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European Dealer Crashes Customer's C6 Corvette

We got a little bit of drama happening to one of our Corvette brothers in the Netherlands. CF Forum Member Twin_Turbo had dropped his C6 Corvette off at the Koenen automotive dealership for the roof recall and then received a call that the car had been involved in an accident. While we’ve heard the story before of service technicians joyriding in customer cars, this Corvette crash was caused by none other than the owner of the dealership himself.

An American in Paris: The Corvette C6.R at the Paris Motor Show

Corvette Racing’s C6.R and a 2011 Supersonic Blue Corvette ZR1 are sharing the stage at the Paris Motor Show. Chevrolet is using the display to show visitors how technology gleaned from racing makes a better street car. Check out a couple pictures and the official press release highlighting the track to street technology transfer after the jump.

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Patrick Gramm, founder of Digital Corvettes and producer of the Vette Gararge and Vette Girl video series, introduces his newest project which follows the Blackdog Racing World Challenge GT Corvette and its owner/driver Tony Gaples. Full episodes are expected to drop this fall and to get you hooked, a preview trailer has been released.

Corvette vs Walmart Crash Injures Two

We got a two-fer to go with yesterday’s story of a C6 Corvette crashing into an Emmy-award winning puppeteer’s home. This accident features a black 2007 Corvette driven by 75-year-old Carl Sloan of Morgan Hill, CA. Sloan and 58 year old Teenie Denise were cruising the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart when the car suddenly accelerated and crashed into the front of the store. The cause of the accident may have been due to a medical condition. Both went to the hospital and will be okay. The Corvette? Not so much…

[VIDEO] Johnny O'Connell's Petit Le Man: Bergmeister's Payback

We all remember how last year’s ALMS season ended: Jan Magnussen and Flying Lizard’s Porsche Driver Jorg Bergmeister going toe-to-toe in the last lap at Monterey. Magnussen crashed into a wall while Jorg went on to collect the checkered flag. At Johnny O’Connell’s auction at Petit Le Mans, Jorg stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run for charity. Check out the video to see Jorg’s contribution to the auction and enjoy the good natured ribbing Johnny gives him on behalf of Corvette Racing fans.

Intoxicated Corvette Driver Parks C6 in Burbank Home

On September 24th, 63-year old Pat Leeper crashed his Arctic White C6 Corvette into the Burbank home of Rene Zendejas. Already devastated by the loss of his pet canary a few days earlier, the 89-year-old Emmy winning puppeteer missed his birthday party due to the crash and now has to look forward to dealing with insurance companies to cover the estimated $60,000 in damages. The crash is believed to be caused by drunk driving with tests pending to determine the blood alchohol content of Leeper’s blood.

[VIDEO] TAM GT3 Corvette Callaway Z06.R Promo

I really like some of these promo films coming out of Corvette Motorsport featuring the variety of international teams racing Corvettes. Here is a promo film from TAM House of Portier that runs a GT3 Callaway Corvette Z06.R in the UAE GT Championship. Production values are high and the gratuitous shots of their Corvette on the track is appealing on any continent.