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Searching Corvette – What Are You Looking For?

by Keith Cornett on March 10, 2006

Ever wonder what people are looking for on the internet when it comes to Corvettes? I used the keyword selector tool at to show the breakdown of the Corvette keyword. The selector tool shows the number of searches done at Overture-releated search sites (Yahoo being the largest) and the search term used. Here are the top 25 Corvette-releated searches from January 2006:

CountSearch Term
38573chevrolet corvette
23325corvette part
18462corvette for sale
17763corvette forum
98502006 corvette
7920used corvette
7481corvette z06
6588used corvette for sale
4814classic corvette
4749chevy corvette
45722006 corvette z06
4443corvette accessory
4250champagne corvette
4209corvette picture
4164corvette c6
3814corvette sting ray
3365corvette central
3320corvette wheels
3247corvette restoration
3244corvette club
3176corvette trader
3127corvette museum
30892005 corvette
29431968 corvette
To see the entire list, click here and enter “Corvette” into the search box. Of couse, you can enter other terms to see what they return. It can be quite addicting…
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Cruizing Central Florida in March

by Keith Cornett on March 6, 2006

The weather in Florida this time of year is simply outstanding. High’s in the mid 70′s and no rain in sight. Another great day for a Corvette Cruise. I met up with Chris, my partner at, and his 78 Corvette Pace Car Sunday morning at the beach and from there it was 200 miles of driving on one and two lane roads through west central Florida. We left Tampa around 8:30 and worked our way through Hillsborough and Pasco county. At 11:30 we had lunch at deli of the Yalaha Country Bakery in Yalaha, which is just south of Leesburg. Then it was back to Tampa, where again we worked out way back south on mostly county roads and a couple of the main state roads. We saw only one other Corvette, a C3. There were a ton of bikers on the road, and Chris nearly ran over a turkey buzzard. Click here to view the video of the March Corvette Cruise.

Corvette Comparisons That Don’t Add Up

by Keith Cornett on February 28, 2006

Corvette comparisons crack me up. Every performance car from some other manufacturer is their answer to the Corvette. And while some do compare to some degree (Ford GT and Dodge Viper), other comparisons fall flat. Today I came across an article from the the Midland Daily News about some guy building a museum for the Pontiac Fiero. Guy loves Fiero’s…good for him, good for others that love Fieros. Right after the introduction of the article though is the money quote:

For Evans, the Fiero is just about the perfect car. It’s sporty, speedy and made of plastic panels over a sturdy frame so parts can be changed easily. Manufactured from 1984-88, the Fiero was to be Pontiac’s answer to the Corvette, but for less money and with less power. The plastic is more forgiving than the Corvette’s fiberglass, so it doesn’t shatter when it gets bumped.
So the Fiero was Pontiac’s answer to the Corvette, but for less money and with less power. My feeling is that because of the inferior power, it doesn’t compare to a Corvette. It’s like saying Meatloaf is like Steak, but for less money and with less taste. Just not quite the same… Anybody else got some good automotive Corvette comparisons? Perhaps we can get enough together for a top 10 list.

Found: 1959 Corvette. Owner Call To Identify

by Keith Cornett on February 26, 2006

Anyone lost a 1959 Corvette recently? Maybe not so recently? Brevard County (FL) Sheriffs Office found a Red/White 1959 Corvette abandoned in a desolate area off Interstate 95. Tracing the owner has proven difficult as the part of VIN was missing, as well as the license plate. The Sheriffs Office ran the part of the VIN it had through different databases but have come up short. Andrew Walters, Brevard County Sheriff’s spokesman said of the found car, “You just don’t leave a Corvette like that sitting on the side of the road. The circumstances that surround this particular case – this is more than just an abandoned vehicle.” He speculates the Corvette may have been dumped by an auto theft ring. The Corvette does have some distinguishing characteristics and that the owner would be able to make a claim on the Corvette based on those identifying features. If you or someone you know lost a 1959 Corvette, call Agent Mike Wallace in the auto theft unit at (321) 454-7007.

Corvette Museum Offers High Performance Driving School

by Keith Cornett on February 22, 2006

Building on the success of the NCM’s first High Performance Driving School, the Museum announced that their second school will be held on June 5-6 at Putnam Park Racetrack in Mount Meridian, Indiana, approximately 50 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana. Corvette Chief Engineer Tom Wallace is scheduled to attend the event. One lucky student just might have the Corvette Chief Engineer as their instructor. Other guests include longtime GM engineer and Corvette Hall of Fame Member, Gib Hufstader who will be on-hand at the track and will be a featured guest speaker at the event banquet on Monday evening. The school will have four run groups in addition to the instructor group. Two groups will be beginner/novice (Green & Yellow) with minimal to no experience, as well as an intermediate (Blue) group and an advanced (Red) group. Only 70 slots are available. The cost to participate is $395 for museum members and $445 for non-members and all participants will receive an event t-shirt and a seat at the banquet. Non-members will also receive a one-year NCM individual membership with their event registration. Registration will open at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 23 at

Grand Sport’s 10th Anniversary Plans

by Keith Cornett on February 12, 2006

The Grand Sport Registry has announced they will be sponsoring a special gathering of the 1996 Grand Sport Corvettes for the August 2006 Corvettes at Carlisle show. Organizers are hoping to assemble the largest gathering of the RPO Z16 Corvettes with a goal of 96 cars at the summer event. John Heinricy, the Chevrolet engineer considered by many as the father of the 1996 Grand Sport is planning on attending the event with his personal GS: VIN #001. If you have a 1996 Grand Sport and are interested in being part of this 10 anniversary event, visit for details. Other 10th Anniversary celebrations are in the works including THE GATHERING, May 4-6 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. NCM Online Registration will open soon for that event.

