is that the one-year appreciation factor for the 1979 Corvette is 4%.

Corvette Appraisals:
With rapidly changing Corvette values, make sure your insurance coverage keeps up with your Corvettes value by having it appraised online at Our online appraisals are only $69.95 and are usually completed within three business days. Click here to start your Corvette appraisal now.
Source: Appraisal Service
Corvette Values: 1972 Corvette Roadster with a 454ci V8
Corvette Values: 11-mile 1978 Corvette Pace Car
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