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Another Hertz Corvette ZHZ Bites The Dust

by Keith Cornett on September 29, 2008

2008 Corvette ZHZ For Sale

A Corvette Forum member found this 2008 Corvette ZHZ for sale in eBay. The Velocity yellow Coupe had only 2,000 miles on it before it was damaged and removed from the Hertz fleet. Looking at the car, the damage doesn’t appear to be that bad but in addition to needing a new front bumper, the engine block will need to be replaced. That would probably explain why the car has a California salvage title. The Corvette ZHZ is offered with a “Buy It Now” price of $29,900.

Here is the auction description:

Up for sale is a 2008 Chevy Corvette ZHZ Hertz Limited Edition with only2k original miles. This coupe is fully loaded with options such as: power windows, power locks, power seats, leather, CD player, ABS, chrome wheels, automatic transmission and much more. This Corvette is damaged on the front bumper ( please see pictures for details). In addition the engine block needs to be replaced. This Chevy has a California Salvage Certificate and is sold AS-IS. It is currently not registered. The buyer will have to register it in his state of residence, which may or may not involve some extra steps compared to registering a clean title car. California Buyer must pay 7.75% sales tax and will receive a Acquisition Bill Of Sale. All buyers who plan to pick up the car in person ( NOT by car hauler) must pay tax. There is a LOW BUY IT NOW PRICE set on this auction so take advantage of owning this 2008 Chevy Corvette ZHZ Hertz Limited Edition at a fraction of the cost!


For more info please call Alex at 916-813-4121 or Vik at 916-247-0197

Corvette ZHZ for sale on eBay Corvette ZHZ for sale on eBay Corvette ZHZ for sale on eBay

Only 500 Corvette ZHZs were made for Hertz. Fully optioned with the LS3 and paddle shift transmission, the Corvette ZHZ also features dual mode exhaust, magnetic selective ride control and special trim like embroidered ZHZ center consoles, floor mats and a Hertz emblem on the front fenders.

Corvette Forum

Take Out! Hertz Corvette ZHZ Wrecks Dallas Restaurant
Hertz To Offer Exclusive Limited-Edition Corvette ZHZ

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Rarest Corvette Small Block: The 1970-72 Corvette ZR1

by Keith Cornett on September 23, 2008

The 1970 Corvette ZR1

Obviously we’re big on Corvette ZR1′s here at CorvetteBlogger because the car has pushed the boundaries of performance compared to the regular Corvette. But we also love classic small block Corvettes as well. So with the help of Proteam Corvette’s Terry Michaelis, we thought we’d combine our interests and travel back in time to take a look at the very first Corvette ZR1, the 1970-72 Street Legal Racer.

Although it would be another 20 years before the Corvette ZR1 would earn the title of King of the Hill, its predecessor set the bar high in terms of performance. In 1970 Chevrolet introduced this limited production radio delete car to the racing world. Dubbed the ZR1 based on the name of its RPO package, this successor to the L88 Corvette came equipped with the potent LT1 350 ci 370 hp small block and all the specialty options that were found on the L88s that were retired the previous year.

In addition to the LT1, the ZR1 package included an M22 rockcrusher 4-speed heavy duty transmission, J56 Heavy duty power brakes, transistorized ignition, special aluminum radiator and a suspension that included special springs, shocks and front and rear stabilizer bars.

Production of the ZR1 was limited to 1970-1972, the same three year time span of the LT1 engine. During that three year run, only 53 cars were ordered with RPO ZR1: 25 in 1970, 8 in 1971 and 20 in 1972. The ZR1′s of the 1970′s are the rarest small block Corvette ever produced.

