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November 2006 Corvette Sales

by Keith Cornett on December 2, 2006

GM’s November 2006 Sales Report has been released. Corvette Sales for November 2006 have shown a -12.2% decline from November 2005. Last month, GM sold 2,773 new Corvettes vs. 3,157 for the same month in 2005. This is the second month in a row we have seen a decline, though last month’s dip was only -3.4%. Calendar year to date sales are still strong with 33,437 Corvettes sold January-November 2006 vs 29,218 sold in 2005. That is still on pace for a 14.4% increase over last year. There were 25 selling days for both the November 2006 and 2005 sales period. Source: GM
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KBB (Unofficially) Names Z06 Corvette Best Resale Value

by Keith Cornett on December 1, 2006

2007 Z06 CorvetteKelley Blue Book released their list of vehicles with the best resale value for 2007. The 2006 Corvette made last year’s list but unfortunately gave its spot away this year to the likes of the Mini Cooper (both hatchback and convertible) and the Pontiac Solstice. And while I don’t usually like to tell people how to do their jobs, it would make sense for this list to have a sports car category. However, reading through the KBB survey I was elated when I came across this statement:

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards exclude expensive, high-performance, low-volume vehicles, because of the program’s emphasis on serving the typical consumer. The No. 1 vehicle would have been the 2007 Corvette ZO6, holding the greatest percentage of its original value after a five-year ownership period.
The Z06′s limited production (about 6,000/year) and somewhat higher price probably got her left off this list. Had that not been a consideration, our favorite super car would not have only made the list, it would have been number 1. Source: Kelly Blue Book
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Spotted on CraigsList: Barbie’s 1990 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on November 18, 2006

1990 Corvette For SaleWhen you think of Pink Corvettes, you probably have visions of Barbie and Ken motoring around the family room floor. Browsing CraigsList today, we found a Corvette in the San Diego area that Ken wouldn’t be caught dead in – a custom pink1990 Corvette. Description of the Ad:

Yes… A Pink Corvette! We just had the engine rebuilt. It was bored 30 over and it runs AWESOME. Unfortunately, we cannot keep it. We also replaced the leather seats and the CD player. We fixed a bunch of stuff because we were planning on keeping it. I think it is a heck of a deal and a good car. And…. IT’S PINK!!
A Pink Corvette that’s been bored 30 over? We’ll call that a double threat with looks and performance, as long as Barbie is in the drivers seat. Source:
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Replica 1956 Corvette Nomad Ready to Roll

by Keith Cornett on November 14, 2006

In 1954, Chevrolet rolled out a one-of-a-kind Corvette Nomad for the 1954 Motorama car show. The concept featured the front end of a 1954 Corvette mated to the backend of the Nomad station wagon. While the concept never reached production, we often wonder what if had the concept taken off. Corvette World in Dallas, Texas has for sale a replica of the Motorama concept, albeit built on a 1956 Corvette body. We like anything with Corvette grilles and coves especially when powered by a 283 ci Fuelie and this one-of-a-kind classic doesn’t disappoint.

1956 Corvette Nomad - Exterior Blue Devil Test Mule 2004 Nomad Concept
Chevy still kicks around a new Nomad prototype built on the Kappa platform (Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice). Here is a picture of the latest incarnation from the 2005 LA Auto Show. Once again, the distinctive cues of the Corvette make themselves known on the 2004 Nomad Concept. Source: Corvette World of Dallas via
2004 Nomad Concept photo from
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Featured Corvettes at

by Keith Cornett on November 12, 2006

If you’ve been thinking about getting behind the wheel of a Corvette, there is no better place to start looking than The following six cars were highlighted in our November Featured Corvettes Newsletter which is just a small sampling of the 500+ Corvettes now available.

1958 Corvette Convertible For Sale 1966 Corvette Coupe For Sale 1978 Corvette T-Top For Sale
1958 Convertible
1966 Coupe
1978 Pace Car
1996 Corvette Coupe For Sale 2004 Corvette Hardtop For Sale 2007 Corvette Coupe For Sale
1996 Coupe
2004 Z06
2007 Coupe
Interested in receiving the Featured Corvettes newsletter? Click here to subscribe. Selling Your Corvette? Now is the time and is the place to reach more qualified Corvette Buyers. Corvette Classified Ads are only $25 and run for 3 months. You can post unlimited photos and you have access to make any changes at any time.
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Racing Fans – Buy Your Own Corvette C6.R Racecar

