[PIC] Mid America Motorworks’ Mike Yager Picks Up a New Corvette Z06

[PIC] Mid America Motorworks' Mike Yager Picks Up New Corvette Z06

Mid America Motorworks founder and ‘Chief Cheerleader’ Mike Yager and his wife Laurie visited our friends at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City this week to pick up Mike’s latest Corvette for the MY Garage Museum – a 2016 Corvette Z06!

We hope to see more pics of the car once its back in Effingham, IL as well as learn about some of the options Perhaps Mike will even feature the car for the 16th Annual “Drive Your Corvette to Work Day”, which by our calculations will be held on Friday, June 24th.

So congratulations Mike and Laurie on your new Corvette Z06!

Kerbeck Corvette/Facebook

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