Identification features of the 1970-72 Corvette ZR1 include:

  • LT-1 engine, suffix CTV-1970, CGY-1971, or CKY-1972,
  • J-56 heavy duty brake package with dual pin front brake calipers (power),
  • F-41 heavy duty suspension package, 7 leaf rear spring, heavy duty shock absorbers, heavy duty 5/8 front sway bar and heavy duty rear spindle struts,
  • M-22 (rockcrusher) transmission,
  • large aluminum radiator with expansion tank (no other LT-1 equipped car has an expansion tank),
  • steel fan shroud, other than 1972’s (most),
  • radio delete (no fenders drilled for antenna). The ZR-1 package could not be ordered with any creature comforts, ie: air conditioning, power windows, power steering, radio, alarm system, rear window defroster, or special trim items like P02 wheel covers.

As an investment, the C3 Corvette ZR-1 is poised for growth, especially those from the first year (1970) where horsepower was at its highest mark. For the cost of a 1967 L71 Big Block, you can own a performance Corvette with a production limited to just 25!

This Corvette ZR1 has been marked down from $149,000 to $130,000 as part of Proteam Corvette’s 911 Emergency Sale. But if you’re interested, you better move fast because the sale ends on September 30th.

The 1970 Corvette ZR1 The 1970 Corvette ZR1 The 1970 Corvette ZR1
Interested? Contact Protream Corvettes and tell them CorvetteBlogger sent you!

tMichaelis Corvette Perspective
Proteam Corvette

When Money is No Object: Terry’s Corvette A-List
Corvette Documentation: The Three Truths from Proteam’s Terry Michaelis

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Auction Results: Corvettes at Carlisle 2008

by Keith Cornett on September 18, 2008

1967 Corvette Sold at Corvettes at Carlisle 2008

We got the auction results from last month’s Corvettes at Carlisle auction and despite the fact the auction was held on Friday and featured a sales success rate of just 36%, I am going to take a “glass is half full” approach. For the collector with less than deep pockets, the first time Corvette buyer or an enthusiast looking for a decent quality driver, the auction at Corvettes at Carlisle may just be the place to buy your next Corvette.

First the specifics: The auction at Corvettes at Carlisle is not what it once was in year’s past. Since the auction was moved in-house last year, it’s been reduced to a one-day event, and this year it was held on Friday of all days. 80 Corvettes crossed the block and 29 sold, earning a sales success rate of 36%. The 29 Corvettes totaled $731,050 in sales. Although these numbers are comparable to 2007′s auction, total sales were down almost $244,000 from last year’s $974,950.

In an attempt to shake up the auction landscape, Carlisle made some changes this year benefiting both sellers and buyers by offering free consignment as well as waiving bidder registration fees. The fact that Corvettes aren’t selling at Carlisle like the rates of other primarily Corvette auctions is just as much related to seller expectations as to the current market: Sellers are holding on to cars and may be waiting for better times and many buyers are primarily searching for a deal and passing on anything else. The simple fact is that it takes two to move a Corvette at an auction, a motivated seller and a buyer with cash in hand.

But as I look down the list of cars that did sell at this year’s event, I am seeing what appears to be some pretty good deals. So it just may be that auction at Corvettes at Carlisle could very well turn into the enthusiast auction where decent cars are sold for a fair price. Call it the anti-Barrett-Jackson auction. So let’s take a look at some of the cars that did sell.

The top seller was a 1967 Corvette Convertible with a 427/390 hp engine and a close ratio 4-speed transmission. Red with a black top and black stinger hood, this Corvette gets an A in curb appeal. Documented with owner history and the original Protect-O-Plate, this big block sold for $86,500. Well bought and sold.

Looking for a unique piece of history? How about a Supercharged 1954 Roadster. This Corvette features one of less than two dozen McCulloch supercharged engines produced in 1953/54. McCulloch cars are identified by the “SUPERCHARGED” script on the front about the Corvette emblem. This Corvette had some wear, but for the collector looking for something a bit different, $65,000 was enough to take this cool little roadster home.

Finally, the late Chip Miller’s personal 1994 Corvette ZR-1 was offered up by his son Lance at no reserve. This exceptional Polo Green Metallic Corvette ZR-1 is number 200 of only 448 produced in 1994 and features just 11,700 miles. Chip loved the ZR-1 for its unique LT-5 engine which all but guaranteed collectibility in future years. The Corvette was sold for $30,000. Again, this was a great price for a Corvette owned by one of the giants in the hobby.

