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Corvette Lifestyles

Gus Grissom’s 1967 Corvette Listed on eBay

by Keith Cornett on June 20, 2006

Space Pioneer Gus Grissom had the right stuff when it came to his Red 1967 Corvette Convertible. Nights were spent on the deserted tracks and back roads of Melborne, Florida racing other astronauts. The story goes fellow astronaut Alan Shepard, who fashioned a reputation for himself as “Mr. Corvette”, couldn’t beat Gus’ 427 Corvette as Gus had installed a 4:56 rear end giving him a tremendous edge in 1/4 mile racing. Grissom, the second American in space, and the first American to travel into space twice, was also one of the first to die in the U.S. space program. His Corvette went through four owners before winding up with Jim Falkowski, who purchased the Corvette in 1985 for $9,995. During Jim’s ownership, the Corvette won many awards including NCRS Top Flight, multiple Cypress Gardens, the National Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green and has been featured in numerous magazines, news articles and calendars.

There is something about a car once owned by a national hero. When paired with a ’67 427/435 Red Convertible, the myth grows exponentially. Now the Gus Grissom Corvette is listed on eBay, giving someone a chance at owning history. Current bid as of June 20th was $178,099 with the Reserve not yet met. The auction runs through June 26th. Source: eBay, Wikipedia
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Ten Things To Do After Buying Your First Corvette

by Keith Cornett on June 11, 2006

I received a call today from a guy who just bought his first Corvette. He was very excited to finally own the car of his dreams and he wanted some advice about getting involved in the Corvette hobby. I rambled off a couple ideas and then thought this might be something that can be expanded on. So if you have some ideas, please let me know. 1. Get insurance. More is better than less:

If you just bought a classic Corvette (1953-1982) check into insurance companies like Hagerty or Parish Heacock. Also check with your current insurance provider. I have my ’66 Corvette insured with State Farm for under $300 per year. You may need an appraisal to get the most accurate “stated value” policy. If buying a later model Corvette for pleasure and not as your primary vehicle, let your insurance company know. You might get a break on rates.
2. Buy a custom-fit Corvette car cover to protect your investment, even if parking in the garage. 3. Join one of the Corvette message boards like, or the You are going to have questions and the forum members will certainly have answers. 4. Subscribe to a Corvette Magazine (or two) like Corvette Fever, Corvette Enthusiast or Corvette Magazine. 5. Find a service shop in your area that specializes in Corvettes. If you bought a new Corvette from a dealership, get to know your dedicated service advisor and make sure he knows you. You’d be surprised at the higher level of service you can get. 6. Join a local Corvette club for shows and social cruises. There’s nothing like hooking up with a bunch of like-minded Corvette enthusiasts for a Sunday afternoon cruise. 7. Buy a Corvette service manual or factory assembly manual. If you want to maintain your Corvette properly, it’s best to follow the factory guidelines. 8. If you are restoring, customizing or maintaining your Corvette, get on the mailing lists of Corvette parts supplier catalogs like Ecklers, Mid-America, Corvette Central and Corvette America. Many carry the same items so then it comes down to knowledgeable sales reps, in-stock parts and servicing returns for you to find your favorite supplier. 9. Be courteous and mindful on the road. Yes, you have a Corvette, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an Ass to your fellow drivers. 10. Wave at other Corvette drivers when you see them on the road. This tradition dates back to 1953 and the Corvette wave applies to all generations of Corvettes.
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1963 Split Window Corvette – A Sad Find

by Keith Cornett on June 3, 2006

Found this posted on Flickr – a 1963 Corvette Coupe parked in a field. By the look of it, it has been there for some time. The person who posted the image says the tag is from 1994 – 12 years ago! With a wink, he also adds he sell the address of where the Corvette is located. I’d almost bet it’s another case of Future Restoration Syndrome – Parking a Corvette with the dream of one day restoring it while in the meantime the elements are taking their toll on it. No way to treat a classic Sting Ray. Source: Flickr
Credit: Auto Exposure Canada

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Holy Cow Batman! The Batmobile is a Corvette!

by Keith Cornett on May 31, 2006

Something’s are just not meant to be. Taking a limited-edition 1978 Pace Car and tuning it into a styrofoam and fiberglass-laden hero’s supercar should be on the top of your list of things not to do to a Corvette. But when Mark Shields (who goes by the moniker of Super Genius) saw that someone had created the Keaton-era replica, he just had to have it. While (thank god) there are no kits available for you to turn your highly collectable 78 Pace car (or similar corvette) into a Batmobile, Mark will sell his for the paltry sum of $50,000.

For a laugh, check out the comments about this car on Fark or visit the Super Genius website.
Technorati Tags: | was up at Indianapolis for coverage of the 500 and one of the boys scored a lap around the Brickyard in the Z06 Corvette Pace car with Chevrolet’s pace car guru Gary Mulder. While not quite hitting the track with the gusto one would expect if equipped with the 505 hp Z06, it was still a fun lap around and it’s amazing to see just how big this fabled track is. Click here for Wert and Austin’s official I Am Indy posts.

