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1993 Corvette Sells for $23,100

Regular production C4 Corvettes aren’t really known for their collectability yet, but sometimes one comes along that piques our interest and this 1993 Arctic White Corvette Coupe did just that as it crossed the auction block on Thursday evening at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas Collector Car auction. Apparently I wasn’t alone in my thoughts as Lot #93 was hammered for a strong price of $21,000. With the buyer’s premium, the total selling price was $23,100.

The C4 Corvettes marked an interesting time period for the Corvettes and some will argue that Corvette’s return to premium sports cars status started with the iconic 1984 Corvette. However, the differences between the first Corvettes of the C4 generation compare greatly to those cars after 1992 when the C4 received the LT1 350 cubic inch 300 horsepower V8 engine.

SPEED’s announcers particularly liked this Corvette and called it the perfect compliment for the guy who also owned a 1953 Corvette. While we believe there are only about 150-170 of “those guys” out there with a first year Corvette in the garage, we agree that a White with Red interior Corvette does make the perfect the anniversary model even when though the true 40th anniversary models were Ruby Red.

Only 15,898 Corvette coupes were produced in 1993 so the model year doesn’t suffer from over-production which keeps prices down. Arctic white was the third most popular color (3,031) coming in behind the Rub Red anniversary color (6749) and Torch Red (3,172).

This Corvette features the Corvette Preferred Equipment Group #1 option which provides electronic air conditioning, Delco/Bose music system, electronically tuned AM/FM stereo, radio with Seek-Scan, digital clock stereo cassette tape, compact disc player, blue removable roof panel, leather sport bucket seats, 6-way power driver’s seat and 6-way passenger power seat.

Being in mint condition with just 26,072 miles on the odometer and documentation also helped push this Corvette’s value higher.

Our Corvette Price Guide shows a high price of $15,000 for standard 1993 Corvette coupes while the high price on a Corvette convertible of the same year was more than double that at $34,500. So while the buyer paid a premium for that particular model, the price was still consistent with other models from the same year. Of further note is that we still show the standard 1993 coupes depreciation at just 6% last year which is the lowest percentage of Corvettes from 1993. The convertible models from 1993 show double-digit depreciation of 12% last year.

Based on the condition of the Corvette, we believe both buyer and seller should be happy with the outcome of this sale.

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

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Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute

This Corvette Z06 was parked at the entrance of the Corvette Corral at last week’s Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. I had asked around for the owner but we never did hook up so details on this conversion are light at best. But obviously, the owner is a huge Corvette racing fan and his Z06 nearly replicates the look of the GT1 Corvette C6.Rs.

Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute
Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute

Ultimate Tribute: SEMA Corvette Z06 C6.R Tribute

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Green Interactive Hybrid System Corvette

Neohydro Technologies has perfected its twin turbo system for the C6 Corvette. While the usual performance benefits of a turbo system are present: 775 horsepower and 691 Ft-lb of torque, the real trick on this install is better fuel economy which raises the mileage standard to 40 mpg around town and 32 mpg on the highway.

Neohydro calls their revolutionary twin turbo system the “Green Interactive Hybrid System”. The company installs a patented rear-mounted turbo system and then gives it an advanced custom tune that increases the efficiency of the car. Neohydro claims their GIHS system will not only boost horsepower and fuel efficiency, but when purchased with a new GM vehicle, the GIHS system is covered under the full factory warranty.

Green Interactive Hybrid System Corvette Green Interactive Hybrid System Corvette Green Interactive Hybrid System Corvette

While turbo charging is typically used to create more power, one of the benefits is that it also helps create more power with less effort. On the rear-mounted turbo install, the compressed air runs back to the intercooler and then into the engine. Neohydro claims rear-mounted turbo systems are superior to traditional engine-mounted systems because they are efficient, less intrusive, easier to install and are very reliable. The GIHS turbo systems are legal in all 50 states.

Corvette Magazine heard about the GIHS turbo Corvette and recently put the car through its paces. Corvette Magazine’s Editor Eric Gustafson said the Corvette is “very fast” and “its a very neat installation. It’s nice to get into an aftermarket modified car without the check engine light on.” Look for the full review to run in March 2010 issue which hits newsstands in January.

Neohydro Technologies Corp
Green Hybrid

The VoltVette: Man Builds a Plug-In Electric Corvette
[VIDEO] All-Electric 2009 Corvette ZR1

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Corvette Values: 1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe

by Keith Cornett on October 5, 2009

1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe

AD in Illinois submitted this 1974 Corvette Convertible to Corvette Values:

1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe. VIN: 1Z37J4S414XXX. Silver with Silver interior, Original 350/195 hp V8. Automatic transmission, 127,377 miles. Power brakes, power steering, power windows, tilt-tele steering column, factory air, cloth interior, new tires. The Corvette is termed to be in “good” condition. Owner history and receipts.

Find out how we valued this Corvette after the jump.

1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe 1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe 1974 Corvette T-Top Coupe

1974 Corvette T-Top, VIN #1Z37J4S414XXX. The VIN # indicates this Corvette was built in January 1974, relatively early in the production year.

