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Vettes in the News

Stolen Corvette Now Restored, Ready for New Life

by Keith Cornett on August 28, 2006

Remember Alan Poster? His 1968 Corvette had been stolen in early 1969 and it was 37 years later in January 2006 that authorities found it at the Long Beach port in California during a routine customs check. Not much is known as to what happened to the Corvette over the last three decades, and during that time it was repainted Silver and the blue interior changed to red. As the recovery of the Corvette created a stir among the auto enthusiast community, donated $15,000 in parts and restoration shop California Classics did the work to return the 1968 Convertible back to its original configuration. Last weekend at the Corvettes at Carlisle show, Alan reintroduced the Corvette to enthusiasts and media, and has dubbed the newly restored classic “Reunion Blues”. He plans to use his Corvette’s “celebrity status” to promote worthy causes.

1968 Convertible Corvette 1968 Convertible Corvette 1968 Convertible Corvette
Photos: Dave Scavone for
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New Chevy Commercial Touts Corvettes HWY MPG

by Keith Cornett on August 26, 2006

A new commercial from Chevrolet focuses on the highway fuel economy of its passenger vehicles. This particular spot aired earlier this week on ESPN’s SportCenter. The commercial starts with how Chevrolet is a car company that helps it customers get more from their cars, including gas mileage. 9 out of 10 Chevrolet passenger cars get an EPA estimated 30 highway miles per gallon or better is the claim. The new Corvette Z06 is shown with the voiceover saying “Here’s one that doesn’t…but it still gets 26 MPG highway”. “Chevy…We’re taking a full tank further” is how it ends. A very well-done commercial. See the clip below:

It is great to see Chevrolet use the Corvette in its commercials in an active way, as opposed to just showing a picture of it on a car transport. With its Halo status and the fact that it is one of Chevy’s moneymakers, the company needs to find more avenues for linking its line of cars to the heritage of the Corvette.
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2007 Corvette Last Year for Le Mans Blue?

by Keith Cornett on August 22, 2006 has two sources that have said the current 2007 model year will be the last for Le Mans Blue and that another shade of blue resurrected from the early 70′s Corvettes will be made available in its place. The new color is Mulsanne Blue, which graced Corvettes in 1970-71. How close the new shade will be compared to the classic C3 color still remains a mystery although one of Conti’s sources said that he has seen it on a Corvette. Comments on the DC forum mention how much the new color resembles Nassau Blue and the general consensus is that it is too light. It’s not like Le Mans Blue is a widely popular color. Last year, it was third to last in total production with 10.2% of Corvettes painted Le Mans Blue, beating only Daytona Sunset Orange and Artic White. Here is the 1970 Mulsanne Blue Corvette Convertible next to a Le Mans Blue 2006 Z06.

Mulsanne Blue Le Mans Blue
Mulsanne Blue Le Mans Blue
Conti has also dropped a hint that another dark gray may be in the works, darker than the Spiral Gray of C5 Corvettes. We’ll stay tuned! Source:
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Meet The New Chief Engineer of Corvette

by Keith Cornett on August 18, 2006

Chief Corvette Engineer Last month, Corvette’s Chief Engineer baton passed yet again, the second time in seven months, to Tadge Juechter. Tadge had been Assistant Vehicle Chief Engineer for the Corvette since 2001 and has played a key role in the successful development and launch of the C6 Corvette and the Z06. Tadge will work directly under Tom Wallace, who remains the Vehicle Line Engineer and has responsibilities for the Corvette, Solstice, Sky and Cadillac XLR. The official announcement was made July 19, 2006, but as of July 1st, Tadge Juechter is the 5th Corvette Chief Engineer. The first Corvette Engineer was Zora Arkus Duntov, followed by David McLellan, David Hill, and Tom Wallace. Tadge’s remarks to the employees at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant: “Being named chief engineer is a huge honor for me and a responsibility I take very seriously. I have really enjoyed working with all the folks in Bowling Green. I consider myself a true partner with everyone in the plant, and I look forward to continuing that partnership. I feel like I am a member of the team at Bowling Green, and that’s not going to change. Tom Wallace and I will be working very hard to keep Corvette moving forward at great speed.” In addition to Corvette, Tadge’s Chief Engineer duties include the Cadillac XLR, also produced at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Source:
Photo: Monterey Corvette Club
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Corvette Ranks 2nd in JD Power Dependability Survey