by Keith Cornett on November 10, 2006

Corvette C6.R - Number 001 GM’s first ever C6 Corvette race car, the Corvette C6.R (chassis number C6.R-001) is up for grabs if you got the cash. The Racing version of the Corvette is being sold by current owner Mike Hezemans of GLPK Carsport – a European Race Team. This Corvette was raced under the GM Corvette racing banner in 2005 winning the ALMS Championship (actually we don’t know if this is the #3 or #4 Corvette) and at the end of the racing season was sold to GLPK Carport where Hezemans raced the car for the 2006 season in Belgium’s BelCar Championship. So how much to own a piece of Corvette racing history? Roughly $760,000 USD. The car will be delivered in ready to race condition. For details, get a translator and visit Source: Winding Road
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October 2006 Corvette Sales

by Keith Cornett on November 6, 2006

GM’s October 2006 Sales Report has been released and Corvette sales dipped 3.7% in Year to Year monthly sales. 2,761 Corvettes were delivered in October 2006 vs 2,981 in October 2005. Calendar Year-to-Date sales are still stong but have also declined slighlty over last month with a 17.7% gain of 30,664 Corvettes delivered in 2006 vs 26,061 in 2005. Last month a total of 3,056 Corvettes were sold vs the 2,761 Corvettes moved in October 2006. There were 25 selling days for the October 2006 period vs 26 selling days in October 2005. Source: GM
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DecodeThis: Your Online Corvette VIN Decoder

by Keith Cornett on October 30, 2006

1972 CorvetteOne of the many questions I constantly get (and love!) is how to decode a Corvette’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN can contain some interesting information including Body Style, Engine Size and if the Corvette may be one of a select number of special edition Corvettes. Early Corvette VIN’s contained mostly just the body style numbers. Beginning in 1972, the engine option was coded into the VIN, and in 1978, the first special edition Corvette, the Pace Car Replica had its own digit in the VIN. An interesting website called has put together a search engine for VIN’s that will decode your VIN if it appears in their database. Currently VIN’s for 1953-1974 Corvettes are available, with more coming soon. The site is also accessible from mobile phones and PDA’s, so if say you are at a show or auction, just tap the VIN into their search and voila! Instant results! The site also decodes Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Chryslers and more. When making any classic car purchase, knowledge is power. In today’s muscle car climate where imitators are cloning Corvettes faster than you can say Dolly, the VIN is where to start the documentation process. Source: via
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Five Factors That Drive Corvette Values – Options

