[VIDEO] Parts and Pieces of Two Early Corvettes Pulled from Multiple Barns

[VIDEO] Parts and Pieces of Two Early Corvettes Pulled from Multiple Barns

Come with us again on a magical journey with Jerry Heasley as he travels to Ararat, Virginia to wander through three barns full of old Corvettes and Corvette parts.

Get ready to meet a cast of characters that includes the elderly owner of all those parts, Bernie “something.”

“You don’t need to know that,” Bernie chuckles when asked to tell his name to the camera.

As Bernie heads through the yard to the first barn, he laughs and says, “Somebody told me all the turkeys was eatin’ all the copperheads, there wasn’t no copperheads – but he didn’t know what he was talking about!”

[VIDEO] Parts and Pieces of Two Early Corvettes Pulled from Multiple Barns

That’s just some of the folksy humor you’ll enjoy as Jerry takes us to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where Jonathan Large, Jack Davis, and Buck Hedrick unearth a collection of old Corvette parts from the 1950s, including body pans, hoods, door skins, dash pieces, empty windshield frames, and a two 4’s intake for a ’57 Corvette all stored in a series of old buildings, the perfect settings for barn finds. “Notice the air breather with the two holes and there’s the intake,” Jonathan says. “Again, just stuff you don’t see every day.”

No doubt. We didn’t know what some of the parts were, and what year Corvettes they came from, but it sure was fun to watch the exploration anyway.

At one point, we’re not surprised in the least to learn that all this Corvette sleuthing is going on just 10 miles from Mayberry, otherwise known as Mt. Airy, North Carolina. We keep waiting for Aunt Bee and Andy Taylor to walk up anytime … or maybe one of those ornery copperheads that Bernie keeps talking about.

[VIDEO] Parts and Pieces of Two Early Corvettes Pulled from Multiple Barns

Be sure to watch for Bernie’s contagious little chuckle throughout this video. It’s worth the price of admission just to hear that.

Videos like this make us wonder just how many other old Corvettes still remain out there, just waiting to be discovered. We just hope Jerry Heasley is there to share the excitement with all us other Corvette enthusiasts.

Jerry Heasley / YouTube

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  1. Thanks Mitch for the review. It’s hard to get to go along when the treasure dug up, but when I can, I do. When Jonathan said over those mountains was a different world, I already knew I was in a different world there nearby “Mayberry,” living up in many ways to its mythical counterpart.


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