Forgotten Corvettes Left to Die in Upstate New York

Long Forgotten Corvettes Left to Die in Upstate New York

We’ve all got our childhood memories of Corvettes.

For instance, I remember a fellow who ran the local feed and seed store in my hometown, pulling into the grocery store where I worked as a teenager in a brand new silver 1974 Corvette.

Man, I thought he had the ultimate car back then! While some folks would label the mid-1970s as a bad time for Corvette, for me, they’re still as beautiful as the day they were made.

Along those lines, Tim S., a reader of the popular website, recently shared his memories of a Corvette “graveyard” that he had discovered many years ago as a child while riding his bike along railroad tracks near his home in upstate New York.

He wasn’t sure if the Corvettes were abandoned or just wrecked, but now he figures the latter since they looked pretty new at the time.

Fast forward a few years. After growing up and taking a job near the “graveyard,” Tim found that the old cars were still there, just like he remembered them.

Fast forward a few more years.

Just recently, Tim and his son were riding bikes along the same old rail line, which by now had been converted into a bike path.

Tim began telling his son about the old Corvettes that used to be there, figuring they would be long gone by now, but to their surprise, they discovered the graveyard remains.

Weeds are now growing all around and out of the cars, including out the shattered back glass of a purple late ’70s or early ’80s C3. Another looks as if it’s being slowly consumed by a “weed monster.” We can almost hear the screams of anguish. The most valuable Corvette appears to be a chrome bumper C3 from 1968 to 72, though it’s hard to tell how much of the car still exists because the weeds hide all but the tail section.

Forgotten Corvettes Left to Die in Upstate New York

It’s sad in some ways to see these neglected Corvettes.

Still, even if these Corvettes don’t ever return to their former glory, they’ve at least served the purpose of starring in a recurring childhood memory of Tim S.

We’d love to know the story behind this Corvette graveyard. Maybe it’s familiar looking to one of our readers.

Head over to to see all the photos of these neglected Corvettes that were put out to pasture.


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