by Keith Cornett on October 25, 2006

This is the third of our five-part series where we take an in depth look at the factors that drive Corvette values. Last week, we looked at the Quantity and Condition Factors. Today, our attention turns to Options. The options list on a model year can change the value of a Corvette considerably. As we discuss the Options Factor and how it relates to Corvette values, we must understand that this factor is very much affected by the Quantity factor. Everybody loves having options and some have more than others. But in the world of Classic Corvettes, he who has the rare options, wins. Why? Back then, a Corvette with more options cost more to build. Buying a Corvette in the 1960’s wasn’t like buying a Corvette today. Today, you can order a package that has a preselected amount of performance or convenience options. Many buyers couldn’t afford a loaded Corvette, and Chevrolet wasn’t building loaded Corvettes unless they were ordered that way. Some options were very expensive for the time and could significantly raise the price. For example, in 1967, the air conditioning option (RPO C60) cost an additional $412.90. Throw in a big block engine (RPO L71), heavy duty brakes(RPO J56), close-ratio transmission (RPO M20 or M21), a radio (RPO U69) and side-exhaust (RPO N14) and the price just went from a base of $4,388 to $6,000 – an increase of over 35%. Perhaps the main option that determines the value of a Corvette is the Engine option. Starting in 1957, Corvettes were optioned with a number of engines that are generally categorized as small blocks, big blocks and fuel injected. Currently, a 1967 with a 427 ci 435 hp engine can bring well over $100,000 while a small block 327 ci 300 hp model might be priced in the $40-$50,000 range. 1974 was the last year of the big block and in 1975, the number of options dropped to just two. Starting in 1984 with the introduction of the C4 generation, Corvettes came with just one engine. In 1996, the final year of the C4, a one year limited option was a choice between the LT1 (350 ci 300hp) and the LT4 (350 ci 330hp). It could be ordered in any of the 1996 Corvettes, so long as they had the 6-Speed manual transmission. Other important options are transmissions (auto or manual) and comforts such as Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Tilt/Tele Steering Wheel Columns and appearance options like Wheels or Side Exhaust. Because Corvettes were base priced without any real options, a buyer might have added just a couple which resulted in low penetration of many of the options we take for granted today. Going back to 1967 model year, Air Conditioning was ordered on just 16.5% of Corvettes built. Just 25% had Power Steering and only 10.5% opted for the Tilt Tele Steering Column. Sometimes a Corvette may have some extra value because of an option not included. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Corvettes were sold with an option that removed an option. Confused? Many cars destined for the race track didn’t need radios or heaters so options called the Radio Delete or Heater Delete were selected and the car was built without the radio or heater and the buyer received a credit. Exterior and Interior colors are also classified as an option and a Corvette with a rare color combination can add value to its price. Since 1954, Chevrolet has offered a variety of factory available exterior and interior colors. Because there are records that tell us how many Corvettes were manufactured with a given paint scheme, we can determine the rarity of the color. Having a popular color can also boost value. Red has always been a popular color for Corvettes, so much so that the phrase appears in song (Little Red Corvette) and as a title of book documenting the building of the C5 Corvette (All Corvettes Are Red). Some options are desired due to the inherent design of the model year as opposed to what was put on car. Consider the 1963 Corvette Coupe with its “Split Window” design. When built, Corvette’s Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov hated the design and argued about the limited visibility the split plane caused. As a result, the 1964 Coupe’s rear window was changed to just one single glass panel. Today, the 1963 Split Window is sought after for that option. Another type of Option is the Special Edition Corvettes. For the most part these are Corvettes that have an added package of options bundled together. The first special editions to be offered appeared in 1963 in the form of the Z06 which contained a 360 hp fuel injected engine, heavy duty brakes and the famous 36 gallon fuel tank. Perhaps the most famous and heavily collected special edition was the 1978 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Replica. Chevrolet marked the occasion by building just over 6,500 Pace Cars, one for each Chevy dealer plus some extras. Public demand for these special corvettes was huge and many were purchased and then immediately placed in storage. It is not uncommon to see a 1978 Pace Car Corvette for sale with mileage in just the hundreds or low thousands. Chevrolet also marked milestones as special editions, again the first being the 25th Anniversary model produced in 1978. While all Corvettes were considered 25th Anniversary models, Chevrolet put together a special package of options, colors and special emblems. Anniversary models also include the 1988 Corvette (35th Anniversary) that was White, the 40th Anniversary Model which was a dark red called Ruby Red, and the 50th Anniversary Corvette in 2003 that was also Red (Anniversary Red). Other Special Editions included a package to commemorate the end of the three separate generations. In 1982 and 1996, Chevrolet produced a “Collector’s Edition”, again essentially a standard Corvette except for special paint and badges, and in 2004, a Commemorative Edition that was LeMans Blue and contained the first Carbon Fiber hood available on a production Corvette. A great source of learning about options that came on each Corvette Model is The Corvette Black Book by Michael Antonick. In the Black Book as it is commonly referred to, Michael breaks out the each of the available options with its RPO (Regular Production Option) code, the original option price and the quantity produced.

Big Block Motor Knock-off Wheel Option 1978 Indy Pace Car Replica
Stay tuned for our next installment in our Five Factors series: Originality The Five Factors that Drive Corvette Values:
Part One: Quantity
Part Two: Condition
Part Three: Options

Auction Results: Mecum High Performance Auction

by Keith Cornett on October 24, 2006

1967 Corvette ConvertibleThe 11th Annual Mecum High Performance Auction was held at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois over the weekend of October 6th-8th and Corvettes were well represented. Over 100 Corvettes were included, from a 1954 convertible through a 2003 Z06 Corvette in the 700+ car auction and Corvette sales totaled $2.7 million. The high sale went to a 1967 Bloomington Gold 427/435 Convertible sold for $204,750 which includes the sales commission. A 1969 L-88 Corvette sold for $194,250 and the third highest sale of $183,750 went to another Bloomington Gold certified 1967 427/435 Sunfire Yellow Convertible. Here are the Corvette Results from the Mecum High Performance Auction:

