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Corvette Museum

NCM Auctioning Unique Zora Collectible Hot Wheel Corvette

by Keith Cornett on February 7, 2008

Zora Hot Wheels CollectibleThe National Corvette Museum’s eBay auctions are a great way to donate well-needed funds to the museum while getting the parts you need for your Corvette, but occasionally they throw a neat collectible up there as is the case this week. For those of you into collecting die-casts and miniature Corvettes, the NCM is offering a Hot Wheels Hall of Fame Legends Corvette that was created as part of the commemorative 35th anniversary series. The Hot Wheels 1:64 model appears to be a 1956 SR-2 with its signature fin. The packaging shows Corvette’s first chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov and is autographed by his wife Elfi Arkus-Duntov.

At the writing of this post, the current bid is $53.50. The auction closes on February 13th and the proceeds go to support the National Corvette Museum.

Click here for auction details.

National Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum Auctions Parts on eBay

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2009 Corvette ZR1 Appearance Scheduled for C5/C6 NCM Bash

by Keith Cornett on January 10, 2008

2009 Corvette ZR1

Unless you happen to be in Detroit next week, your chances of seeing the new 2009 Corvette ZR1 live and in person will be slim to none. The good news is that the new King of the Hill will be the star attraction at this year’s C5/C6 bash at the National Corvette Museum in late April. The annual bash is where the new 2009 Corvettes are introduced to the faithful, complete with walk-arounds and introductions from Corvette’s engineers and managers.

The C5/C6 Bash is planned for April 24-26 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Make your plans to see the new Corvette ZR1 in person by registering online.

National Corvette Museum

2009 Corvette ZR1 Photo Gallery
The New King of the Hill: The 2009 Corvette ZR1
First 2009 Corvette ZR1 Heading to Barrett-Jackson

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Corvette’s 2008 Indy Pace Car Unveiling Date Set

by Keith Cornett on December 12, 2007

The Corvette has been chosen yet again to pace the world’s greatest race, the Indianapolis 500. On December 27th the curtain will be raised on the 2008 design and you can be there as part of a National Corvette Museum fundraiser. The NCM was given 19 tickets to the event and they are being sold for $100 each. The ticket admits you to the Indiana Convention Center/RCA Dome in Indianapolis to witness the unveiling of the newest Corvette pace car. The event also includes a Chevrolet Exhibit with displays of a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, a Camaro Convertible and of course the 2008 Indianapolis Pace Car. There is also mention of a surprise display called the Flying Corvette. We will have to wait and see what that is all about. Finally lunch will be provided to participants in the ballroom, which is your chance to “mix and mingle” with representatives from GM and Chevrolet. Tickets to the event can be reserved at the National Corvette Museum’s website. Click here for details. Related:
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Corvette Museum’s $9 Million Expansion Begins

by Keith Cornett on November 28, 2007

Expansion Plans for the National Corvette MuseumThe National Corvette Museum has begun work on the $9 million expansion with hopes that it will be completed in time for the 15th anniversary celebration during 2009′s Labor Day weekend. The expansion with add 47,000 square feet to the existing 60,000 square foot facility and the new space will include the library/archives, an expanded gift shop and a conference center capable of seating 400 people. Part of expansion will also be used for inspection, display and pickup of Corvettes for the popular R8C Museum Delivery option. The museum’s director Wendell Strode said bids for the work should be awarded by February with work beginning in March. Over 140,000 people visit the National Corvette Museum and the hope is the new expansion will increase attendance by 10%. The addition of the Library and Archives is the most important component of the expansion as it will serve as the primary repository for historical Corvette related memorabilia, literature, art and research documents. According to the Museum, the main emphasis will be for preservation and education of these materials. The Museum has also been asked to store a significant amount of materials from the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS).
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Video: Building the Last C4 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on November 2, 2007

A friend of mine sent me this video which tells the story of the assembly of the last C4 Corvette, 1996′s VIN 21,477. The Corvette was purchased by Mid America Motorwork’s Mike Yager who was able to follow the corvette down the line as it was being assembled. Mike talked and joked with the workers and he encourged them to leave their signature somewhere on the car. The Corvette still resides in Mike’s collection to this day.

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The 2007 Corvette unveiling at the NCM last year.One of the largest gatherings of Corvette owners and enthusiasts is held annually at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green in what is dubbed the C5/C6 Bash. This year’s event, to be held April 26-28th, will include the unveiling of the 2008 Corvette by Chevrolet’s Tom Wallace and Tadge Juechter. Several 2008 Corvette models will be onsite and Tom, Tadge and other Chevrolet and Corvette notables will introduce the changes coming to the new model. The 2008 will have the most enhancements to the C6 generation since its introduction in 2004. The Corvette Museum will offer pre-registered guests the opportunity to be entered into a special drawing to win a “Ride Along” in one of the special 2008 display cars. Pre-register for the C5/C6 Corvette Bash event scheduled for April 26-28 at the National Corvette Museum’s website. Pre-registration ends Sunday, April 16.
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Zora’s Ashes Rest at Corvette Museum

