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Granny Hits 171 MPH in Her C5 Corvette at the Sun Valley Road Rally

One of the fastest grandmothers in the Corvette hobby is back in the news after taking her C5 Corvette for a run at the 2015 Sun Valley Road Rally.

Of course we are talking about 82 year old Shirley Veine who has become somewhat of a fixture at the Sun Valley Road Rally with her “Go Granny Go” t-shirts and her own personal fan club of family and friends.

July 2015 Corvette Sales

General Motors released the July 2015 sales report and despite the model year changeover that occurred in June, Chevrolet managed to sell 2,794 Corvettes during the month. This is an -8.7% decline in sales over the same time last year with 3,060 Corvettes delivered during July 2014.

For the Calendar Year to Day (CYTD), a total of 21,101 Corvettes were delivered to new owners for a 1.4% gain on 2014’s CYTD sales of 20,804.

One of the more awesome traditions in professional team sports is the National Hockey League allowing each team member of the winning Stanley Cup hockey team to host the famous trophy for a 24 hour period. This year it was the Chicago Blackhawks who brought home the Cup and now literally, each player on the team gets to take home the cup.

As we saw over the weekend on, some do it with a little more style like the Blackhawk’s Duncan Keith who started his day with the Cup riding shotgun in a 1962 Corvette as they made their way to the beach where Keith grew up.