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Stolen Corvette: 1979 T-Top Coupe VIN 1Z8789S440548

This Black 1979 Corvette T-Top Coupe was stolen in Bellevue, Washington on October 7th. The Corvette was at Bellevue Chevrolet on 430 116th Avenue NE when it taken around 8:00 am. The Corvette is all original and has rims that looks like flames. The VIN is 1Z8789S440548. When the Corvette was taken, it was wearing Arizona plates reading 523 DMM. A set of Washington license plates were also in the car and they are 982MLF.

If you are out and about in the Seattle/Bellevue area and you come across such a Corvette, please call authorities or email the details to us and we’ll pass them along to the owner.


Sly Stallone Cruising in his custom 68 Corvette He Purchased at Barrett-Jackson

Remember that custom 1968 Corvette we featured on our Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Results post? Turns out the telephone bidder who paid $198,000 for the 510/660 hp roadster was none other than Sylvester Stallone. He apparently has already taken possession of the vette and was seen cruising Santa Monica in Beverly Hills.


Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: Corvette Sales Top $2.14 Million

Edmund’s Inside Line Belittles the Corvette

by Keith Cornett on October 15, 2009

Chevrolet Website Now Featuring 2010 Corvettes

Earlier this week, a writer named “The Mechanic” at Edmund’s Inside Line blog posted a bogus story entitled “Please GM, Fix the Corvette”. It’s an opinion piece with no facts, just outlandish statements. Bloggers call this technique “linkbait”: an inflammatory article designed for nothing more increasing page views. Example 1: In the first paragraph, “The Mechanic” says this article isn’t an attack on Corvette owners and then in the second paragraph, the author attacks Corvette owners as barrel-chested baldys and strippers named Bambi. See what I mean? Normally, I don’t give these kinds of articles attention, but I must after reading a comment responding to the post from a new 2009 Corvette owner.

First, some more examples of what Edmunds thinks is a newsworthy automotive feature:

This column is not about them (Corvette Owners). It’s about the Corvette itself, which sucks.

Chevy has blown it by allowing the Corvette’s price and performance to get out of hand.

The Corvette has already been displaced as the attainable dream car for America’s youth: displaced by the Infiniti G35 Coupe and the BMW M3 (E46).

And so the Corvette is being squeezed from the bottom by cars like the Infiniti, and it can’t really compete with the upscale stuff (Porsche 911) because of its shoddy interior, questionable fit and finish and 1985 profile.

Read the rest of this dribble here.

Now, here is the comment from a new 2009 Corvette owner that sums up what really happens when you buy a Corvette:

I just bought a C6.
Thanks for applauding my patriotic act – while calling me a fat, bald guy – and my wife a stripper. Please let me know what kind of car you just bought so that I can stereotype you.

I have read Motor Trend for 30 years. My wife thinks its stupid.
After I read this blog – I tend to agree now.
I can afford any car made.
Read that as ANY car made now – or any collector car in existence.

I have taste, class, a beautiful wife and no gold chains or grey hair.

My buddy got a $136,000 Audi R8 – and I got a $60,000 Corvette.
We both wrote checks.

His Audi is Daytona Grey Pearl and my Vette is Cyber Grey.
When we park them side by side at a restaurant – his gets interest, but:

Mine gets awe.
Mine is the one people want to buy.
Mine is the one they have always wanted.
Mine is the one that they can possibly afford.
Mine has a heritage.
Mine has history that means something to them.
Mine is a Corvette.
His isn’t.
That is what a Corvette is about – just as much as how it drives.

Any person who thinks – for one second – that America’s youth does not want a Corvette is smoking way too much crack. I have been to Infiniti and BMW dealers with my 15 year old son. His eyes glaze over. I mean he literally cannot wait to leave their showrooms of shiny little sedans from far away lands. To him, they are like gay little trinkets for girls.

I took him to see Corvettes and the change in him was remarkable. He instantly wanted one. Isn’t that what you want to happen, Chevy Product Managers?

To wrap up, I have never responded to a blog or article in my life.
But, this is the gayest article I have ever read.
In fact, one could say it sucks.

