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Thanks for the tip, Martin! Source: People of Walmart  

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[youtube] You'll be dancing too with the amount of money you saved by purchasing a new 2010 Corvette at Kerbeck Corvette!  

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The Dry Sump Lubrication System has been around now for several years as a standard option on the Corvette Z06 and the...

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Move along people, move along. Nothing to see here. Please disperse. Oh, you want to see more? Here is a larger pic of the left...

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[youtube] Here is a group of Corvettes from North and Central Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf States arriving in Bowling Green. The video was...

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[youtube] Want to get to know Oliver Gavin? You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter  

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The Florida leg of the 2009 National Corvette Caravan kicked off their cruise to Bowling Green, Kentucky for this weekend's 15th Anniversary...

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I just purchased a brand new iPhone 3GS and created a custom wallpaper featuring my 1966 Corvette to give it a personalized look....

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Last Friday you may have seen a slew of online coverage from the auto blogs and magazines detailing "First Drive" reviews of the new...

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Source: Life Magazine