by Keith Cornett on January 19, 2007

Zora Arkus-DuntovAt the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky, there is an exhibit to Zora Arkus-Duntov, the man that many call the “father of the Corvette”. Not to go off on a tangent, but I disagree with the term, after all, the Corvette was born from the mind of design genius Harley Earl and Zora came on to the scene after seeing the Motorama Corvette in 1953. However, once at GM, no man had greater influence on the direction of the Corvette than the Belgium-born engineer. From 1953 through his retirement in 1975, Zora guided the performance and technical innovations that became synonymous with the name Corvette. He was the man responsible for such advances as disc brakes, independent rear suspension and limited-slip differentials. All these innovations became standard features on most automobiles, but they were first found on the Corvette. Prior to his death in 1996 from cancer, Zora made plans for his collection of papers, engineering designs and other memorabilia relating to the Corvette, and also made known his wishes as to where his remains would be located. And that was one of the places he loved the most, the National Corvette Museum. Bobbie Joe Lee, the NCM’s marketing and media relations manager said, “Zora asked that his ashes be brought here. He was the engineer who turned the Corvette into the world-class sports car it was meant to be.” As part of the Corvette Museum’s Zora Arkus-Duntov exhibit, an urn with his cremated remains is on display. His 1974 blue and silver Corvette is parked nearby. According to Bobbie Joe, Zora made several trips to Bowling Green to help promote the Corvette Museum. “He was at the groundbreaking ceremony,” Lee said. “That’s when he asked that his ashes be put in the museum. When his wife dies, her ashes will be placed in the urn with his.”
The Kentucky Post
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Corvette Museum Auctions Parts on eBay

by Keith Cornett on January 8, 2007

Corvette Museum Parts AuctionNeed some parts for your Corvette? Of course you do. Now, not only can get what you need for your ride, but you can help keep the dream alive by purchasing your parts through the National Corvette Museum’s auction listings on eBay. A donation of several pallets of new manufactured Corvette parts from Guide Corporation is allowing the Museum a unique fundraising opportunity. The parts are being placed on eBay and proceeds from the sales will benefit the Museum. Most of the Corvette parts are NOS and include grills, chrome pieces, headlamps, lenses and more. A current check of the auction shows 30 active listings with parts raging from C1 to C5. Also included are a few auctions for non-Corvette parts, but hey, the proceeds from all sales go to the Corvette Museum. Make sure you check out the listings often as new parts are being added each week.
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Couple Donates $1.3 Million to Corvette Museum

by Keith Cornett on November 15, 2006

The National Corvette Museum's Expansion PlansThe largest gift in the history of the National Corvette Museum came this week from Wisconsin couple Ivan and Mary Shrodt. The $1.3 million dollar donation will be used for the planned 50,000 square foot expansion of the Museum that is expected to be completed by the summer of 2009. The couple has no kids, but a stable full of Corvettes. They were in Bowling Green to take delivery of a 2007 Black Z06 Corvette, the sixth Corvette in their collection. While in Bowling Green, the Corvette Museum held a reception for the Shrodts, who hail from Sherwood, Wisconsin. A major fundraising effort is underway to pay for the expansion of the Museum, which includes the Corvette Library Archive, a larger store and the Corvette Cafe. Click here for more on the National Corvette Museum’s Expansion Project. Source: Related: My Corvette Museum New Members Kit

My Corvette Museum New Member’s Kit

by Keith Cornett on October 23, 2006

After posting a story about the National Corvette Museum’s ambitious expansion plans last week, I decided to officially join the Museum. It’s been one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now, but for whatever reason, I never took the plunge. So I went to the Museum’s new member signup area and joined online, donating $100 for a one year family membership. The NCM is a 501c3 organization so all membership fees and donations are tax deductible. On Saturday, I received my New Member Kit. When I opened the kit, the first thing I see is a welcome letter and another letter detailing some of the functions of the NCM. That letter had my membership cards attached. A Membership Certificate personalized with my name, member number and date of membership was also included. Also included are five brochures about the Corvette Museum: Location and Hours of Operation, Become A Member, The Flint Brick and NCM Brick Programs, and the R8C New Corvette Museum Delivery Option. An NCM Raffle Ticket order form and a Build Sheet/Window Sticker Order form was inserted into the kit. Finally, a pocket-sized 2007 calendar with NCM Events, a static NCM Member window decal and an NCM Member’s Pin completed the package.

NCM New Member's Kit Certificate of Membership NCM Member's Pin
I have never visited the National Corvette Museum, and it is becoming somewhat of a joke for the people who know me as every time I get close to going, it’s either an inopportune moment or changes in plans that keeps me away. I was just in Lexington last week, but once again unable to make the trip to Bowling Green to visit my personal Graceland. But just because I could never, ever seem to make the visit shouldn’t have kept me from becoming a member and it shouldn’t stop you either if you love Corvettes. Your member dues support the Museum’s day-to-day activities and enable the NCM to change and update exhibits that continually showcase the proud heritage of the Corvette. And again, if you haven’t seen the expansion plan video yet, you’re missing the total picture of what the National Corvette Museum is all about. I urge you to view it. And after you view it and see what the NCM is all about now and in the future, I challenge you to become a member as well.
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