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Video: Corvette Montage

by Keith Cornett on May 28, 2006

It’s a slow day here at While I am tempted to further discuss the Corvette roof recall, instead I took a different, lighter path into the world of and found this very cool Corvette video montage authored by a guy calling himself C686 who proudly proclaims “My work is dedicated mainly on Corvette Montages and short films.” C6Q8 has several films which you can view at his website. We liked this one the best so enjoy.

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Simple Weekend Corvette Projects

by Keith Cornett on May 25, 2006

I’ve been a subscriber to Corvette Fever Magazine since 1993 and have always found the magazine to be an enjoyable read despite the revolving door of editors and writers over the past few years. One of the reasons I’ve stuck with Corvette Fever over the years is they offer guides to some easy do-it-yourself projects that just about anybody can perform. Currently at for you non-subscribers, you can view a list of simple weekend projects that will not only enhance your Corvette, but you’ll feel like “the man” because you did it yourself. For midyear owners, one project details the replacement of your pitted and faded taillights. When my 1966 Corvette was repainted, I opted for a new set of taillights from Ecklers and found that they were very easy to install and the new shiny chrome with the bright red lights really enhances the look. Besides, the taillights are usually the last feature that people will see as you blast by them on the road. Other projects include Tuning your Holley Carburetor, Master Cylinder Replacement and a new exhaust system. Check out the list at And if you are interested in subscribing to an all-around good Corvette magazine, click here to subscribe.
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GM Opens The Drive in Las Vegas

by Keith Cornett on April 19, 2006

GM opened its “autotainment” experience, The Drive last week at the Sahara casino in Las Vegas. “The Drive” will feature two professionally-designed driving courses, including a high-performance loop and an off-road adventure with two trails over a dirt terrain. Located at the Sahara Hotel & Casino and just steps from The Strip, “The Drive” is situated on 11 acres leased by GM from the hotel. The performance course features a half-mile paved route with jogs and turns complete with chicanes to enjoy both the speed and handling control of pure sports car driving thrills. Vehicle choices unleashed on the Performance course include: the Chevy Corvette; the Pontiac GTO; the 400-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V; the Pontiac Solstice, the Cadillac STS-V; and the Saab 9-3 convertible. The off-road course gives consumers looking to navigate a tunnel, hill climb, v-ditch and sloped banks, moguls and obstacles. While the HUMMER H2 and H3 are the stars of the off-road course, you can also test the Chevy Silverado Diesel, and once available, the redesigned 2007 models of the Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon Denali, Cadillac Escalade and Chevy Suburban. “The Drive” hours of operation are preliminarily set to be 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. seven days a week, including holidays. The Drive is accessible from the GM Monorail station at the Sahara Hotel & Casino, and parking is available at the hotel’s self parking structure or valet. Drivers must be age 18 or over, and present a valid driver’s license. Professional drivers (as passengers) will accompany each driver to help them get the most out of their driving experience. For the safety of all guests, on-site breathalyzer tests will be part of the mandatory registration process before guests can enjoy The Drive experience. More information about “The Drive” can be found at
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NCM Needs 100 New Corvette Enthusiasts

by Keith Cornett on April 17, 2006

The National Corvette Museum is giving away 100 “free” New Generation Memberships purchased and donated by an NCM member who requested to remain anonymous. The memberships are for young Corvette enthusiasts 16 years and under to introduce the Museum and our mission to. If you know of a young enthusiast, of no family relation, that would be a great addition to the Museum family please email our Membership Services Manager, Stephanie Morrill at: or via mail to Stephanie’s attention. New Generation Members receive “free” admission to the Museum, a membership card and certificate, a special gift and a subscription to the NCM quarterly newsletter – New Generation Newz. Wednesday, May 31 is the deadline to submit your entry for the drawing.
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Retired Ford Engineers Build Corvette-Based Speedster

by Keith Cornett on April 6, 2006

What do a bunch of Ford engineers do with their spare time now that they’ve retired? They build a Corvette-based custom roadster called the GDT Speedster. The group used the LT1 engine, drivetrain and suspension components from a 94 Corvette donor car because of its proven V8 reliability. The windshield came from a Jeep Cherokee and the door hinges from a Ford F-150. While the car is titled as a Corvette, more than 2000 were designed and fabricated from scratch. The Speedster took 5 years of work and now that it’s complete, the group plans to auction it and start a new project. The winner of the auction will receive in addition to the full blueprints and service manual, a 1:8 scale clay model. How cool is that!

Check out the GDT Speedster’s site for more photos and videos. HatTip: AutoBlog via The Detroit News
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