GM: Please keep making the C6 better – then – please – bring us a C7 that those of us in the correct demographic can afford.

Thanks 2009c6owner for telling the rest of the world why people really buy Corvettes. The only real poser in this article is “The Mechanic” who is masquerading as a journalist.


Corvette Coupe Tops Strategic Vision’s 2009 Quality List
Popular Mechanics Tests Corvette’s Fuel Efficiency


Chevrolet Website Now Featuring 2010 Corvettes

by Keith Cornett on October 15, 2009

Chevrolet Website Now Featuring 2010 Corvettes

Since the release of the dedicated Corvette Grand Sport page last month, I’ve been hitting the regular Corvette website to see the changeover from the 2009 model to the 2010 model information. Well, that switch has just happened within the last few days because Chevrolet is now displaying the 2010 Corvette at


A Corvette is the Only Car to be Returned Under GM's 60-Day Return Policy

According to GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, just one car – a Chevrolet Corvette – is the only “authenticated” return under the automaker’s 60-day return policy. Lutz was speaking at a luncheon event in Detroit with journalists and recounted the reason for the return as the customer was tired of shifting a manual gearbox. GM exchanged the Corvette for one with an automatic transmission. Lutz said “He brought it back because me made a mistake.”

Of the roughly 150,000 sales GM has made since launching the “May the Best Car Win” program, only around 100 customers have taken GM up on the offer. Others have taken the conventional incentives offered at the time of the sale.

The money-back guarantee is just one of the ways that shows GM has become more aggressive in its advertising message. “We can stand the comparison with just about anybody,” Lutz said, while pointing out an advertisement that shows Chevrolets registering better fuel-economy figures than counterparts at Toyota. “[But] we need to close this perceptual gap.”


September 2009 Corvette Sales Chevy Launches Webpage Dedicated to the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

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Fehan Honored and Magnussen Gets Probation
Photo Credit: Richard Prince


ISMA, the sanctioning body of the American Le Mans Series said on Monday that Corvette Racing’s Jan Magnussen and Flying Lizards Porsche driver Jorg Bergmeister were placed on a two-race probation starting with Sebring at the start of the 2010 season. The two drivers were issued probation for their parts in the “avoidable contact” that resulted with Jan Magnussen crashing at the finish line at Laguna Seca. The penalty for any further offenses during the probation period will result in a minimum two-race ban from competition.

The American Le Mans Series held their annual awards banquet in Monterey and it was announced that Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan was honored with the “From the Fans” award. The award is Fehan’s second straight From the Fans award which is based on input from fans through voting at

Although GT1 was unrecognized in the official ALMS season awards release, our friends at BadBoy Vettes remind us that it was Gavin and Beretta who came out on top of the GT1 drivers. To do so, they had to beat the best in class!

American Le Mans Series
Badboy Vettes

Corvette Sales Top $2.14 Million

By all accounts, the 2nd annual Barrett-Jackson collector car auction at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was a success. Corvette pricing was strong and bidding was solid. At the conclusion of the three day auction, 29 Corvettes had crossed the block and sales totaled $2,142,250 which includes the buyers commissions. Click through to see the Corvette Results.

The top selling Corvettes were actually a pair of Corvette ZR1s. A 2009 velocity yellow Corvette ZR1 was paired with a Bright Red 1990 Corvette ZR-1 and the duo combined for $205,700. The top selling individual Corvette was a Red 1968 custom Corvette roadster powered by 660 hp V8 that sold on Friday for $198,000. In addition to the high performance 510 cubic inch engine, the Corvette featured a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission, Baer brakes, Boyd Cottington wheels as well as a custom interior. We also witnessed the 1967 Corvette owned by Bruce Willis hammer for $150,000. With the buyers commission, the total sale was $205,700.