It is reported to have 127,377 original miles, not an inordinate amount of miles considering it has been on the street for 35 years.

This Corvette is Corvette Grey in color with a matching Grey cloth interior. The paint is considered to be good, but it has the traditional road chips in the front bumper area. Also the interior has the usual wear on the door panels, again not unusual for a Corvette with 100K+ miles.

It is powered by the standard 350-195 engine that is coupled with an automatic transmission. This combination was popular for the 1974 Corvette production with approximately 68% of the buyers selecting this motor and transmission combination.

This 1974 Corvette is nicely equipped with comfort and convenience driving options that include power steering, brakes, windows, A/C and a tilt-telescopic steering column. There is some question as to the working status of the A/C since the belts have been disconnected. In addition, the original radio equipment has been replaced with an after-market model.

This Corvette also has a rear chrome luggage carrier. This was a dealer installed option for the 1974 model year. The Corvette also has the original wheel trim and center caps; the tires appear to be in new condition.

Adding to the value of a Corvette is owner history which is included with this Corvette as well as numerous receipts.

This Corvette is in original condition with no modifications.

We place a value of $10,000 on this 1974 Corvette T-Top. Also of interest is the fact that the 1974 Corvette T-Top is showing an annual increase in the average price value of 3%.

Corvette Appraisals:
With rapidly changing Corvette values, make sure your insurance coverage keeps up with your Corvettes value by having it appraised online at Our online appraisals are only $69.95 and are usually completed within three business days. Click here to start your Corvette appraisal now.
Source: Appraisal Service
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Corvette Clunkers: 243 C4 Corvettes Sacrificed for Govt Bounty

There’s no doubt the Cash For Clunkers program was successful for both buyers and dealers during the month and half the program was open. And I’m sure you all remember the video of the black C4 Corvette getting the sodium silicate treatment and dying a slow death. Now thanks to the final reporting going on, we learn that nearly 250 Corvettes – all C4′s – met a similar fate.

During the program’s run, 690,114 total vehicles were turned in. Digging through the list provided by Jalopnik we learned that 243 Corvettes were sacrificed for the $4,000 clunker bounty. While Corvettes only accounted for 0.03% of all clunker trade ins, what’s interesting is 100% of the Corvettes traded in were all C4s.

So we took a look at our Corvette Price Guide to see if the value of a C4 Corvette was more or less than the $4,000 trade-in value offered by the Government. Our values assume that the Corvette were in running condition and we selected the lowest value recorded for that model year as the comparison.

Model Year # of Clunkers Low Value
1984 12 $6,000
1985 91 $6,000
1986 66 $4,250
1987 63 $5,100
1988 6 $8,500
1989 5 $8,000

Many of the cars (Corvettes included) were probably in bad shape when traded. Lord knows we have seen our share of ragged out Corvettes. From the comments on the youtube video of the C4 Corvette that was destroyed, we read the car had a bad transmission, trashed interior, bad tires and a broken top so the cost to fix these items would have exceeded the Corvette’s value.

Knowing that these Corvettes will simply be crushed and discard as opposed to being parted out and recycled is the biggest shame of the Clunkers program.


[VIDEO] Killing a C4 Corvette for the Cash for Clunkers Program

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Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible to be offered at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction

Action movie hero Bruce Willis is taking three cars to Las Vegas next weekend where they will be sold at no reserve at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction at Mandalay Bay. Included in the collection is a 1967 Corvette Convertible equipped with a 427/435 Tri-Power L71 V8.

The Corvette was purchased by Bruce in El Paso, Texas during the filming of the 1996 movie “Last Man Standing”. Following the production, he shipped the corvette to Sun Valley, Idaho where it served as his summer driver.

The Corvette has seen some customization as celebrities are wont to do with their rides. This 67 midyear was repainted in the original Marlboro Maroon color by Performance Paint in Torrance, Ca. Polished Cragar S/S wheels, Michelin blackwall tires and an Alpine 5-CD changer in the glove box complete with infrared remote round out the options.

Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible
Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible
Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible Bruce Willis' 1967 Corvette Convertible

The Corvette last saw the auction block in October 2008 where it was offered by Bonhams at the California Classic auction held at the Petersen Automotive Museum. While the estimate on the Sting Ray was $110,000-$150,000, the car failed to meet the reserve and went unsold. The high bid for the Corvette was undisclosed.

In addition to the ’67 Corvette, Willis is also offering a black 1968 Pontiac Firebird and a dark blue 1988 Lincoln Limousine that was used during the filming of his breakout movie, “Die Hard”.

“Bruce Willis has owned some great American iron,” said Barrett-Jackson Chairman/CEO, Craig Jackson. “Cars like his 1967 Corvette and ’68 Firebird helped define an era of motoring in this country that was built around power. The Lincoln Limo also tells a story as it was used during Bruce’s most iconic film.”

“These cars are special in that they correspond with important moments in Bruce’s life, both personally and professionally,” added Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “Like most collectors today, Bruce enjoys his cars. I imagine he has his eye on one or more street-ready muscle cars to replace the three vehicles he’s selling at Barrett-Jackson.”