by Keith Cornett on August 10, 2006

In their latest survey, JD Power measures problems experienced by original owners of three year old vehicles (2003 model year). Corvette was listed in 2nd place in the Premium Sporty Car segment. The Lexus SC 430 was the highest-ranked car and the now discontinued Ford Thunderbird was third. Corvette is the only passenger car from Chevrolet to show up in the top three of their respective category. The Suburban (SUV) and Express (Van) each were listed in the top three of their categories. The 2003 model year was the second to last year of the C5 generation. It will be interesting to view the long-term results of dependability for the new C6 Corvettes. Click here for Complete Survey Results
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Z06 Corvette to Pace Brickyard 400

by Keith Cornett on August 3, 2006

The 505 hp Z06 Corvette has been named the Offical Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, running at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 6th. While the Corvette has been a favorite pace car of the Indianapolis 500, pacing the most famous race in America a record 8 times, this will be the first time Corvette has earned pace car duties for the annual NASCAR event at the historic track.

“We’re excited to have the 505-hp Corvette Z06 back at the world-famous Brickyard speedway as the Allstate 400 pace car,” said Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager. “The Corvette is so racing-ready that all we do is add strobe lights, racing safety belts and a fun paint scheme and it’s ready to pound the bricks at up to 198 mph.”
The Brickyard 400 Pace Car has a paint scheme unique for the event. Pace car designer Kip Wasenko says of the exterior theme, “We’ve used the new sixth-generation Corvette to pace several races recently and its shape is so iconic that we’re comfortable getting a little more abstract and artistic with the pace car theme and not sticking to a design that follows the lines of the car.”
Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard
Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Z06 Corvette - The Official Pace Car of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard
The 13th annual Allstate 400 at the Brickyard starts at 2:30 p.m. (ET) Sunday, Aug. 6 and will be televised live on NBC. Source:
Photos: Ron McQueeney & Jim Haines Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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2007 Z06 Corvette MSRP Increases Nearly $3K

by Keith Cornett on August 1, 2006

Corvette Window StickerWord on the street is that the MSRP for the 2007 Z06 Corvette has been increased from $66,465 to $69,175 for the base model that includes the 1LZ package. With the 2LZ package, MSRP rises to $73,485. I was just on and the lower prices are still listed, but visits to both and have comments from Dealers confirming the price change. Z06 buyers on the forums who have order numbers have been calling their dealers to inquire about the price increase are also being told that its true. Rick Conti gives this advice to those with deposits: Look at your GM order sheet. If it has your name and address as the customer, then you should be price protected. If not, call your dealer immediately. The Z06 is still a fantastic bargain for the price, and adding an additional 5% to the cost of the car will do little to slowdown the enthusiasm Corvette buyers have for it. The increase probably has very little to do with demand and more to do with covering the manufacturing costs due to increased energy costs. Sadly, this increase will do little to stop the stem of gouging by certain dealers. Check out this window sticker from a dealer in Washington that added a $29,995 Adjusted Markup Value to the cost of a Z06 making the total $102,785! Wonder what his cost will be once the Blue Devil/Stingray arrives! Source: | |
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Motor Trend Hails Return of Corvette Stingray

by Keith Cornett on July 29, 2006

Corvette StingrayMotor Trend magazine has a nice piece on the Blue Devil – only their take on the Supercharged Corvette not only calls it the Stingray (not Sting Ray for those of us inclined to the Mid Year version), but their illustration also has it badged with the very cool Super Sport SS logo. The supercharged version of the LS7 7.0-liter V8 will also weigh in at 2900 pounds, a couple hundred pounds less than the current Z06. Can you say carbon fiber! Motor Trend also predicts the unleashing of the uber-Vette to happen in mid-2007. Source: Motor Trend Magazine (via
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Final 2006 Corvette Production Numbers

