[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

We recently showed you a 1977 Corvette that has been customized to look like a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray. Now we unveil a wild looking C5 Corvette that’s been updated with a C7 rear end.

CarScoops.com found this C5/7 on reddit.com and notes that the rear treatment, from a distance, actually makes the vehicle look like a legitimate 2017 that just has a custom orange paint job. They even added custom fiberglass panels around the rear hatch to make the rear roof line closely resemble that of the newest generation.

However, as you walk around the side and front of the car, CarScoops believes that the “Frankencar,” as they label it, “falls apart at the seams.”

[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s certainly the case with this Corvette.

We actually like what they’ve done with the rear end, and we find the other end appealing, too, with the grills on the bulging hood, fender flares, front spoiler, and rocker panels combining to add a nice touch. However, we do agree with CarScoops that the tires need to be larger to fill the wheel wells better.

What’s your opinion? Should this be the way Chevrolet should have designed the C5 to start with back in the 1990s, or should this Frankencar be hauled to the nearest junkyard and put out of its misery?

[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

CarScoops.com via Reddit

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