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Corvette Museum

[VIDEO] Unveiling the 2012 Ron Fellows SEMA/Spring Mountain Corvette Z06

Former Corvette Racing Driver and all-around Mr. Nice Guy Ron Fellows was inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame for his contributions to the hobby. Ron and his family were at the National Corvette Museum’s 17th Annual Labor Day celebration last weekend for the induction ceremony and little did he know that a special Corvette was waiting for him as well.


Rick Hendrick's New Corvettes

NASCAR Team owner and Chevy dealer Rick Hendrick visited the National Corvette Museum yesterday to pick up several of the new Corvettes he purchased from GM through various Barrett-Jackson auctions. He also brought two vintage Corvette racers from his personal collection to show off as well. Several of the cars he picked up were unique 1 of 1 Corvettes including one that was news to us.


Common Misconceptions on the NCM Insurance Agency

by Guest Contributor on June 18, 2011

Common misconceptions on the NCM Insurance Agency

Article contributed by Adam Boca/NCM Insurance Agency

The past 3 years of the NCM Insurance Agency have been an amazing time! We now insure nearly 50 million dollars worth of Collector Vehicles and have tripled our business in the last year alone! We are a rapidly growing insurance agency that is making a ton of buzz in the industry. We could not be growing as much as we have been without our current customers spreading the word about what we do. We cannot thank you enough!

The NCM Insurance Agency has attended many shows over the last 3 years and talked with thousands of people on the phone. Every once in a while we will hear things like “I have a new Corvette” or “where are you actually located”, etc. We would like to take this opportunity to share the answers to our frequently asked questions.


Corvette 3D Experience to be First 3D Documentary about the Corvette

Patrick Gramm of Gramm Productions/Digital Corvettes has teamed up with Onset3D Studios to begin work on a new project called the “Corvette 3D Experience”. It’s going to be the first 3D documentary about Corvettes and it will bring the coolest Corvettes from six generations right into the living room of viewers through the power of high-definition 3D. But before filming can start, Patrick needs YOUR help.


National Corvette Museum Honors Wounded Warriors

by Guest Contributor on June 2, 2011

National Corvette Museum Honors Wounded Warriors

Article contributed by Mark Leevan

April Kauffman had a dream when she toured the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. What if the Wounded Warriors from nearby Fort Campbell and Fort Knox could be honored with a special caravan from the posts to the Museum. Her two-year dream came true when cars picked up troops from the two army bases and delivered them to the National Corvette Museum and General Motors’ Bowling Green Assembly Plant for a full day of activities.


Corvette Vanity License Plates from the NCM's C5/C6 Bash

Corvette owners have many options when it comes to insuring their Collector vehicle. We believe that knowledge is power when it comese to making an informed decision which is why we spoke to the NCM Insurance Agency’s Adam Boca about the services offered from the Corvette Museum’s in-house insurance agency and how their programs are a win-win for both members and the Museum.


Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High Gear

At the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, Executive Director Wendell Strode announced that the NCM’s Motorsports Park project was again moving forward after the board voted to acquire an additional 92 acres to add to their existing 70 acre parcel. The project will now be divided into Stages with Stage 1 being the construction of a two mile “west” road course and an autocross/skid pad.


GM to Invest $131 Million in Bowling Green Assembly Plant
Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

GM North American President Mark Reuss brought some very good news to state and local community leaders in Bowling Green as well as for the 500 employees of the Corvette Assembly Plant and Corvette lovers everywhere. General Motors will be investing $131 million in the plant for upgrading tooling and machinery and will create as many as 250 new jobs in advance of producing the up-coming C7 Corvette.


[VIDEO] Interview with Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman

At the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, we talked with Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Dave Tatman. Dave came to Bowling Green last August and calls his assignment a “dream job”. We spoke about the shortage of the metallic paint pigment Xirallic and if that will effect production of the Centennial’s Carbon Flash paint, the investment in the plant by GM (being announced today btw), and the people who build the greatest sports car in the world.


[VIDEO] What's New for 2012 Corvette Seminar at the Museum's C5/C6 Bash

** The PDF version of the 2012 Corvette slide show has been added.

One of the major highlights of the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash is the Corvette Team walking us through the changes and new updates for the upcoming model year. On Saturday morning of the Bash, it was standing room only in the Chevrolet Theater as Corvette Team members Harlan Charles, Tadge Juechter, Craig Sass and Kirk Bennion participated in the “What’s New for 2012″ slide show. Each member of the team took their turn on the microphone to go over their specific area of concentration.


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