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Today is Legendary Corvette Designer Larry Shinoda’s Birthday

Today is Legendary Corvette Designer Larry Shinoda's Birthday

Happy Birthday Larry!

Larry Shinoda was born March 25, 1930 in Los Angeles, California. Like typical So-Cal boys, he loved cars and would draw pictures of them. As a teen, he enjoyed hotrodding and street racing and his pursuits of all things automotive eventually led him to Art Center College of Design.

College wasn’t for him though and labeled as a malcontent, he was kicked out of art school. One of his teachers invited him to present some of his designs to Ford and he was hired a few months later. Larry spent a year at Ford, and then worked for nine months at Packard before landing a design job at General Motors.

[VIDEO] World’s First Radio Controlled C6 Corvette Hits the Track

[VIDEO] World's First Radio Controlled C6 Corvette Hits the Track

Remember when we told you about the world’s first radio-controlled C6 Corvette a few months ago?

Well, the guy behind that wild creation have posted another video on YouTube that shows their black C6 doing doughnuts on the Raceway Venray track in The Netherlands.

Corvette Sales Spotlight: Sport Chevrolet

Corvette Sales Spotlight: Sport Chevrolet

Are you a Sport fan? No, we’re not talking balls, bats, hoops or 9 irons. We are talking about our friends at Sport Chevrolet in Silver Spring, Maryland, a family run dealership serving the Washington DC area and all of Maryland for over 37 years!

If you are looking to buy a new 2016 Corvette Stingray or Z06, or perhaps you are looking forward to the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, Sport Chevrolet has you covered with over 20 Corvettes in stock and many are discounted to get you out the door and on the road today.

The Lingenfelter Collection’s Spring Open House is April 23rd

The Lingenfelter Collection's Spring Open House is April 23rd

The Lingenfelter Collection will be holding its annual Spring Open House coming up on Saturday April 23rd. This is your chance to help out some great charities and view one of the top car collections in the world.

Doug Fehan: “Corvette Racing is the World’s Best GT Racing Team”

Doug Fehan: 'Corvette Racing is the World's Best GT Racing Team'

After Corvettes have won the last five of the world’s top endurance races, Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan has seen enough.

With the team’s latest performance, last Saturday’s Sebring 12 Hour win, Fehan declared that Corvette Racing is the best in its class.

It’s hard to argue.

[VIDEO] Pro Driver vs Average Joe: Can a Ford Fiesta Outrun a Corvette Stingray?

[VIDEO] Pro Driver vs Average Joe: Can a Ford Fiesta Outrun a Corvette Stingray?

I think the last time we saw a Corvette chasing a Ford Fiesta, it was a Top Gear episode which answered the question that was one everyone’s mind – What if I go to a shipping centre and get chased by baddies in a Corvette? Why that match-up was memorable was its location – that race took place inside a shopping mall!

Now we have another challenge featuring a Corvette Stingray and a Fiesta ST from Turnology.com. This race is a little more grounded in reality because of the premise – Can a Pro Driver in a Ford Fiesta outrun a Corvette Stingray driven by an average Joe?

New York Shuts Down the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Corvette Raffle

New York Shuts Down the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department's Annual Corvette Raffle

Over the years, we covered various Corvette raffles and fundraisers by both for-profit and non-profit organizations. As raffles are covered by state laws and since most states consider raffles as “gaming”, it really depends on the individual state as to how those raffles are conducted.

Unfortunately, many of these laws are antiquated and have not kept up with the advances in technology and the internet which can extend an organization’s ability to raise funds outside of the state.

Fugitive Driver in Fatal Corvette Test Drive Crash is Apprehended

Fugitive Driver in Fatal Corvette Test Drive Crash is Apprehended

The man charged with the death of a CarMax salesman during a test drive in a Corvette is back in jail.

Alex Mark Demetro, 28, of Union City, Calif., had been a fugitive for three days when he was arrested March 18 in Rancho Cucamonga.

Demetro was immediately re-arraigned on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence of drugs, and driving on a suspended or revoked license – and promptly pleaded not guilty in court.

Witnesses say that Demetro was driving the Corvette on Feb. 23 at high speed, up to 70 mph, during the test drive when he lost control and crashed into a tree on Mercedes Drive, about a mile northeast of Ontario International Airport, killing the 43-year-old salesman on board with him, Warren Smale of Montclair.

Ontario police said Demetro was high on prescription drugs during the Corvette test drive and his license had been suspended for failing to appear in court on prior motor vehicle violations.

Demetro was out on $100,000 bail by the day after the crash and then failed to show up for a court date on March 15, ironically the same day his victim was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina. Demetro’s bail has been upped to $500,000 now.

Robert Soleto, a former CarMax salesman and a friend of Smale’s, told The Press Enterprise that reckless test drivers are rare but they’re among the greatest hazards faced by car salesmen.

“if a customer is driving recklessly, we order them to stop…and terminate the test drive,” Sotela told the newspaper hours after his friend’s funeral. “I’ve only terminated test drives twice (in more than a year). And I did two or three test drives daily, so that’s a pretty low number of terminations.”


Driver in Fatal Corvette Test Drive Crash is Now a Fugitive
[ACCIDENT] CarMax Auto Salesman Killed During a Corvette Test Drive
[VIDEO] C4 Driver Charged with Attempted Murder After Hitting a Man Twice with His Corvette


Five Crazy Moments for Corvette Racing at the Twelve Hours of Sebring

Five Crazy Moments for Corvette Racing at the Twelve Hours of Sebring

To say that Saturday’s 64th Annual Twelve Hours of Sebring was eventful would be an understatement. Rain, crashes, near misses and the back and forth of pitting for slicks vs wet tires seemed to be the norm. And for the 10 cars racing in the GTLM class, the playbooks went out the window following a one hour rain delay only a quarter of the way into the race.

Corvette Racing’s strategy for the twelve hour endurance race was to run the cleanest race possible and be in contention at the end so you can race for the win. And when that fails, you hope lady luck is on your side. On Saturday, she was Corvette Racing’s co-pilot.

Here are our top five crazy moments from Mobil 1’s Twelve Hours of Sebring that will make this race one for the ages.

Planning Commission Tables Decision on Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park Development Plan

Nearly four hours of debate at a hearing Thursday apparently settled nothing in the ongoing noise dispute between the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park and the nearby Clark Circle neighborhood.

After listening to testimony from both sides, the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County ultimately voted unanimously to table the matter – to get even more information.