Here are the full results from the 2008 Corvettes at Carlisle Auction:

1954 Corvette Convertible SOLD $65,000
1956 Corvette Convertible High Bid $71,000
1956 Corvette Convertible High Bid $39,500
1957 Corvette Convertible High Bid $72,000
1958 Corvette Convertible High Bid $75,000
1958 Corvette Convertible SOLD $47,500
1958 Corvette Convertible High Bid $85,000
1960 Corvette Convertible High Bid $59,000
1961 Corvette Convertible High Bid $49,000
1962 Corvette Convertible High Bid $75,000
1962 Corvette Convertible High Bid $87,000
1963 Corvette Split Window High Bid $75,000
1963 Corvette Split Window SOLD $46,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $90,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $110,000
1964 Corvette Coupe SOLD $32,000
1964 Corvette Coupe High Bid $35,000
1965 Corvette Convertible High Bid $69,000
1965 Corvette Convertible High Bid $45,000
1965 Corvette Coupe High Bid $94,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $74,000
1966 Corvette Coupe High Bid $72,500
1966 Corvette Coupe SOLD $30,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $42,000
1966 Corvette Convertible High Bid $30,000
1967 Corvette High Bid $45,000
1967 Corvette High Bid $41,000
1967 Corvette Coupe High Bid $95,000
1967 Corvette Coupe High Bid $45,000
1967 Corvette Convertible High Bid $47,000
1967 Corvette Coupe SOLD $47,500
1967 Corvette Convertible High Bid $52,000
1967 Corvette Convertible SOLD $86,500
1968 Corvette Coupe SOLD $16,000
1969 Corvette Convertible High Bid $27,000
1969 Corvette Coupe High Bid $94,000
1970 Corvette Coupe High Bid $74,000
1970 Corvette Convertible SOLD $28,500
1970 Corvette Coupe High Bid $27,500
1970 Corvette Stingray SOLD $15,250
1971 Corvette Stingray High Bid $7,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $40,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $27,000
1972 Corvette Coupe SOLD $17,500
1972 Corvette LT-1 Coupe High Bid $32,000
1972 Corvette Stingray SOLD $13,000
1972 Corvette Convertible High Bid $46,000
1973 Corvette Coupe High Bid $18,000
1974 Corvette Coupe High Bid $14,500
1975 Corvette Convertible SOLD $16,000
1976 Corvette High Bid $6,700
1978 Corvette High Bid $5,500
1978 Corvette SOLD $11,500
1978 Corvette Coupe SOLD $19,000
1978 Corvette High Bid $13,000
1979 Corvette Coupe High Bid $11,500
1980 Corvette Coupe (T-Top) SOLD $8,100
1980 Corvette Coupe High Bid $8,000
1981 Corvette Coupe SOLD $3,900
1981 Corvette Coupe SOLD $11,000
1982 Corvette Coupe SOLD $13,750
1982 Corvette Coupe SOLD $10,500
1985 Corvette Coupe High Bid $6,500
1986 Corvette Coupe SOLD $4,500
1986 Corvette SOLD $6,300
1987 Corvette Callaway Coupe High Bid $20,000
1989 Corvette Callaway Coupe High Bid $25,000
1990 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe High Bid $28,000
1992 Corvette Coupe SOLD $8,750
1994 Corvette ZR-1 Coupe SOLD $30,000
1999 Corvette Convertible High Bid $87,000
1999 Corvette Convertible SOLD $16,000
2003 Corvette Convertible SOLD $36,000
2003 Corvette Convertible SOLD $28,500
2005 Corvette Covertible High Bid $38,000
2005 Corvette Coupe High Bid $30,000
2006 Corvette Convertible SOLD $37,500
2007 Corvette Coupe High Bid $32,500
2007 Corvette Z06 SOLD $55,000
2007 Corvette Convertible High Bid $49,000

