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2010 SEMA: Chevy Display Features Corvette Triple Threat

by Keith Cornett on November 4, 2010

2010 SEMA: Chevrolet Display Features Corvette Triple Threat

Racing Jake, Grand Sport Jake, and the track-ready Corvette Z06X!

Photo Credit: @BerryLowman


[VIDEO] New Corvette C6.R Chassis Testing at Sebring

by Keith Cornett on November 2, 2010

Here’s a quick clip of the new Corvette C6.R chassis testing at Sebring on Monday. The matte black Compuware Corvette was joined on the track with the #3 Corvette C6.R. See photos and a couple more short videos on photobucket.

From Oliver Gavin’s Facebook page:
Just finished marathon day of testing at Sebring… Ran from 9am – 9pm…Stopped for 40mins at 6pm, Chateau Elan had a wedding…

From SEMA to Sebring, Jake Never Rests!


[VIDEO] Transformed: Corvette ZR1 PC, Radio Controlled!

by Keith Cornett on November 1, 2010

[VIDEO] Transformed: Corvette ZR1 PC, Radio Controlled!

The computer geek in me loved this video. The CorvetteBlogger in me made sure to share it with you! Watch how a remote controlled Corvette toy becomes a modded personal computer.


[POLL] Do You Like The New “Chevy Runs Deep” Ad

by Keith Cornett on October 29, 2010

[POLL] Do You Like the

This week Chevrolet introduced a new advertising campaign which debuted during Wednesday night’s Game 1 of the World Series. The ad is narrated by Tim Allen and features the new tagline “Chevy Runs Deep”. 100 years of Chevrolet history is shown including the new Volt and the 2011 Arctic White Corvette ZR1 featured in the “Rockets” ad. Watch the new commercial and then cast your vote whether or not you think the new tagline will be a success for Chevy.


Lawrence Welk Edition C5 Corvette Shows Unique Features

by Keith Cornett on October 28, 2010

Lawrence Welk Edition C5 Corvette Shows Unique Features

Here is one customized Corvette you won’t see a SEMA. With the demographics of Corvette owners trending older, I’m sure this won’t be the last Corvette to feature a scooter carrier. Hands down, the kicker of the photo is the “BYE” handicap vanity license plate which shows the owner not only has their faculties, but a keen sense of humor as well.


[VIDEO] Corvette Engineer Discusses the ZR1's Exposed Carbon Fiber

When the Corvette ZR1 was first introduced to the public in 2008, one of the features causing a huge buzz in the automotive world was the exposed carbon fiber roof and the very expensive UV-resistant clear coat (said to cost $60,000 per gallon) that keeps the carbon fiber from cracking and yellowing in the sun. In this video, Corvette engineer Mark Voss talks about that clear coat covering that acts like a sunscreen to protect the panel for the life of the car.


Corvettes at the Cars and Coffee Meet in St. Pete

by Keith Cornett on October 16, 2010

Corvettes at the Cars and Coffee Meet in St. Pete

This morning found me up before the sun cruising across Tampa Bay to the duPont Registry’s Cars and Coffee meet in St. Petersburg. Florida. The monthly get-together keeps growing and as such there is a ton of eye candy for our viewing pleasure. The earliest Corvette we found was a silver 1964 Coupe and the latest model was a 2010 supercharged Callaway Corvette. Check out our gallery of photos after the jump.


[VIDEO] Trailer for “The Speed Business”

by Keith Cornett on October 10, 2010


Patrick Gramm, founder of Digital Corvettes and producer of the Vette Gararge and Vette Girl video series, introduces his newest project which follows the Blackdog Racing World Challenge GT Corvette and its owner/driver Tony Gaples. Full episodes are expected to drop this fall and to get you hooked, a preview trailer has been released.


[VIDEO] Oliver Gavin’s Corvette Racing Season Recap

by Keith Cornett on October 7, 2010

Oliver Gavin's Corvette Racing Season Recap

Oliver Gavin is at Pratt & Miller headquarters where the team is already hard at work preparing for the 2011 season. Oliver takes some time out of testing a new seat to give us a recap of the 2010 season.


[VIDEO] Johnny O'Connell's Petit Le Man: Bergmeister's Payback

We all remember how last year’s ALMS season ended: Jan Magnussen and Flying Lizard’s Porsche Driver Jorg Bergmeister going toe-to-toe in the last lap at Monterey. Magnussen crashed into a wall while Jorg went on to collect the checkered flag. At Johnny O’Connell’s auction at Petit Le Mans, Jorg stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run for charity. Check out the video to see Jorg’s contribution to the auction and enjoy the good natured ribbing Johnny gives him on behalf of Corvette Racing fans.