The Corvette is scheduled to be sold on Saturday, October 10th. The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction will be televised by SPEED TV.


Auction Results: Bruce Willis’ 1957 Corvette Sells for $79,560
Friday’s Featured Corvettes for Sale: The Bruce Willis Collection

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A Hot Lap Around Road Atlanta in a 2010 Corvette Grand Sport

by Keith Cornett on September 25, 2009

Thanks to the folks at Chevy Racing, we had the unique opportunity to take a hot lap around Road Atlanta where Petit Le Mans will run on Saturday. The course is 2.54 miles and features 12 turns. My ride was silver 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe and my driver Jason put the car through its paces. On the monsterous backstretch our speed exceed 130 mph and those big Z06 brakes safely brought us to a near stand still for the bend at Turn 10.

Chevrolet designed the Grand Sport with track events in mind and I can tell you first hand they hit a home run with this car!

My Hot Lap Around Sebring in a 2009 Competition Sport Corvette


GM: Corvette will Go Hybrid If Necessary to Survive

by Keith Cornett on September 22, 2009

In addition to yesterday’s news about the C7 Corvette’s design going retro with the inclusion of a split rear window, we also learned that GM won’t abandon its traditional V8 power plant unless necessary. But that doesn’t mean a hybrid Corvette is off the table. Tom Stephens, GM’s Vice Chairman of Global Product Development says “We will only do a hybrid if that is what is required to maintain the vehicle.”

As new CAFE standards require a company’s fleet to average 35.5 mpg by the 2016 model year, engineers already have some ideas on how to boost Corvette’s fuel efficiency, which is currently listed as 26 mpg highway for the 430 hp 2010 Corvette coupe. On the table is weight reduction, direct injection, variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation. Electric power steering alone could add about 0.5 mpg.

The much discussed and maligned idea of powering a Corvette with a six-cylinder appears to be moot at the moment. Stephens says “I don’t believe that we need to do a six-cylinder engine in a Corvette at this time.”

Despite an apparent gap of nearly 10 mpg between today’s Corvette and the 2016 mileage standards, talk to most Corvette owners and they will tell you that they routinely see average 28-31 miles on the highway. Several tests of the Corvette’s fuel efficiency have been conducted that have confirmed such claims.

As for the Corvette going hybrid, Stephens says “I think we have a pretty good plan right now that probably will not require a hybrid in the near term.”

Automotive News (subscription)

GM: Next-Generation Corvette C7 Expected in 2012 as 2013 Model
[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray Concept Introduced by GM’s Ed Welburn
Popular Mechanics Tests Corvette’s Fuel Efficiency”>Popular Mechanics Tests Corvette’s Fuel Efficiency

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GM’s Welburn: Split-Window to Return on C7 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on September 21, 2009

GM's Welburn: Split-Window to Return on C7 Corvette

GM’s VP of Global Design Ed Welburn told Inside Line that the design of the new C7 Corvette will go retro much like the new Camaro and a prominent design feature will be the return of the split rear window. The next generation Corvette is expected to be launched in 2012 as a 2013 model.

The original split window appeared on the 1963 Corvette Coupe, but Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov hated the feature due to its limited visibility and in 1964 it was removed. Welburn addresses the visibility issue by saying “With the back-up cameras and blind-spot detection systems that we have these days, the visibility issue is much less of a problem.”

The Corvette Stingray Concept that appeared in the latest Transformers movie also has a split rear window. “That car is not the next Corvette.” says Welburn, “But the split-window is something that I expect for the next Corvette.”

Welburn was the driving force behind the new reborn Camaro and is a big fan of the Corvette Stingray concept design as evidenced in this previously released Stingray Concept Introduction video.

As stated earlier, Inside Line says the C7 Corvette will have the traditional front-engine, rear drive layout.

We’d love to see the C7 go a bit retro as long as its performance capabilities remain high. May we suggest to Welburn that they take a look at the C3R Retro Stingray

Inside Line

GM: Next-Generation Corvette C7 Expected in 2012 as 2013 Model
[VIDEO] Corvette Stingray Concept Introduced by GM’s Ed Welburn
2nd Look: The Corvette C3R Retro Stingray

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Horrific Fire Destroys an Early C3 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on September 21, 2009

Horrific Fire Destroys an Early C3 Corvette

I got these pictures in today from Bjarne Pedersen, system admin for the Danish website I’m hoping to receive additional info about the cause of the fire, but in the meantime, check out these photos. The Red 68/69 Corvette is totally engulfed in flames! Judging from the photos, the C3 Corvette was a complete loss. Our heart goes out to the owner.

Horrific Fire Destroys an Early C3 Corvette Horrific Fire Destroys an Early C3 Corvette Horrific Fire Destroys an Early C3 Corvette

Thanks for the photos, Bjarne!

RIP: Corvette C6.R Chassis #003 Dies in Transporter Fire
[PICS] C6 Corvette Char-Grilled in the Ukraine

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