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[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! (38 Corvette photos)

[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! (38 Corvette photos)

Whew! What a day!

Normally I try to get Midyear Monday out of the way earlier, but instead ran into a case of the Mondays where nothing seemed to go as planned. But my mood instantly changed late this afternoon as soon as I started selecting the Corvettes that would be featured in today’s C2 photo gallery.

No matter how bad Mondays can be, Midyear Monday is our lifeline to the things we really care about while going about our day jobs…and that’s our classic Corvettes!

Thanks to awesome submissions as we are featuring several of your Corvettes in this week’s gallery. And once again I sneaked in a personal photo. Really, who would trade in a new Mustang for a Corvette in a 1966 anyway. Oh, that would be my dad, Mr. Cornett!

Do you have a C2 Corvette you would like to share? Feel free to email it to me at

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[ACCIDENT] Texas Corvette Driver Killed in Suspected DWI Crash with Off-Duty Police Officer

[ACCIDENT] Texas Corvette Driver Killed in Suspected DWI Crash with Off-Duty Police Officer
Photo Credit: Jeff Ehling / ABC13

An 8-year-old girl lost her father in a horrific head-on crash in Fort Bend County, Texas on Friday morning.

And, the veteran Houston police officer who ran head-on into her dad’s silver C5 Z06 Corvette has been put on paid leave, pending the results of a blood alcohol test.

[ACCIDENT] Something Crashed into the Back of Angelyne’s Pink Corvette Stingray

[ACCIDENT] Something Crashed into the Back of Angelyne's Pink Corvette Stingray
Photo Credit: Fireball Tim Lawrence

One of Hollywood’s more colorful characters is “billboard queen” Angelyne and her pink Corvettes. We’ve featured the L.A. icon a time or two including pictures of her latest Corvette – a bright pink Corvette Stingray.

If you don’t know the story of Angelyne, she’s famous for a billboard campaign from the 1980s featuring a suggestive photo of her with along with her name and a telephone number for her fan club. Although she does have a few records and acting credits to her name, today it’s the billboards and the succession of pink Corvettes that she is known for.

[ACCIDENT] Something Crashed into the Back of Angelyne's Pink Corvette Stingray
Photo Credit:

So imagine our surprise (and horror) when we found out this morning that her C7 Corvette Stingray has somehow been damaged in some sort of accident.

We caught sight of Angelyne’s wrecked Corvette Stingray in a parking lot this video from a Malibu video blogger known as Fireball Tim Lawrence who was cruising the streets of Malibu when he spotted the unique Corvette at a CVS drugstore.

The damage to the rear of the car is fairly significant as the rear end looks like it took a hit right around the license plate, cracking the right side cooling vents and throwing the hatch and rear panels out of alignment. Directly under her vanity license plate shows the quad exhaust with the two right side exhaust ports pushed in about two inches more than the left site. In fact, that could be really unsafe if those exhaust ports heat up and start burning the plastic panels. The rear fascia looks like it has been taped to the rest of the car to hold it on.

[ACCIDENT] Something Crashed into the Back of Angelyne's Pink Corvette Stingray

Our guess is that either Angelyne was rear ended or backed into an unyielding object which caused the extensive damage to the rear of her car.

I wouldn’t worry too much though as we’re sure that Angelyne will have her Corvette Stingray back together soon. After all, this is Hollywood and driving a wrecked Corvette just won’t do.

Fireball Malibu Vlog

L.A.’s Angelyne the ‘Billboard Queen’ and Her Pink C7 Corvette Stingray
[VIDEO] Los Angeles Socialite Angelyne Spotted in Her Pink Corvette
Corvettes on eBay: Angelyne’s 2008 Pink Corvette


[GALLERY] 14th Annual Corvettes at CORSA

[GALLERY] 14th Annual Corvettes at CORSA

Our friends at CORSA Performance held their annual Corvettes only show in connection with Corvette Cleveland on the last day of July at their facilities in Berea, Ohio. This was the 14th Annual Corvettes at CORSA car show which helps raise money for Guidestone.

Once again a great crowd turned out with an estimated 350 Corvettes in attendance. Corvette owners were able to tour CORSA’s facilities as well as take advantage of special savings and free installs of CORSA exhaust systems and air intakes.

Our friend Carl Zander attended the show and offered these great photos.

[VIDEO] Dad Uses a C6 Corvette Z06 to Pull Junior’s Loose Tooth

[VIDEO] Dad Uses a C6 Corvette Z06 to Pull Junior's Loose Tooth

This is definitely the most unusual way we’ve ever seen to pull a loose tooth!

For many of us, the old joke has always been to tie a string around the tooth and then attach the other end to a door knob and slam the door. Presto, one tooth pulled!

[ACCIDENT] Pickup Truck Lands on Top of a Corvette Stingray in California

[ACCIDENT] Pickup Truck Lands on top of a Corvette in California

We certainly hope the driver of this Torch Red C7 Corvette coupe is okay after a pickup truck lands on top of the Stingray on Thursday.

He had to be extricated from the Corvette after the rush hour crash on the southbound 55 Freeway near the 22nd Street on-ramp in Costa Mesa, Calif.

[PIC] Corvette Racing at Road America: Celebrating 100 All-Time Victories

[PIC] Corvette Racing at Road America: Celebrating 100 All-Time Victories

Just ahead of Victory No. 101!

Members of Corvette Racing, Chevrolet leadership and partners from Mobil 1 celebrated the team’s 100 all-time victories with a special photo shoot during last weekend’s International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) event at Road America.

[VIDEO] Two Barn Find Corvettes Sold at Reno’s Hot August Nights Auction

[VIDEO] Two Barn Find Corvettes Sold at Reno's Hot August Nights Auction

Two old Corvettes made their way out of their dusty homes to become barn find stars at the recent MAG Auctions Hot August Nights in Reno, Nev.

Butch Bockmier was trying to sell a red 1965 Corvette roadster that he had discovered at an estate in the Seattle area.

[VIDEO] Watch the Final Minutes from Road America as Corvette Racing Goes from 5th to 1st in GTLM

[VIDEO] Watch the Final Minutes from Road America as Corvette Racing Goes from 5th to 1st in GTLM

Sunday’s win at Road America by Corvette Racing was an incredible example of the team’s motto “Never Give Up”. The No. 4 Chevrolet Corvette C7.Rs seemed to struggle with the pace but they continued to make adjustments throughout the race. On the team’s last stop with 51 minutes remaining, Engineer Chuck Houghton made a final adjustment on the car which really seemed to bring new life to the GTLM Championship leaders.

That’s Not a Corvette Z06 on the Movie Set of Transformers 5

That’s not a Corvette Z06 Spotted on the Transformers 5 Set

So the big pop culture news is that the latest installment of Transformers: The Last Knight is filming ahead of next summer’s opening and yes, the Green and Black C7 Corvette known as Crosshairs appears to be one of the returning Autobot characters.

A series of images showing the cars that are featured in the movie made their way to Autoblog yesterday and while they are saying that the Corvette is a Z06, we have our doubts based on the styling cues in the photos.

As these images appear to be bought and paid for, feel free to go check out Autoblog’s gallery of photos featuring the “Corvette Z06” transformers and then come back and I will tell how we know this is a Corvette Stingray.