[STOLEN] 1963 Corvette Recovered After Thief Wrecks During Police Chase

[STOLEN] Thief in a Stolen 1963 Corvette Gets Chased and Eludes Police
Moses Lake police/courtesy photo

Maybe the guy who stole a 1963 Corvette from a storage facility in Moses Lake, Washington should take some driving lessons.

Just after midnight Tuesday, June 10, someone stole the classic Corvette and then led police on a wild chase that at times reached speeds in excess of 100 mph.

In a move that was dangerous for other law-abiding citizens, the thief even turned his headlights off several times in an attempt to elude the cops and get away with his ill-gotten gain.

He almost made it, too, turning off the main road onto a gravel road and into a field where the lawmen lost sight of him.

They soon found him, though, or at least the car. It seems the bad guy had crashed the Sting Ray and then took off running into the darkness. No word on how much the damage the Corvette sustained.

So far, he’s managed to avoid capture, but the investigation continues by police. Hopefully he left behind some fingerprint or DNA evidence that might lead to his identity.

ifiberone.com via GM Authority
Photo Credit: Moses Lake police

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