World’s Ugliest Corvette

by Keith Cornett on February 5, 2006

Sometimes people go too far. Jesus, if you’re going to f*** up a Corvette, do it at the track. GM has already spent millions of dollars on styling so you don’t have to. The Mickey Mouse on the rear quarter panel will do zero for resale value. Besides, where does one find matching parts?




NCRS Winter Regional and Mecum Auction

by Keith Cornett on January 30, 2006

Living in Tampa has its benefits and one of them is being only an hour away from one of the best NCRS shows in the Country – the Winter Regional Meet in Kissimmee, Florida. This year’s show seemed to be larger than the last few I’ve been to. As the Mecum Auction was moved to a larger facility, the NCRS show had more room for its main attraction – judging Corvettes for Top Flight and Second Flight status. The swap meet area was also humming as people were searching for that last item to complete their restoration, buying new shirts and hats or walking though the Corvettes For Sale Corral. I had my video camera along for the trip so here are a few of the Corvettes we found interesting:

1958 Fuelie Project Car

Compilation Video
Mecum Winter Classic
I’ve always loved car auctions. The buzz from potential buyers, the smell of the exhaust, the sound of the gavel as the sale concludes is all very thrilling. The new location for the Mecum Winter Classic is awesome. While it’s too bad that it couldn’t be held at the same location as the NCRS Winter Regional, their new home at the Osceola Heritage Park gives them a lot more room and therefore more cars could be part of this. The only downside was getting from the NCRS show to Heritage Park. While roughly being only 10 miles away, it took us about 25 minutes to get there due to the road construction and heavy traffic on Hwy 192. I only had a couple of hours at the auction, but they were well spent. Here are three midyears that rolled though the block, and the good news is the Barrett-Jackson pricing was left in Scottsdale.

1965 Convertible

1963 Convertible

1967 Coupe

GM and Chevy Donate Parts to Owner of Stolen Corvette

by Keith Cornett on January 27, 2006

Alan Poster, who was reunited with his 1968 Corvette last week after the car was stolen 37 years ago, got a surprise gift this week from GM Restoration Parts and Chevrolet. While doing a live interview with Cruise Control, a national automotive talk radio show, Harlan Charles, Corvette product manager called Mr. Poster to congratulate him on having his Corvette returned and told him that GM Restoration Parts and Chevrolet were giving him $2,500 credit to use during the restoration of his Corvette. “We’re happy to help Mr. Poster restore his long-lost love,” said Charles. “We understand what it’s like to fall in love with a Corvette and to get it in your blood. Corvette enjoys a 70 loyalty rate, which means 70 percent of people who buy a Corvette purchase another one.” It turns out that Mr. Poster had just purchased a 1974 Corvette prior to having his stolen 1968 Corvette convertible returned. Mr. Poster’s Corvette was returned missing several original items such as a gas tank, carburetor and a transmission, and its original International Blue paint scheme had been changed to silver. Mr. Poster said he plans to restore the car, repaint it blue and give it to his 17-year-old daughter. Although this week’s show wasn’t yet posted when we visited, a podcast of the interview with Mr. Poster will be available at

Stolen Corvette Returned After 37 Years

by Keith Cornett on January 18, 2006

Alan Poster was 26 when he bought his first Corvette. The Corvette, painted International Blue, was purchased for $6,000. The year was 1968. Three months later, it was stolen from a parking garage. Alan thought his 1968 Convertible was gone forever. Fast forward to December 2005. Alan gets a call from officers’ Cliff Bieder and William Heiser of the NYPD Auto Crimes Division based in Queens. They said to Alan ” ‘You had a car stolen in ’69? A Corvette? What color was it?’” Mr. Poster recalled. “I said, ‘Blue.’ He said, ‘We have your car.’ ” Almost 37 years after the car was stolen, it was found, just days before being shipped to a buyer in Sweden. It was flagged during a routine Customs Service check of the vehicle identification number, sending the two New York City detectives on a long-shot search through thousands of crime reports to connect the car to its first owner. Not much is currently know as to what happened to the Corvette over the past 36 years. During that time, it was repainted and the blue interior changed to red. The engine was replaced and currently it is missing its transmission and gas tank. According to the detectives, no one ever tried to register it or insure it, or the same flags that alerted Customs would have been triggered as well. Alan says the whole experience was a miracle. He says fondly that it was “probably the only car I’ve ever really loved.” Alan picked up the Corvette during a news conference in Carson, Calif on Tuesday, January 17th. Click here to view the video of the reunion. Credits: