[VIDEO] 3,500 HP Stingray Outlaw Racer is Meanest C7 Corvette We’ve Ever Seen

[VIDEO] 3,500 HP Stingray Outlaw Racer is Meanest C7 Corvette We've Ever Seen

Take a look at what appears to be the meanest C7 Corvette produced so far.

The owner of the car says they’ve been working on it since February 2014, and they took it out for the first competitive runs at the Cecil County Dragway in Maryland.

They competed in the 10.5 class, pulling low 4-second eighth-mile passes where the fastest car there was only .2 seconds faster – not bad for a super (and super loud) Corvette still getting the bugs worked out.

The Outlaw 10.5 class features few limitations. They run on 10.5-inch rear slicks, where the tread actually measures 11.25 inches, and stick to a stock firewall, a 3000-lb. package, stock front suspension, and mufflers.

If you’re wondering how much of an original C7 still exists, the owner says all the body panels on this 2014 Corvette are factory original, other than the front end that was molded into a one-piece unit from the factory parts.

The engine has been modified with a screw-type supercharger that allows the car to make “probably” 3,500 horsepower, according to the owner.

We don’t know how much the car cost, but the post on Auto Evolution where we heard about it says the figure is probably six times the MSRP of $55,000 for the factory Corvette.

Goals of the owner? “Win races, set records, hurt feelings,” he says with a grin.

Auto Evolution

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