by Keith Cornett on July 25, 2006

Now that the 2006 Corvette Model Year has ended, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant has released their final count of option penetration for the year. Just over 34,000 Corvettes were produced for the 2006 Model Year. 49% of production went to coupes, 33% Convertibles and the hot new Z06 accounted for 18% – 6,272 units total. No big surprises with exterior colors. Corvette owners still prefer Red Corvettes. The two shades of red, Victory and Monterey, combined for 32% of production. One out of every five Corvettes is Black. The least produced color is Artic White with 4.7% penetration and the now discontinued Daytona Orange Sunset Metallic (DOSM) came in at 5.1%. One of the hot options available is R8C Museum Delivery where the new owner can take delivery of their Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky, just across the street from the assembly plant. For the 2006 Model Year 1,172 new owners received their keys at the NCM. Here are the major options in their respective categories:

Corvettes Produced Amount Percent    
Coupes 16,598 49%    
Convertibles 11,151 33%    
Z06 Hardtops 6,272 18%    
  _______ _______    
Total 34,021 100%    
Exterior Colors Total Coupe Convertible Z06
10U Artic White 1,588 941 647 0
19U Le Mans Blue 3,459 1,815 973 671
41U Black 7,243 3,365 2,206 1,672
45U Velocity Yellow 4,122 1,540 1,118 1,464
67U Machine Silver 4,984 2,370 1,636 978
71U Daytona Sunset Orange 1,729 930 571 282
74U Victory Red 5,844 2,758 1,881 1,205
80U Monterey Red 5,052 2,879 2,173 0
Convertible Top Colors Total      
35T Beige 3,076      
37T Gray 757      
41T Black 7,318      
Interior Colors Total Coupe Convertible Z06
02I Red 2,028 683 422 923
19I Ebony 19,974 10,312 5,901 3,761
31I Cashmere 7,175 3,727 3,448 0
84I Titanium (Gray) 4,844 1,876 1,380 1,588
Transmissions Total Coupe Convertible Z06
MM6 6-Speed Manual 10,517 2,815 1,430 6,272
MYC 4-Speed Auto 19,094 10,967 8,127 0
MZ6 6-Speed Manual w/Z51 4,410 2,816 1,594 0
Wheels Total Coupe Convertible Z06
QG6 Painted Aluminum 7,926 5,592 2,334 0
QG7 Polished Aluminum 3,449 0 0 3,449
QX1 Gray Painted Aluminum 887 648 239 0
QX3 Chrome 2,803 1,452 1,351 0
Q10 Z06 Base 2,544 0 0 2,544
Q44 Z06 Painted 279 0 0 279
Other Options Total Coupe Convertible Z06
Z51 Performance Handling Pkg 10,338 6,189 4,149 0
F55 Magnetic Select Ride 5,709 2,762 2,947 0
UV6 Heads Up Display 22,479 11,948 10,531 0
U2K XM Satellite Radio 26,891 11,256 10,319 5,316
UE1 OnStar System 12,869 6,358 6,511 0
U3U Navigation Radio 17,474 6,734 6,565 0
R8C Museum Delivery 1,172 423 302 447
Source: Bowling Green Assembly Plant (via
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Subtle Changes Mark the 2007 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on July 21, 2006

2007 Corvette Interior As the 2007 Model Year arrives and new Corvettes are making their way into showrooms, we are now able to see some of the changes from the 2006 models. has several photos worth checking out detailing the changes. Changes from 2006 include a larger glovebox, two-tone seats with reverse stitching and the lock is now missing from the center console. We’ve detailed the options for the 2007 Corvette previously, but I have to mention that the two-tone seat colors, previously available only on the Z06, look fabulous. I especially like the titanium on black, which can really brighten an otherwise unremarkable interior. Source:
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