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[VIDEO] Mom Gets Taken For a Ride Around Laguna Seca in a Corvette Z06

I love these kinds of videos that show hapless passengers hanging on for dear life as they are taken for a ride around a race track. But for some reason, it’s even more fun when that passenger is your own mother. One driver named Darius not only takes his mom for some hot laps around Laguna Seca in a Corvette Z06, he makes sure a camera captures the whole experience.


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s C6.Rs Crash at Lime Rock

by Keith Cornett on July 11, 2011

[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's C6.Rs Crash at Lime Rock

The Yellow and Black Corvette factory racers were only 20 minutes into the 2 hour 45 minute shootout at the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock when contact between an LMPC prototype and one of the Extreme Speed Ferraris caused a chain reaction which collected the #4 and #3 Corvettes and the #55 BMW. Both Corvettes were damaged and by the time repairs were completed, both cars were out of contention and 15-20 laps off the leader.


Corvettes on eBay: The A Team’s 1984 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on July 8, 2011

Corvettes on eBay: The A-Team's 1984 Corvette

Here’s a Corvette that had its 15 minutes of fame in television history. For sale on eBay is the 1984 Corvette that was driven by Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck of the A-Team series. It was the only Corvette used during the show’s 1983-87 run and featured a custom red stripe that went around the entire car. The Corvette is documented with registrations from Stephen J. Cannell’s production company as well as two empty blank shells found under the passenger seat.


C4 Corvette Owner Dumps Supercharged 396 V8 for an Electric Motor

Wayne Bickley’s 1996 Black Corvette and its supercharged 396 cubic inch V8 was the epitome of performance. Unfortunately, it was also a target of California’s stringent emissions laws. So instead of fighting the man, Bickley went the opposite direction by dumping the gas-powered V8 engine for an electric motor and a batch of 16-volt batteries. How is the performance of that black Vette now? Check out these videos to see for yourself.


[VIDEO] 1000hp Twin Turbo Z06 Burns to the Ground

We’re not sure what sparked the fire that caused this torch red C5 Z06 to burn to the ground, and the original poster didn’t say, but judging by the way the flames are dancing along the ground, it definitely looks fuel related. A lot of money went into this car for the opportunity to play in the 1000 hp club and in just a few minutes it was all gone.


[VIDEO] The Autobots of Transformers 3

by Keith Cornett on June 28, 2011

[VIDEO] The Autobots of Transformers 3

Chevy put out this brief preview of the Autobots that are featured in the next installment of the Transformers movie franchise. Sideswipe, the autobot that reverts to the Stingray Corvette concept is featured prominently in the preview.


[PICS] National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

Article and photos contributed by Steve Burns

We finally had a chance to check out the new 2012 color, Carlisle Blue, in person last weekend at the Bloomington Gold show. This was on the same car which we spotted on Lance Miller’s Facebook page. A constant stream of people surrounded the new Grand Sport convertible and its 2012 stable mates in the GM booth most of the weekend. Click past the jump to see more of Corvette’s newest shade of blue.


The Quest Documentary to be Shown at Corvettes at Carlisle

In case you were unable to make it to Carlisle, PA back in May for the Premiere of The Quest, the acclaimed documentary about the Briggs Cunningham Corvettes that raced for the first time at 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1960, we’ve got good news. The movie has been booked for an encore showing during Corvettes at Carlisle. The movie will be shown Thursday, August 25th at 8:00 pm. Get your tickets now because this event is sure to sell out!


[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 Laps the Nurburgring in 7:22.68

by Keith Cornett on June 23, 2011

[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 Laps Nurburgring in 7:22.68

When GM returned to the Nurburgring to validate the 2012 Corvettes, the ZR1 wasn’t the only car driven by test driver Jim Mero. Mero also drove a black 2012 Corvette Z06, outfitted with the Z07 chassis package, and posted a lap time of 7:22.68. The new lap time for the Z06 is just 3 seconds off the record-setting 7:19.63 time Mero recently recorded in the ZR1 while besting the previous Z06 record at the Nurburgring by nearly 20 seconds.


[VIDEO] Corvette AdWatch: Listen | Corvette Victory at Le Mans

Following the ALMS win at Petit Le Mans last October, Chevy purchased a full page ad in USA Today to celebrate the victory. So we’ve been wondering how Chevrolet would celebrate the #73 Corvette C6.R’s Victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Well this morning, Chevy tweeted out a link to a new commercial on its youtube channel called “Listen | Corvette Victory at Le Mans” which showcases Corvette Racing’s win at the 24 hour race.