Corvette Racing: Tuesday’s Le Mans Headlines

Corvette Racing: Tuesday's Le Mans Headlines
Photo Credit: Tommy Milner / Twitter

Corvette Racing participated in the annual trek to downtown Le Mans on Monday where the C7.Rs underwent the pre-race technical inspections known as Scrutineering. Once completed, the team had its 2017 official photo taken in the town square. The real action kicks off on Wednesday as the team will get out on the track for the first Free Practice sessions ahead of Thursday’s qualifying for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Below we put together a round-up of news and videos for Corvette enthusiasts who enjoy this special time of year.


  • on Corvette Racing’s quest for Le Mans redemption.
  • on the GTE-Pro class and the focus with Balance of Performance.
  • has a huge gallery of Le Mans photos with over 500 pictures so far. There are some good shots of the Corvettes at Scrutineering.


Mobil 1 The Grid has a preview of the race with features from each class. Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan makes an appearance at 1:57: talks with Oliver Gavin who discusses the race in GTE-Pro ahead and Corvette Racing’s approach to this weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans: features Oliver Gavin and Doug Fehan during the Monday’s Scrutineering:


Here are the two official photos from Richard Price. Richard made these comments on his Facebook page:

There are a lot of reasons why Corvette Racing is one of the most loved teams in all forms of motorsport. Despite the indescribable intensity of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and all of the pressure everyone is under to perform at 100%, 100% of the time, they never, ever lose sight of why they race, and who they are racing for. MERCI BEAUCOUP AUX MANCEAUX. A heartfelt thank you to the people of Le Mans, and an equally heartfelt thank you to fans the world over.

2017 Corvette Racing at Le Mans - Richard Prince
2017 Corvette Racing at Le Mans - Richard Prince


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  1. I went to Le mans race to watch the Corvettes in 06. It was absolutely awesome & I had a ball. Ended up having to stay at a B&B in St cosmo en Veris which is about 45 miles away and getting there was a rush also. No GPS. Fantastic people everywhere. My French isn’t that good but we ate well because the menus had pictures. I was forced ( not really) to spend two weeks in Paris to keep the wife happy. I’m ready to go back. Paris is unbelievably beautiful.

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