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Corvette Central Launches New Corvette Accessories Website

Just in time for the holidays, our friends at Corvette Central have launched a new website to help you find great Corvette accessories, clothing and more. The name is really easy to remember too! Just point your browser to (or the shorter and you will find thousands of Corvette-related merchandise perfect for any Corvette lover.

Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Talks Corvette with Stanford Business School

Here’s a great interview with Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business that offers probably the best insight into the genius behind the C7.

Tadge – after meeting him just one time at the National Corvette Museum, his personable demeanor makes you feel like you’ve known him for years – has been with General Motors for 37 years, long enough to see GM go from an arrogant “Apple Computer of its day” to an entity just struggling to survive to a company that has now reinvented itself and is making some of the best cars in the world.

Follow the Nation's Top Corvette Seller Mike Furman on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, make sure you stop by the new Corvette Furman Facebook Page for the country’s top Corvette seller Mike Furman and give him a LIKE. By following Mike Furman on Facebook, you’ll meet some of his customers as they stop by Criswell Chevrolet or the NCM to pick up their new Corvette Stingrays and Z06s being delivered. Mike will also be sharing pics and stories from his visits to various shows and Corvette related events.

Click here for Mike’s Corvette Furman Facebook Page and tell him CorvetteBlogger sent you!


[VIDEO] Two Forgiato Corvette Stingrays Steal the Show at DC Exotics Cars and Coffee

If there was ever a manual about car shows, then this chapter would be titled “How to Take Over a Car Show”. And the pictures in that manual would show these two Forgiato Corvette Stingrays that visited the the DC Exotics Cars and Coffee event held at the end of September.

If you’ve ever been to a decent cars and coffee show, you know you can expect to see many exotic cars. But these two Stingray widebodies stole the show.