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1961 Pro Touring Corvette Heading to SEMA

1961 Pro Touring Corvette Heading to SEMA

E-Z UP will be unveiling its 1961 restomod Pro Touring Corvette at the SEMA show that starts Tuesday and runs through Friday in Las Vegas.

[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! The Corvette Dream Giveaway’s 1965 Convertible

[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! The Corvette Dream Giveaway's 1965 Convertible

Happy Monday, Corvette lovers!

We got a special car that we are going to feature for today’s Midyear Monday gallery.

A couple of weeks back we were invited to visit the Dream Giveaway garage – home of the Corvette Dream Giveaway – to see and drive one of the cars in this year’s grand prize package – a 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible with a first-year 396/425 hp big block engine and sidepipes!

First things first. The Corvette Dream Giveaway is a charity fundraiser offering two fantastic Corvettes and $50,000 cash to offset the taxes. In this year’s Dream Garage is a 2016 Corvette Z06 Lingenfelter Signature Edition Serial No.1 and this Black/Red 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible.

Your tax-deductible donation helps a variety of charities including the New Beginning Children’s Home (NBCH) which provides a family-style long-term residential care with a mission to provide foster children a safe and faith-centered family atmosphere where they can heal, grow and be loved. Grants are also offered to respected charities including Disabled American Veterans, National Guard Educational Foundation, Smile Network International, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Bright Pink and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

Click here to get your tickets to win the Vettes and $50,000 cash!

I joined Dream Giveaway Garage’s Mark Breiner for a road test in the car, and then we stopped a park for a quick interview:

This was actually my first time driving a big block midyear and that was a lot of fun. The car is perfectly restored and features great first-year options like the 396/425 V8, side exhaust as well as the J50 Power Brakes and the F40 Suspension. Convenience options include power windows, tilt/tele steering column and power steering.

The car also has a previous NCRS Top Flight Award.

If you like the special Black/Red 1965 Corvette Sting Ray gallery, let us know in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.

C7 Corvette, Camaro Make Consumer Reports Recommended List for 2016

C7 Corvette, Camaro Make Consumer Reports Recommended List for 2016

Chevrolet’s two sports cars – the Corvette and Camaro – have just made it onto the Consumer Reports “Recommended” list for 2016.

Maybe the honor will help boost sales of the two cars, which have been declining in the past few weeks.

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Oct. 30th

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Oct. 30th

Each week, Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvette Stingrays and Z06s (and now Grand Sports) to his customers who come from all parts of the country to work with the nation’s top Corvette seller.

In the latest Corvette Delivery Dispatch, Mike shares the delivery of a 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Convertible. A Corvette Grand Sport gets a R8C Delivery at the National Corvette Museum. We also see plenty of local deliveries done at Criswell Chevrolet. Mike also shares some of his non-Corvette deliveries and a great collection of throwbacks and barnfinds.

[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Owner Uses the PDR to Record Valet Driving Recklessly

[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Owner Uses PDR to Record Valet Driving Recklessly

Ever since the parking lot valets in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off took a classic Ferrari for a wild joy ride through the streets of Chicago, we’ve been nervous about leaving an expensive car in a parking garage.

To make ourselves feel better, we have always tried to tell ourselves that it was just a movie and that real valets are professionals and would never do anything like that.

Now we may have to rethink that philosophy.

Prep your Corvette for Winter with Corvette Central

Prep your Corvette for Winter with Corvette Central

Scary weather is just around the corner. Don’t get caught unprepared! Our friends at Corvette Central have all the winter preparation products you’ll need!

And when you spend at least $149, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States. Just use the coupon code PREP16 during checkout and you’ll be good to go!

Some restrictions apply. Offer expires on 10/31/2016 @ 11:59pm ET and applies only to retail orders placed at www.CorvetteCentral.com.

For tips about winterizing your Corvette, check out this tech article from Corvette Central.


Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Separation Anxiety

Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Separation Anxiety

Corvette owners can get real nervous when a few days pass and they are not able to drive their baby. If you feel any sort of anxiety, or are experiencing an elevated heartbeat and/or shortness of breath, please seek medical attention immediately.

I’m actually heading out to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for the whole week. Normally I would be suffering separation anxiety from my Corvette as well, but this is SEMA so I expect to be surrounded by fantastic Corvettes, custom show cars and of course, the infamous SEMA booth girls.

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[GALLERY] Black Friday! (46 Corvette photos)

[GALLERY] Black Friday! (46 Corvette photos)

On the last Friday of each month we present a photo gallery featuring Black Corvettes from all seven generations.

As today is the final Friday for October, let’s roll out a this month’s Black Friday gallery featuring 46 black Vettes. With Halloween right around the corner, remember that all Corvettes have a bit darkness in them. It all depends on how far you want to take that ride.

And for those Black Corvette owners who know a thing or two about keeping those beautiful cars looking good, we salute you!

Please try our sharing buttons to share this gallery with your Corvette friends and as always, feel free to catch up with us in the comments below or visit us on Twitter and Facebook.

Mom Sentenced 6 to 23 Months in Prison for Putting Kids in the ‘Trunk’ of a 2002 Corvette

Mom Sentenced 6 to 23 months in Prison for Putting Kids in the 'Trunk' of a 2002 Corvette

No doubt many a 1963-67 Corvette coupe’s storage area behind the seats was used to haul kids around back in the day, without incident.

But these are different times.

A Hanover, Pennsylvania mom found that out Thursday in court.

Save on Corvette Apparel at Zip Corvette!

Save on Corvette Apparel at Zip Corvette!

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, Zip Corvette has the Corvette Apparel you need to stay cozy and comfortable this fall!

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