[VIDEO] 4000-hp Corvette Dragster Goes Airborne in Wild Ride

[VIDEO] 4000-hp Corvette Dragster Goes Airborne in Wild Ride

Six Flags definitely has nothing on the wild ride this competitor took at the Radial Revenge Tour in Oklahoma over the weekend.

Check out this heart-stopping video as Daniel Pharris leaves the line in his Alepa C7 Corvette at Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa on Saturday.

Everything seems to be going fine in the early going.

Both Pharris and his competitor launch and watch their cars’ front ends leave the ground, but instead of quickly falling back down as is normal, Pharris’ Corvette keeps rising all the way to a 90-degree angle, then goes soaring through the air like a rocket before finally crashing to the ground on its wheels … on the other side of the track.

As the crowd holds their breath, fortunately it doesn’t take long for Pharris to fling the door open and climb out, letting everyone know somehow he’s OK after his thrilling ride, and he even walks around to check the rear end of his Corvette before opening the passenger door.

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