[VIDEO] What’s Next for the NCM Motorsports Park and its Clark Circle Neighbors

[VIDEO] What's Next for NCM Motorsports Park and Clark Circle Neighbors

Like a good neighbor, the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park is there.

Paraphrasing that old State Farm slogan is one way to summarize the approach the Motorsports Park will be taking in the aftermath of a new noise agreement reached with a neighborhood group last week.

Lawyers from both sides of the issue seem pleased with the compromise that was approved by the City County Planning Commission on Thursday, confident that the revised Detailed Development Plan will provide guidelines to keep everyone out of court in the coming years.

Says NCM attorney Aaron Smith:

“My client’s obligation to operate within those sound limits is going to continue into the future, and we like that because now we all have a specific set of guidelines, and it’ll be better for everyone involved.”

Agrees Chris Davenport, who represented the Clark Circle neighborhood and said they had two goals of the lawsuit filed against the Motorsports Park in October 2015:

“One: it allows the Corvette Museum to continue to operate their track in a reasonably appropriate manner, and then number two: it protects my client’s reasonable use of their properties.”

Smith says the NCM has “lots of plans on the table,” including additional track areas, “things of that nature, nothing concrete as they move forward but lots of potential options.”

Any long-range planning will take into account the park’s obligations to its neighbors, planning commission, and the community, Smith added.

Not that they really have any choice but to do so.

If the NCM fails to comply to the agreed-upon noise levels, “that triggers a number of penalties, as I would call them, that my clients can enforce,” Davenport says.


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