[VIDEO] 4,000 HP Corvette with a Hemi Twin Turbo at the Track

[VIDEO] 4,000 HP Corvette with a Hemi Twin Turbo at the Track

This is not your father’s Chevrolet, for sure.

We told you about this 3,500-horsepower C7 Corvette a few days ago, and now the owners have managed to raise that figure to an even more amazing 4,000 horsepower.

Take a look at this video showing the wild Stingray during some runs in the Pro Mod class at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion, reaching speeds of more than 200 miles per hour.

The behemoth hiding under the massive hood is a 548 Hemi crate motor that’s been fitted with a couple of Precision 102mm turbos to produce insane amounts of power. In fact, when the hood is lifted off this Corvette, it really does begin to look like a monster has managed to escape from the Corvette Assembly Plant.

Only Tadge Juechter and crew didn’t create this monster.

For all the unrealness that oozes from this Stingray, which is fitted with a three-speed transmission, a billet solid rear axle, massive exhaust tips coming out just in front of the doors, and interestingly enough narrow tires, it’s ironic – and more than a little funny – that the owners saw fit to leave the VIN plate intact on the dash, not to mention the removable panel still on the roof. That’s right, you can take the roof panel off and let the wind blow through your hair at 200+ mph if that’s what your heart desires! We’d be too scared silly to worry about the wind-blown look, though. You’ll also note that everything from the windshield back is pretty much factory, too.

You have to admire these guys for having the gumption (and the money) to take a 76-mile 2014 Corvette and let some “mad scientists” go wild with it and turn it into a “Sting-N-Stein.”

Be sure to pump up the volume and listen to the beautiful music this monster makes during its runs down the drag strip.


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