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1967 L88 Shriner Corvette at Mecum's St. Charles Auction

Our favorite non-original L88 Shriner Corvette is back on the market again. The 1967 “L88″ Shriner COPO Corvette crossed the block at Mecum’s St. Charles auction on Saturday where it reached a high bid of $80,000 but failed to reach its reserve price. Longtime readers of CorvetteBlogger may recognize this as the same car whose listing on eBay in December 2005 was pulled after the Corvette community challenged the sale as a real-deal L88 Corvette.


Chevy Allows You to Track Your Corvette Order Online

by Keith Cornett on September 15, 2010

Chevy Allows You to Track Your Corvette Order Online

No longer will customers be in the dark about the status of their new Corvette order. GM has introduced a new “Track Your Order” feature to allow customers to view the relative status of their Corvette or any other Chevrolet order. In addition to the event status, a representation of the customer’s Corvette will be displayed with the majority of the accessories/options rendered.


Corvette Plans Return to UK Dealers in 2011

by Keith Cornett on August 19, 2010


Looks like the Chevy Corvette will be headed back to the UK starting in May 2011 according to several online sources. Chevrolet’s flagship sports car will be imported by Chevrolet UK and sold at select dealers alongside the Camaro.


GM Updates for the 2011 Model Year

by Keith Cornett on August 6, 2010

GM Updates for the 2011 Model Year

GM has officially rolled out the 2011 model year Corvettes on The new site features many upgrades to the previous site including a cool new color selector and a new build your own configurator. Customers can search dealer inventories and connect with Corvette’s social media groups through facebook and twitter updates directly on the site.

Check it out at


2011 Corvette Order Guide Available for Download

by Keith Cornett on May 8, 2010

2011 Corvette Order Guide Available for Download

Here is the 2011 Corvette Order Guide which will take you though the various options available for each of the six Corvette models. Shown above is one of our favorite new features on the new Corvette, the new USB connector for plugging in your ipod, iphone or other MP3 device. Thanks to Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette for providing the guide to us.

Click here to Download.

GM Gives 2011 Corvette Buyers More Personalization Choices


New Rebates and Financing Incentives Available for Corvette Buyers

When we published the April 2010 Corvette Sales Report on Monday, we noted that GM would probably be offering some incentives to move the more than 4,500 Corvettes that are currently available in dealer showrooms. Sure enough, we checked with our friends at Kerbeck Corvette and there are several incentives and rebates available for the 2009 and 2010 Corvette.


Why Do Dealers Insist on Defacing Corvettes?

by Keith Cornett on March 29, 2010

Why Do Dealers Insist on Defacing Corvettes

Team Nissan, are you serious? Your dealer nameplate should just as well read “Dealbreaker”…

Corvette Forum via eBay


Corvette Market Magazine Holding 3rd Annual Scottsdale Seminar in 2010

Keith Martin and his panel of Corvette experts will return to Scottsdale this January to discuss the topics essential to understanding today’s collectible Corvette market. The seminar will be held Thursday, January 21 at the Barrett-Jackson Auction.


NCRS Announces Award Confirmation Service

by Keith Cornett on September 17, 2009

NCRS Announces Award Confirmation Service

Corvette collector’s rejoice! The National Corvette Restorers Society is now offering a service to confirm the NCRS awards given to a Corvette. This will be a great resource for buyers or owners who want confirmation on a specific Corvette’s NCRS award history as well as perhaps provide the missing link to a Corvette’s history. The service doesn’t come cheap though. Expect to shell out $300 for the document.

The NCRS awards database has over 20,000 records and some date back to as early as the mid 1980′s. The award confirmation document includes:

  • Owner’s Names
  • Net and Final Scores
  • NCRS Awards Received
  • Location and Type of Event: National, Regional or Chapter
Where available the record will also contain:
  • Color
  • Trim
  • Engine Horsepower

For the $300 fee, you receive the records printed on official NCRS stationary and signed by Roy Sinor, NCRS National Judging Chairman. To place an order for the service, contact Roy Sinor at 918-834-0259 or via email at:

Note: The NCRS TOp Flight certificate show above was awarded to Terry Michaelis and Proteam Corvette for their 1967 Corvette Coupe dubbed The “Last”â„¢ Corvette.


The Must-Have Option When Buying A Classic Corvette
Weekend Plans: NCRS Corvette Show and Mecum Auction
NCRS Kicks Off Membership Drive

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New Corvette Rebates and Incentive Offers

by Keith Cornett on April 3, 2009

Corvettes for sale at Kerbeck

Our friends at Kerbeck Corvette wanted us to help spread the word about the special rebates and incentives being offered by GM. Last month’s Corvette sales were the best since September 2008 and GM really wants to build on the momentum with these rebates and incentives. The good news is that you can thousands on both 2008 AND 2009 Corvettes.

For 2009 Corvettes

  1. 4.9% Financing for up to 60 months, OR
  2. $1,000 rebate

For 2008 Corvettes

  1. 0% Financing for up to 60 Months, OR
  2. 2.9% financing for up to 72 months, OR
  3. $4,000 rebate, OR
  4. $2,000 rebate and 5.9% financing for 60 months.

Want to take advantage of these special rebates or financing deals on new Corvettes? call Dave Salvatore of Kerbeck Corvette at 1-877-537-2325. Make sure you tell him CorvetteBlogger sent you!

Kerbeck Corvette

March 2009 Corvette Sales

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