[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a 1963 Corvette from Montana Storage Facility

[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a 1963 Corvette from Montana Storage Facility

Insurance money may replace the 1963 Corvette convertible stolen from an East Helena, Montana couple this week.

But no amount of money can ever replace the sentimental value of their classic C2 Corvette

“My husband took every nut, bolt, part completely off the car and cleaned it, restored it, as much as he could,” Becky Nelson told KTVH.

Sadly, the Nelsons discovered Monday that the Corvette, which they had owned for more than 10 years and which had been stored inside a trailer seen by witnesses as recently as Friday at a storage facility, was missing.

“The Corvette was inside the trailer parked right behind me in this outdoor storage facility,” Becky said. “It may not be just an entirely random act to steal this trailer. It’s probably somebody who’s familiar with that area.”

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s investigators are looking into the theft and hope that security tapes might give them valuable leads to follow up on.

The couple is hoping that someone will have information that could lead to the return of their Daytona Blue car, which won a trophy for Best Corvette in 2011 at the Queen City Car Show.

“All we want is the car back,” Becky said.

The Corvette “meant more to us than just monetary value,” she continued. “I guess I would just want them to know that it’s a hard thing to have someone take something from you.”

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 406-447-8293.


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