Lot # Year Model Color High Bid Sale Price
F226 1954 Corvette Blue   $85,050
S228 1956 Corvette Blue   $92,400
S80 1957 Corvette Green $95,000  
F106.1 1959 Corvette Blue   $35,700
F224 1959 Corvette Black   $66,150
S96 1960 Corvette Red   $74,550
S123 1960 Corvette Black   $99,750
S65 1961 Corvette White $77,000  
U148 1961 Corvette Red $39,000  
F195 1962 Corvette Red $60,000  
F216 1962 Corvette Maroon   $59,588
F227 1962 Corvette Red   $57,750
S99 1962 Corvette White $120,000  
S140 1962 Corvette White $85,000  
S231.1 1962 Corvette White   $74,025
F127 1963 Corvette Red   $47,250
F263 1963 Corvette Red $62,500  
S170 1963 Corvette Red   $103,950
S171.1 1963 Corvette Blue $67,500  
S201 1963 Corvette Red   $76,650
S280 1963 Corvette Silver/Blue   $47,250
S162 1964 Corvette Big Tank Tan $80,000  
S269 1964 Corvette Red $38,000  
U91 1964 Corvette White $41,000  
F165 1965 Corvette Silver   $60,900
F175 1965 Corvette Red $68,000  
F191 1965 Corvette Maroon $50,000  
F203 1965 Corvette Maroon $60,000  
F265 1965 Corvette Red   $57,750
S39 1965 Corvette Silver $72,000  
S103 1965 Corvette Red $120,000  
S216 1965 Corvette Black   $75,750
U77 1965 Corvette White $41,000  
U78 1965 Corvette Red $46,000  
F121.1 1966 Corvette Green   $52,500
F137 1966 Corvette Blue $72,000  
F266 1966 Corvette Yellow   $27,825
S125 1966 Corvette Black   $131,250
S156 1966 Corvette White   $71,400
S170.1 1966 Corvette Maroon $88,000  
S175 1966 Corvette Black $70,000  
F254 1967 Corvette Yellow   $42,000
S44 1967 Corvette Maroon   $65,625
S69 1967 Corvette Blue $67,500  
S82 1967 Corvette Silver $120,000  
S91 1967 Corvette Yellow   $183,750
S98 1967 Corvette Red $105,000  
S120 1967 Corvette Blue   $204,750
S134 1967 Corvette Blue   $94,500
S171 1967 Corvette Red $150,000  
S172 1967 Corvette Yellow $125,000  
S173 1967 Corvette Red $120,000  
S36 1968 Corvette Red $28,000  
S270 1968 Corvette Blue $39,000  
U83.1 1968 Corvette Red $28,000  
F261 1969 Corvette Black   $42,000
S86 1969 Corvette L-88 Gold   $194,250
S191 1969 Corvette White $45,000  
S232 1969 Corvette Orange   $37,800
U83 1969 Corvette Gold $28,000  
F240 1970 Corvette Yellow $52,500  
F270 1970 Corvette Gray   $17,063
S273 1970 Corvette Red   $33,075
F241 1971 Corvette Orange $92,000  
S19 1971 Corvette Blue   $24,675
S24 1971 Corvette Red   $21,525
F64 1972 Corvette White   $22,575
U94 1972 Corvette Silver $45,150  
U104 1972 Corvette Yellow   $9,750
F268 1973 Corvette Blue   $26,250
U133 1973 Corvette Silver   $9,000
U159 1973 Corvette Gold $26,500  
F76 1974 Corvette White   $18,638
U34 1974 Corvette White   $7,400
F72 1975 Corvette Silver   $8,800
F242 1975 Corvette Silver   $44,100
U168 1975 Corvette Orange   $10,500
U112 1977 Corvette Red   “$8,500
U139 1977 Corvette White $9,300  
F12 1978 Corvette Oyster   $13,125
F269 1978 Corvette Silver   $13,650
S233 1978 Corvette Silver   $24,675
F3 1979 Corvette Black   $7,250
U115 1981 Corvette Maroon   $8,400
U152 1981 Corvette Silver   $8,700
F47 1982 Corvette Blue   $14,963
U131 1984 Corvette Silver   $5,550
F248 1986 Corvette Black   $13,125
U1 1986 Corvette Silver   $10,250
U26.1 1986 Corvette Red   $11,025
F278 1990 Corvette White   $5,550
U53 1990 Corvette Red   $14,175
U98 1990 Corvette Burgundy   $16,275
F116.1 1992 Corvette White   $21,000
F276 1993 Corvette Black $12,750  
S287 1995 Corvette Red $20,000  
U128.1 1995 Corvette Aqua $13,000  
F79 1996 Corvette LT-1 Purple   $18,375
F103 1996 Corvette Blue $38,000  
F101 1999 Corvette Mallett Red $39,000  
U119 2003 Corvette Z06 Yellow   $30,900
    Total Corvette Sales:   $2,760,952
Source: Mecum