[VIDEO] The 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle Downtown Parade

[VIDEO] The 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle Downtown Parade

Nothing like a Corvette parade to end a fantastic weekend at the Corvettes at Carlisle show. We thought the weather might keep many away but in the end turnout was good from Corvette owners who drove from the fairgrounds as well as Carlisle’s residents who line the streets to watch them.

The parade was mostly uneventful. We saw a huge cloud of smoke from someone actually “lighting up their tires” and it turned out to be Friday’s burnout contest winner in his white C4. The police on their bicycles surrounded the car but in the end they let him off without a ticket.

Some drivers and passengers were were throwing candy to the crowd but then we saw a red C6 Grand Sport and they were tossing hot wheels cars! A very cool and appropriate prize for the people watching the parade from the sidewalk.

A big thanks to Adam Boca of the NCM Insurance Agency for using our “GoPro on a stick” to capture the legions of Corvettes that took part in the parade.

Now sit back and yell “light ‘em up!” as you watch the Corvettes at Carlisle parade passing through town last Saturday.

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