1962 Corvette Driven Daily for Over 50 Years

1962 Corvette Driven Daily for Over 50 Years
Photo Credit: Jenelle Schneider, Postmedia News

Chalk up three generations of Ann-Shirley Goodell’s family as Corvette enthusiasts.

And enthusiastic about not just any Corvette – but particularly the Fawn Beige one that Ann-Shirley bought new for $3,747.85 more than 52 years ago at King Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the years, her two sons have driven the car to their senior proms, and now her two 10-year-old grandsons are wild about the Corvette, too.

Not surprisingly, Ann-Shirley says don’t bother asking if the Corvette is for sale – it’s likely to be in her family for even more generations to come!

Don’t think this is a trailer queen, either.

“I drive it every day,” Ann-Shirley says. “This has been my baby all these years.”

Her father originally talked her into buying an Oldsmobile, but it turned out to be a lemon so she sold it and went back to her original idea to buy a Corvette and “keep it forever.”

She’s definitely lived up to that plan. Some 300,000 kilometers it’s still going strong though there have been some minor mishaps but nothing that couldn’t be repaired.

Naturally, the Corvette has been there through all of her life’s adventures, including her marriage to Rob Goodell 50 years ago.

“He married me for my car,” she jokes, “but all he got was the bills.”

The Corvette was her wedding car (packed full of clothes including her wedding gown) and was driven on their honeymoon in the Okanagan Valley. It’s also followed the couple to San Diego when Rob’s work took him there and then on to San Francisco.

“I carpooled taking the kids to school and sometimes had four kids strapped into the passenger seat with a collie on the floor,” she recalls. “One could hardly do that today.” When she cruises around Vancouver these days, the Corvette is a big hit.

“Everyone wants to talk about my car. People are amazed to know that I am the original owner,” she says. “Every time I took it out in California, especially with the top down, people would try to buy it.”

Don’t bother asking, though.

“It’s not for sale,” she says. “It’s my car for life and it will always stay with me.”

We have a feeling it’s going to be in this family for a long, long time.

1962 Corvette Driven Daily for Over 50 Years
Photo Credit: Jenelle Schneider, Postmedia News


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