[VIDEO] GM Refurbs Detroit Man’s Stolen Corvette in Time for the Woodward Dream Cruise

[VIDEO] GM Refurbs Detroit Man's Stolen Corvette in Time for the Woodward Dream Cruise

We’ve been following the feel-good story of George Talley and his stolen 1979 Corvette. If you remember, George’s 1979 Corvette was stolen 34 years ago and last summer it showed up in Mississippi. GM’s Mark Reuss heard about the car and after seeing George on the evening news, decided to get involved and had the car shipped back to George’s Detroit home.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

After being reunited with the car at a ceremony at GM’s headquarters, we learned that the Corvette was pretty worn down with a trashed interior and brakes that barely stopped the car.

George was hoping to drive the Corvette in this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise and so he turned to GM once again. This time it was Greg Wallace and the staff over at GM’s Heritage Center who stepped up with an offer to cosmetically rehab the car while working out some of the mechanical issues.

With the Dream Cruise just a few days away, George found himself in front of tv cameras once again as it was time to reveal the changes to his Corvette.

[VIDEO] GM Refurbs Detroit Man's Stolen Corvette in time for the Woodward Dream Cruise

The Corvette is now sporting a single color – silver – and the interior looks to be freshened up with new leather seats and a new steering wheel.

“This is phenomenal…this doesn’t happened everyday” said Talley as he sat in the driver’s seat of his “new” car.

Mark Reuss was on-hand of the unveiling as well. “This is the type of person that just makes you smile and it’s heartwarming. It really is. George is just wonderful and we are just happy to do it for him.”

“Thank you GM” said a very appreciative George Tally. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Watch the video of the car’s unveiling from Detroit’s ABC 7 News:


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  1. How nice of GM to restore this car for free, especially since the guy was paid by his insurance carrier, but those of us with legitimate total losses that GM was responsible for, you can’t even get them to look at the car much less pay for it, they used the bankruptcy in 08 to deny any responsibility for any fire losses, claiming that the “NEW” GM is a different company & not liable.

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