Here are the total Corvette results:

14.1 1989 Corvette Coupe $11,000
42 1978 Corvette Coupe $37,400
45.2 1972 Corvette Coupe $20,900
50.2 1991 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe $24,200
70 1990 Corvette Callaway Aerobody $34,650
93 1993 Corvette Coupe $23,100
314 1985 Corvette Coupe $20,350
318 1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary Coupe $14,850
326 1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary Coupe $22,000
329 1991 Corvette Coupe $26,950
354 1964 Corvette 327/350 hp Convertible $60,500
363.2 1965 Corvette 327 ci Convertible $58,300
396 1965 Corvette 396/425 hp Convertible $106,700
402.1 1966 Corvette 427/425 hp Convertible $110,000
411 1961 Corvette 283/230 hp Convertible $57,200
639.1 1969 Corvette 427/390 hp Coupe $44,000
659 1964 Corvette 327/250 hp Coupe $75,900
659.3 1967 Corvette Bruce Willis Convertible $165,000
664 1967 Corvette 427/390 hp Coupe $107,250
677.1 2003 Corvette Avelate Convertible $79,200
678 1968 Corvette Custom Roadster $198,000
680 1960 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible $110,000
685.1 1959 Corvette 283/270 hp Convertible $110,000
688.1 1962 Corvette Custom Convertible $155,100
705 2009 Corvette ZR1 Coupe $102,850
705.1 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe $102,850
717 1958 Corvette LS6 Resto-Mod Convertible $84,700
718 1961 Corvette LS1 Resto-Mod Convertible $95,700
719.2 1966 Corvette 427/425 hp Convertible $83,600
      Total Sales: $2,142,250

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: Bruce Willis Sells His 1967 Corvette Convertible
Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1961 Corvette Convertible
Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1964 NOM Corvette Sting Ray
Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1993 Corvette Sells for $23,100

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[VIDEO] Corvette Racing: Jake Never Forgets

by Keith Cornett on October 11, 2009

Corvette Racing: Battle With Porsche Ends Badly for Magnussen, #3 C6.R

With about 9 minutes left in the Monterey Sports Car Challenge, Jan Magnussen and the #3 Corvette C6.R came up behind the class leading #45 Flying Lizard Porsche driven by Joerg Bergmeister and the race to the checkered flag was on. In dramatic fashion, the two GT2 cars traded positions and paint a number of times before the final seconds when after a punt by Magnussen in turn 11, both cars turned up the straightway and raced toward the finish line. Magnussen clearly had the faster car but Bergmeister held a line that put Mags hard into the inside wall just shy of the finish line.

Following the crash, Jan was taken to the trackside medical center where he was examined and released.

“It was really good, hard racing,” said Magnussen. “I didn’t think I even had a chance after I had to give the position back. Going into the last corner I was too far away to make a proper attack, but Joerg parked the car. I didn’t see that, so I slid up and hit him a little – he went sideways and I managed to get on the inside. It was a drag race up the hill, and I managed to get ahead of him. Then he turned me into the wall, and he kept turning in. Then I spun around the nose of his car.”

The Porsche was credited with the 1.037-second victory while Magnussen’s crash propelled him across the finish line for second place. The #4 Corvette C6.R had its own set of unique issues and finished 12 laps down in 10th place.

Following an epic battle such as this, you’ll hear both camps defending the actions of their drivers. Porsche fans say that Mags deserved it as he was driving too aggressive. Corvette fans will say that Bergmeister was blocking for much of the final laps and the push on turn 11 was justified. What I saw was two racing teams who both wanted to win and both were racing hard down to the final flag. I actually think we are seeing the beginning of a great rivalry.

The last two points to make:

  • 159 days until the 12 Hours of Sebring
  • Jake Never Forgets!

The offical press release from Corvette Racing.

Corvette Racing: Mags Wins First Pole for New GT2 Corvette C6.R
Corvette Racing Wraps Up GT2 Testing at Monterey’s Laguna Seca

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Corvette Racing: You’ve Got To Watch This Race!

by Keith Cornett on October 11, 2009

Corvette Racing's Wild Finish at Laguna Seca
Photo Credit: Marshall Pruett (SPEED)

Corvette Racing wrapped up the 2009 ALMS season with a bang yesterday at the Monterey Sports Car Championships at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. However, since the race is tape-delayed, we’re holding off on our post race coverage until after the race airs this afternoon. If you want to see what Doug Fehan calls some of the best final laps in racing, tune into SPEED today at 2:30 PM EST and check back with us later for a full report.