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Flickr Photo of the Day: Penny and Her 1958 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on March 16, 2007

Last night I found this wonderful photo and story of an 86 year old Corvette owner named Penny who daily drives a 1958 convertible. The photographer is also a neighbor who said the following about her subject:

“Penny is our 86 year old neighbor and friend. She is the most youthful 86 year old I’ve ever met and she drives a 1958 Corvette in mint condition which she bought new 48 years ago.” “I asked Penny if I could take photos of her with her beloved Corvette. She graciously agreed, and said, “It needs a new paint job, but so do I!” Penny is a lovely woman and a role model of what it can be like to be a senior young-at-heart.”
86 year old owner with her 1958 Corvette
There are three photos in the Penny series and you can view them here and here. The comments are worth reading as well.
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Rick Conti with a Velocity Yellow Z06 CorvetteFinally the cat is out of the bag. Last week Corvette Conti announced that his site would be down over the weekend for an overhaul. Soon rumors began to swirl that the Corvette sales specialist was leaving Ohio for greener pastures. Tuesday morning, finally ending the “irresponsible speculation” that Corvette owners are apparently famous for, Rick confirmed that he has left Spitzer Chevrolet in Cleveland to join one of the largest Chevrolet dealers in the Midwest, EVS Chevrolet in Random Lake, Wisconsin. The fact that this story has fueled a thread at Digital Corvettes that is nine pages long with people offering well wishes and promises for future Corvette purchases only confirms something I have believed in for some time now. Rick Conti is a Rock Star! You know you’re doing something right when you generate that kind of positive response when your day job is that of a car salesman. But Rick doesn’t just sell cars. He’s sells the dream. He cures the fever by leading the customer on a journey into the Corvette experience. Doubt me? Just take a look at his previous office. EVS Chevrolet is currently a sponsor on the Corvette Forum. It will be interesting to see if EVS tries to maintain a presence on both forums or just concentrate on one. A quick check of their inventory shows 33 Corvettes available so they definitely have the volume. Conti is already making waves in Wisconsin with last night’s announcement that EVS will be offering a change to win a Velocity Yellow Z06 Corvette. So congratulations Rick on the new home. I’m looking forward to reading the new!
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Dale Jr: Member of Corvette Lunatic Fringe

by Keith Cornett on March 12, 2007

Dale Jr with his 2005 CorvetteThe Lunatic Fringe is what the engineers and designers at Chevrolet call the Corvette enthusiast community, according to the book “All Corvettes Are Red” by James Schefter. In a recent conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr, The Las Vegas Sun’s Brian Hilderbrand asks Dale about his street-legal rides. Dale Jr’s personal fleet of cars consists of a 2005 Chevy pickup, a brand new Corvette, three Camaros, two Suburbans, a ’64 Impala and a ’55 Bel Air. Oh, and he owns a Jeep Cherokee that he turned into an orange monster truck. His two favorites are the new Corvette and the 1967 Camaro. About the Corvette, Dale says “The brand-new Corvette is a great car. They’re really, really fast but lightweight. Chevrolet, as a company, finally built the baddest car they could. They had always stayed on the conservative side and they finally let their hair down a little bit with this car and I’m really proud of them for that.” Want to know the real reason Dale sold his Mini Cooper last year on eBay? Read Take Five: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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Five Corvettes Make The Forza 2 Video Game Lineup

by Keith Cornett on March 12, 2007

2006 Corvette Z06 from Forza 2One of the most anticipated XBox 360 games from Microsoft’s Game Studios this year is Forza Motorsport 2. Forza 2 is loaded with more than 300 of the world’s hottest cars that gamers will be able to collect, personalize and tune. Recently unveiled is the list of US production cars which include five Corvette models: 1967 427 Corvette Sting Ray (we corrected their one-word use of stingray)
1970 ZR1 Corvette
1996 Corvette Grand Sport
2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Forza Motorsport 2 is expected to be released in May. Click here for the game trailer.
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The 2007 Corvette unveiling at the NCM last year.One of the largest gatherings of Corvette owners and enthusiasts is held annually at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green in what is dubbed the C5/C6 Bash. This year’s event, to be held April 26-28th, will include the unveiling of the 2008 Corvette by Chevrolet’s Tom Wallace and Tadge Juechter. Several 2008 Corvette models will be onsite and Tom, Tadge and other Chevrolet and Corvette notables will introduce the changes coming to the new model. The 2008 will have the most enhancements to the C6 generation since its introduction in 2004. The Corvette Museum will offer pre-registered guests the opportunity to be entered into a special drawing to win a “Ride Along” in one of the special 2008 display cars. Pre-register for the C5/C6 Corvette Bash event scheduled for April 26-28 at the National Corvette Museum’s website. Pre-registration ends Sunday, April 16.
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Corvette Summer Promo Car Sells on eBay

by Keith Cornett on February 28, 2007

Corvette Summer Promo Car

Nearly 30 years after Mark Hamill and Annie Potts drove a hideous custom Corvette to B-Movie success, one of the movie’s promotional cars was offered up and sold on eBay this morning for $30,000. The buyer appears to be from the Volo Auto Museum based on his current listings.