Carlisle Auctions

Auction Results: Corvettes at Carlisle 2007
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Corvette Values: 1961 Corvette Roadster

by Keith Cornett on September 2, 2008

1961 Corvette Roadster

RD in New Jersey submitted his 1961 Corvette Roadster to Corvette Values:

1961 Corvette Roadster, VIN 10867S106XXX. Original dual quad 283 ci 245 hp engine, 4-Speed transmission, Fawn Beige with Fawn Beige interior. Auxillary hard top and Fawn Beige soft top. 11,468 miles since restoration in 1999. Corvette is in average street driven condition with paint and fiberglass termed as “good”. The interior’s vinyl seating is also in good condition. All original with no body or engine modifications. No documentation.

Find out how we valued this Corvette after the jump.

1961 Corvette Roadster 1961 Corvette Roadster 1961 Corvette Roadster

The VIN indicates this vehicle was built in March, 1961, well into the 1961 production year. Any factory modifications or engineering changes would have been included during the assembly of this Corvette.

This Corvette Roadster is Fawn Beige in color. There were 1,363 Corvettes painted this color during the 1961 production year. The Fawn Beige paint was unique as it was only available for two production years, 1961 and 1962. The paint can be termed in good condition.

This paint is complimented by a matching Fawn vinyl interior. This interior is in original presentable condition.

The chrome bumpers and bright trim are termed in average condition.

The Corvette is powered by the original 283-245 dual carburetor motor. This motor was one of the optional motors offered in the 1961 production year. It, too, was unique as 1961 was the last year Corvette would offer a desirable optional motor with dual carburetors. The motor is coupled with an optional 4-speed manual transmission with the correct shifter and linkage.

Additional options include the removable hardtop, a neat feature for the winter months and inclement weather.

This Corvette is all ‘stock’ with no body or interior modifications. The wheels have the correct wheel covers and the tires are in good condition.

The owner reports this Corvette was restored in 1999. It has excellent ‘curb appeal’.

We place a value of $53,800 on this 1961 Corvette Roadster. Adding to its value is the one and two year appreciation factor in average price for a 1961 Corvette. The one year appreciation is 6% and the appreciation over a two year period is 15%.

Corvette Appraisals:
With Corvette values rising yearly, make sure your insurance coverage keeps up with your Corvettes value by having it appraised online at Our online appraisals are only $69.95 and are usually completed within three business days. Click here to start your Corvette appraisal now.
Source: Appraisal Service
Corvette Values: An Unrestored 1967 Corvette Roadster
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2008 Corvette Pace Cars Now Discounted with Employee Pricing

One of the most successful incentive programs offered by GM is now back and the good news is Corvettes are included. Employee pricing for everyone runs through September 2nd and Corvette buyers can save a significant amount on 2008 Coupes, Convertibles and the Z06.

Usually Corvettes are excluded from most of GM’s incentive programs but due to the number of 2008 Corvettes available on dealers lots – 5,854 as of yesterday – the General wants them sold to make room for the 2009 Corvettes now rolling off of the Bowling Green Assembly line.

The discounts are fairly significant too. In the case of the 505 horsepower Z06 where base prices start around $72,000 the discounts can be close to $10,000 off!

Our friends at Kerbeck Corvette only have a few 2008′s left including a Black Z06 and a Indianapolis 500 Pace Car coupe so if you want to get in on the discounts you better give Dave and the gang a call immediately at 1-877-537-2325. Make sure you tell them CorvetteBlogger sent you!

Sponsored by:
Kerbeck Corvette

July 2008 Corvette Sales

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1962 Gulf Oil Corvette

One of the most dominating Corvettes in auto racing history was sold over the weekend at Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach Auction for an astounding $1.485 million. Grady Davis’ Gulf Oil Racing Team purchased the Corvette in 1962 from Yenko Chevrolet and the car was campaigned by none other than “The Flying Dentist”, Dr. Dick Thompson in the 1962 SCCA-A Production Class. In 14 races, the Gulf Oil ’62 Corvette finished first in class 12 times including wins at Daytona and Sebring and captured the 1962 A-Production Championship.

The Corvette was sold at the end of the 1962 season to Tony Denman who successfully raced the car throughout 1963, finishing second in class at Daytona while battling against newer Corvettes, Ferrari GTOs and Porsches. At the end of the 1963 season, Denman removed most of the high performance racing parts in order to sell the car as a typical street Corvette.

Almost 20 years later, the Corvette was discovered by the Rev. Mike Ernst who found the Corvette, now painted red, being driven by a college student who was using the Corvette as a daily driver. In researching the Corvette, Ernst found the car came with the rare and highly sought after RPO 687 package which includes the heavy duty brakes, suspension and steering. The Corvette also had a 37-gallon fuel tank which was common for RPO 687 Corvettes that were raced at the time.

Ernst began restoration of the 1962 Corvette in the early 1980′s. The disassembly and paint-stripping process revealed the car to be none other than Dick Thompson’s 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette. Ernst was able to track down Tony Denman who had stored most of the high performance racing parts from the Corvette in his parent’s garage before selling them in 1979. With Denman’s assistance, Ernst tracked down the buyer of the parts and bought them back, reuniting them with the Corvette in May of 1985.

Among the list of parts were Stewart Warner gauges, roll bar, some of the Yenko extra-heavy-duty suspension pieces, aluminum bell housing, separate scatter shield, engine block, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, Posi-Traction units, ring and pinions and various hardware. After these racing parts were reassembled, the Corvette was painted its original Ermine White and Blue livery and became the first recipient of the NCRS American Heritage Award.

The 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette returned to the track and raced at Laguna Seca and Palm Springs. It was shown at the Carlisle of Corvettes Racer and Race Car reunion and in 2002 underwent a complete restoration by Doug Prince and Jerry Roman.

In 2005, the Corvette was inducted into the Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame and was displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum and was shown at Corvette’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Last year the Corvette underwent another restoration by Kevin Mackay of Corvette Repair in New York.

The 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette features a number of astonishing details including an original Motorola two-way radio, allowing car on-course-to-pit communication. It’s believed to be the first use of such equipment in a race car. Other details include correct Koni shock absorbers, finned heavy-duty brakes, painted steel wheels wearing period-correct Goodyear tires, enormous fiberglass scoops for brake cooling. The driveline reveals its content to consist of original date-stamped parts, including the original matching-numbers engine.

The Corvette is highly documented with a collection of publications that featured articles about the race car and an extensive collection of photos from its racing days. In addition to its NCRS and Bloomington Gold certificates, a bill of sale from Yenko Chevrolet to Grady Davis is also included.

1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette
1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette
1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette

Gooding & Company estimated the sale of the Gulf Oil Corvette would bring between $950,000 – $1,250,000. When the gavel dropped on Saturday, August 17th, the final price was $1,485,000, well above the presale estimates. With its winning pedigree in FIA sanction events which included the 1962 Daytona and Sebring races, the 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette is eligible for any international FIA historical events including the LeMans Classic 24 and Goodwood Revival races.

Gooding & Company Related:
Racing Fans – Buy Your Own Corvette C6.R Racecar Technorati Tags:
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Friday’s Featured Corvettes for Sale

by Keith Cornett on August 15, 2008

2007 Corvette For Sale

Here we go with another round of Friday’s Featured Corvettes for Sale. We are closing in on the end of Summer and it’s a buyer’s market for Corvettes. You’ll find the greatest selection of new, pre-owned and classic Corvettes at, the Internet’s original Corvette classifieds website.

The beautiful C1-C6 examples you see here are just a sample of the 500+ Corvettes available now. Want to learn more? Click on the photo or link to read the full ad, view more photos and contact the seller.

