NCM Insurance Agency to the Rescue After Storms Wipe Out a Customer’s Garage

NCM Insurance Agency to the Rescue After Storms Wipe Out a Customer's Garage

Our friend Adam Boca of the NCM Insurance Agency shared this heartbreaking image after a strong storm system swept though the Bowling Green, KY. area on Wednesday. One of those affected by the storms was NCM Insurance customer Dennis Smith, whose garage that housed a collection of Corvettes and Camaros was extensively damaged.

Once the NCM Insurance Agency learned of the damage, Adam and his team sprung into action to help. He verified that the six cars in the garage were properly insured and reassured Dennis that they would all be fixed. Adam then arranged to move the vehicles from the damaged garage to a storage facility where they would be safe. While all this was going on, another two agents were already working to process the claims.

Adam posted the following on his Facebook page:

Ever feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack Truck?

My friends/customers, Dennis Smith and his wife Sharon sure felt that way today. 6 of their prides and joys were in their garage when it came down. Massive storms ripped through our area and wiped out the garage. I am happy to know that they are properly covered. I am happy to have Robbie Baker and Rick Drewry working this claim. I was happy to call Lewis Walker Jr to tow his babies to a safe place. I was thankful to have my coworker, Jeff Forsythe, with me while Sharon Owen Smith and Bobbie Lee worked in the office. High five, fist bumps and hugs to all who helped. Intense day, but all will soon be back to normal. Happy that NCM Insurance Agency Collector Vehicle Insurance protected these beauties. These cars will be fixed and Dennis will be polishing them soon again.

The Bowling Green Daily News also captured several photos from the damaged garage showing a 1963 Corvette drag racer still on a lift.

NCM Insurance to the Rescue After Storms Wipe Out a Customer's Garage
NCM Insurance to the Rescue After Storms Wipe Out a Customer's Garage

An event like this shows us that while you can’t predict the weather, you can predict the quick response from friends like Adam and the staff at the NCM Insurance Agency who heard that a fellow Corvette enthusiast needed help and jumped into action.

This is why our own Corvettes are insured with the NCM Insurance Agency and why you owe it to your classic or collectible Corvette to pick up the phone and call 877-678-7626 for your free quote.

Adam Boca/NCM Insurance Agency

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