Ah-Mazing! Man Creates Corvette-Themed Maze in Cornfield

Ah-Mazing: Man Creates Corvette Themed Maze in Cornfield
Photo Credit: Joe Imel/Daily News

If you’ll be one of the thousands of Corvette enthusiasts who will be taking part in the National Corvette Caravan in August, here’s a “really cool” thing for you to add to your agenda.

Owners of the Just Piddlin Farm invite everyone who will be in town for the Caravan to come out to their farm, located on Ky. 73 in Simpson County just south of South Union, and take a walk through their Corvette-themed corn maze.

Chip and Jill Willingham and Katie Frassinelli, marketing and communications manager for the National Corvette Museum, joined forces to come up with what could be the world’s only corn maze featuring the shape of the NCM’s Skydome and the outline of a Corvette.

The eight-acre maze will open Aug. 27 in time for the museum’s 20th anniversary celebration, with a kickoff event for the maze slated for Aug. 29 with live music, hayrides, and food.

On Wednesday, The Corn Maze Guy, also known as Don Watts of Doylestown, Pa., was on a tractor using a GPS system to carve out the design, simply looking at a screen that showed him the exact path to follow to create the Skydome and Corvette outline.

“It’s kind of like following a video game,” Watts said.

While Watts has finished cutting the path, the Willinghams will still have to keep the two-mile-plus path trimmed while the remaining corn, now only 2 feet tall, continues to grow.

“By the time we open, it will be well over head height,” Chip Willingham said.

Checkpoints with Corvette trivia questions will also be added throughout the maze.

The final design blew Frassinelli away, she said. “It’s really detailed and it’s a really large maze. It’s really cool.”

She believes that it will be a big draw for the thousands of Corvette enthusiasts who will be in town for the Caravan and the 20th anniversary celebration.

Check out the Bowling Green Daily News for more pictures of the maze as well as a video with Jill Willingham of Just Piddlin Farm.

On the Friday evening of the Corvette Museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, the Just Piddlin’ Farm will be hosting live music specifically for Corvette enthusiasts. You can purchase a “carload pass” in advance on their website, or pay at the gate. Should be a nice activity.

Bowling Green Daily News
Photo Credit: Joe Imel/Daily News

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