This isn’t the original Corvette Summer car, as that had a right-wheel drive conversion and the cool bowtie tail lights. That car is part of the collection owned by MA Motorworks owner Mike Yeager.

You can also see a clip of the Corvette Summer car on

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2007 Corvette Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

by Keith Cornett on February 11, 2007

Last week the National Corvette Museum announced the 2007 inductees to the Corvette Hall of Fame. The newest inductees will be recognized as part of the 10th Annual Corvette Hall of Fame ceremony on August 31st. Being inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame is the highest honor given to those people for their contributions for preserving the past, present and future of Corvette. The three inductees of 2007 are world class Corvette racer, Doug Hooper, Corvette C4 consultant and specialist, Gordon Killebrew, and GM designer and stylist, Carl Renner.

Doug Hooper started racing in Corvettes in 1959, with a 1957 convertible. He won the Times Gran Prix in 1962 in a 1963 Split Window Coupe Z06 Corvette. He is an honorary director of the National Corvette Racing Association and ran Doug’s Corvette Service in North Hollywood, which became one of the premier Corvette repair shops on the west coast. Gordon Killebrew in well known in C4 circles. Gordon spent 25 years consulting and providing technical training and materials to Corvette dealer technicians. He was an integral part of the Corvette Action Center, a customer service program that handled technical service calls from Corvette owners world-wide. Gordon was the proof editor of the C4′s service and owner’s manuals, as well as edited bulletins and campaign recalls for the GM Tech Center. Carl Renner was part of “Project Opel”, the original Corvette Motorama project design team. As a senior designer in GM Motors styling department, he took an active part of the entire design process of the 1952 through 1957 Chevrolet models. A trusted member or Harley Earl’s special pojects crew on the “Ninth Floor”, he participated in shaping the first Opel – the future Corvette. The grille of the first Corvettes was based on some of his earlier designs.
There are currently 31 members of the Corvette Hall of Fame. Previous inductees include Harley Earl, Zora Arkus-Duntov, David Hill, Dave McLellan and John Lingenfelter.
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Corvette Featured in Chevy Super Bowl XLI Commercial

by Keith Cornett on February 5, 2007

It was called the “Ain’t We Got Love” Super Bowl XLI spot and Corvette makes three appearances. A red midyear (63 or 64?) was shown first, immediately followed by Corvette Racing’s Number 3 C6.R. Was that Johnny O’Connell rapping? The spot ended with Dale Earnhardt Jr in a convertible C6. Check it out again:

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PRS Custom Guitar Commemorates Ron Fellows Z06 Corvette

by Keith Cornett on February 5, 2007

Ron Fellows Custom PRS GuitarIt’s a good week to be Ron Fellows. First, the Canadian-born C6.R pilot gets a very special limited-edition Z06 Corvette named after him for his nine years of accomplishments in the ALMS with Corvette Racing. And now, he’s presented with a one-of-a-kind custom Paul Reed Smith guitar that resembles the paint scheme of his signature Corvette. PRS Guitars has been a sponsor of Corvette Racing since 2005, and since the hookup, has built 400 custom Corvette Z06-branded guitars, offered in the same colors as the Z06. The special PRS guitar is based on the PRS Corvette Standard 22. Ron is a guitarist and already owns a PRS guitar.

“Having a car named after me is amazing…having a one-off guitar made to commemorate this moment makes it even more special. Let’s face it, I’m just a Neil Young wannabe. I love music; this instrument will have a great home in my growing collection of wonderful guitars”, says Ron Fellows. Jack Higginbotham, President of PRS Guitars adds “We have enjoyed a great synergistic relationship with Corvette and the Corvette Racing Team. High performance, made in America, high quality and an aspirational appeal are just some of the common ties that help to form the partnership. We own Corvettes, put them on track, and enjoy the performance and quality that has been engineered into the cars. We hope that owners of PRS guitars derive the same pleasure as we do from our Corvettes.”
You can see the PRS guitars at
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TIVO Alert: Corvette on Speed’s Victory By Design

by Keith Cornett on February 2, 2007

This is the show hosted by Alain DeCadenet. The Corvette episode is 60 minutes long and is followed by a 30 minute “Making of” episode. Knowing that Alain was able to procure and drive various one-of-a-kind, tens-of-millions-dollar-value Ferraris (Including important race cars) for that marque’s episode, the Corvette episode should be real interesting. The show airs tonight at 9:00 pm Est on Speed with a reairing at 1:00 am EST. Looks like a member of has volunteered to post a copy of the show in the morning. If there is a link available, we’ll link you over to it.
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