1955 Corvette Convertible For Sale 1966 Corvette Convertible For Sale 1980 Corvette Coupe For Sale
1955 Convertible
Email for Price
1966 Convertible
1980 Coupe
1994 Corvette Convertible For Sale 2003 Corvette Convertible For Sale 2007 Corvette Coupe For Sale
1994 Convertible
2003 Convertible
2007 Coupe

Selling Your Corvette? Now is the time and is the place to reach more qualified Corvette Buyers. Corvette Classified Ads are only $25 and run for 3 months. You can post unlimited photos and you have access to make any changes at any time.


When Corvettes Go Bad: 1964 Corvette 4×4 AMC

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The 2009 Corvette ZR1

We know they like to do things big in Texas, but one Chevrolet dealer in Houston has gone all out by pricing a 2009 Corvette ZR1 on eBay for $185,000. With a retail price listed at $115,000 with options, that’s $70,000 over MRSP. We’re trying to call in to Suze Orman’s show for her advice but I have a feeling I’d hear that shrill voice scream out “I Don’t Think So!”

Mac Haik Chevrolet has the 2009 Corvette ZR1 listed on ebay until April 14th with a “Buy It Now” price. The description says the Corvette will be delivered to the dealer in mid-September and the color is black on black. Since the MSRP is listed at $115,000 we’re assuming it has premium 3ZR option package.

Mac Haik Chevrolet isn’t alone in agressively pricing their 2009 Corvette ZR1s for ebay. Two other Texas dealerships have their ZR1s listed at prices above $150,000 as well. Frank Parra Autoplex has one listed for $167,000 while Don Hewkett Chevrolet has their “buy it now” priced at $158,000.

Dealers are certainly entitled to sell the Corvette ZR1 for what they think they can get for it, however when going the eBay route we prefer to see pricing starting at MSRP and then let the market set the sales price. Dealers can still protect themselves with a reserve. However, this process of super high “buy-it-now” take-it-or-leave-it pricing is a bit unseemly and reinforces the “we’re out to screw consumers” image that most dealers work so hard to avoid.

Jut my two cents. I could be wrong…

eBay via Jalopnik

[VIDEO] Man Asks Financial Guru “Can I Afford a Corvette ZR1?”
Corvette ZR1: GM Releases Official Pricing
[VIDEO] 1st 2009 Corvette ZR1 Sold for $1 Million

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The Suze Orman Show

Flipping through the channels over the weekend, I came across this little gem on a cable tv show. A viewer named Dan calls into The Suze Orman Show on CNBC and asks the financial diva if he can afford to buy the 2009 Corvette ZR1. In this same segment, Orman approves a $6,000 ring and a pair of $900 high heel shoes so why not grant Dan “the man” his dream car? But before Judge Orman rules, Dan has to present an overview of his finances. Watch the video after the jump.

Dan, seriously…calling into a financial talk show and asking permission to buy your dream car? Do what you want to do, and good luck finding a Corvette ZR1 at $120,000.


Corvette ZR1: GM Releases Official Pricing
[VIDEO] 1st 2009 Corvette ZR1 Sold for $1 Million

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GM Offering 0% Financing on 2008 Corvettes

by Keith Cornett on August 1, 2008

The 2008 Corvette Z06

We knew it was coming and GM didn’t let us down. As soon as the 2009 Corvettes started hitting dealer showrooms, GM has announced a 0% financing offer on all new 2008 Corvette models including the Z06. This is a great opportunity for buyers to save thousands of dollars on interest payments as well as help dealers clear excess inventory to make way for the 2009 models.

The 0% financing offer goes into effect this weekend with terms up to 48 months for coupes and Z06 and 60 months for convertibles. A quick check of Jeff Hardy’s website shows the remaining 2008 Corvettes broken down as of yesterday to be:

  • 3,947 Coupes
  • 1,841 Convertibles
  • 1,704 Z06s.

If you’ve been waiting for a traditional model year end rebate, you’re in luck. Those that jump the quickest will have the greatest selection of 2008 Corvettes to choose from and the special offer expires on 8/19/08. Visit our friends at Kerbeck Corvette and Dave and gang will get you into the Corvette of your dreams.


June 2008 Corvette Sales

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